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Ellen Page

'I Am Gay'

2/14/2014 8:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen Page -- who hit Hollywood hard with "Juno" -- just came out in pretty spectacular fashion -- declaring she's gay and saying, "I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission."

The 26-year-old actress formally unveiled her sexuality at the HRC's Time to Thrive event, an LGBT conference designed to help the LGBT youth, saying, "I am here today because I am gay ... and because maybe I can make a difference."

Page said, "I suffered for years because I was scared to come out.  My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered and my relationships suffered.  And I'm standing here today, with all of you, on the other side of the pain."

Her next big film is "X-Men:  Days of Future Past."  Hollywood will embrace Ellen ... it will be interesting to see if studio big wigs will do the same.


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No one Fvcking cares. If gays want equality, why do they feel like they need a ticker tape parade for coming out. If we're all suppose to be who we are... why is it more brave to be gay than it is to be Christian or Conservative? On a daily basis, Gays are getting more rights, and are more praised while Christians are having their rights violated and are hated on more and more every day. It's almost a crime to say you're Christian or conservative cause you're immediately attacked by the "Tolerant" left who believe in individuality and respect of diversity (As long as everyone acts and thinks exactly as they do). If you really want being gay to be normal... stop acting like it's not by parading it around like a badge of honor. Unless you start giving all of us straight people coming out media marathons... stop with all the round the clock "I'm Gay" sh!t. No one cares...

218 days ago


That is awesome. She like many other actors/entertainmet folk will survive on her talent,rather than fail due to the enigma of being gay. She was talented before we new and she is talented after we knew. Makes no difference to me. Love ya Ellie!!!

218 days ago


Can she play in the NFL now?

218 days ago


One more to the pile! They should have an open mike and have others in the entertainment field stand line in a free throw zone and come out. It's your life!

218 days ago


Yes Ellen you are. It's not like we didn't have that one figured out already.

218 days ago


I like the way she "came out". She didn't go to the media, sell her story.. or try to get an exclusive with People, including the cover of the magazine... like so many others. People can't complain she did this for publicity -- or ask why she felt the need to tell "everybody" by doing it via the media.
She went to a conference for the LGBT community and gave a sincere speech.. I do think she sounded uncomfortable and nervous... but maybe it just anxiety.. Regardless, this was TAPED by someone then someone gave it out to the media...
The way she came out is commendable, because #1 it seemed so much sincere---that she truly was doing it as a way to help others who are struggling and not just trying to get publicity... and #2 -- it stops people from saying "well, who cares - I don't go around announcing I am straight".. "well, fine but we don't need to know about what she does in the bedroom", etc... because she did NOT announce it to the world on a platform via People magazine... She gave the speech at a specific conference geared towards helping others come to terms with their sexuality... this was not a media tour or attention seeking..
I am not saying that coming out to magazines or interviews is wrong.. I am just saying that I believe her intentions are genuine in wanting to try to help others.. Some celebrities--- including gay folks--- seem to just put on a show about caring about the general public.. (like some do charitable events just for the publicity)... but she seems pretty pure in her intentions..

218 days ago

Elizabeth M    

Well the lady has alot of ball's to do it. Good for her!

218 days ago


Another person going to the pits if hell

218 days ago


Love her

218 days ago


I'm gonna announce I'm straight tomorrow at lunchtime

218 days ago


Well, now that that's out of the way, how about it Taylor Swift yeah; and you too Salena Gomez. Demi Lovato is up next then Miley. Plenty of time. We all know but figured we would wait to hear it from you.

218 days ago


2014 the year of the gay.........let's remember that after a period of looseness comes a period of extreme all enjoy these 'loose' times no because the 'tight' times are coming.....and possibly soon............just look at history.........the roman empire "loose" followed by the dark ages "tight
just a fact no can't help but think there is a 'gay agenda' sinces it's all you hear on TV this year

218 days ago


"Remember when people "coming out" about their sexuality was a thing? LOL! So ridiculous!"
- One day we'll be saying this. Can't wait. Let's just let people live in freedom. Sure if they are stars we can laugh at their public mess-ups or whatever, but when it comes to their sexuality it's just not funny or worth talking about in anyway.

218 days ago


Tired of having all this shoved down our throats.

218 days ago


I don't know or care where people stand on the Gay issue but this young woman is a class act.

218 days ago
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