Vera Wang I Won't Help You Take Down Oprah I'm Too Damn Busy

2/13/2014 12:11 PM PST

Vera Wang says she's way too deep into fashion to be dragged into a stupid lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey.

A motivational speaker is suing Oprah for allegedly jacking her trademark slogan, "Own Your Power."  The speaker -- Simone Kelly-Brown -- wants Wang to sit for a deposition because the dressmaker was present at a big event where Oprah used the phrase.

Wang says the whole thing is preposterous ... she hardly remembers the event.

But even more important ... Wang says she's in the middle of the Super Bowl of shmatas -- New York Fashion Week.  Wang claims she's working 24/7 to prep for her big bridal gown show and it would be a major fashion faux pas for her to bail on her business to attend a stupid depo.

BTW ... the depo is supposed to take place less than 2 miles from Wang's office.