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Justin Bieber

I Wanna Move to Atlanta Now

It's Hip Hop Heaven

2/14/2014 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a fickle kind of guy ... we've learned he's now looking at homes in the Atlanta area because it puts him smack in the middle of a hip hop mecca.

Bieber's been in Atlanta since last week -- where he's been partying shirtless with Diddy -- and sources close to the singer tell us, he's fallen in love with the city all over again.

0213-bieber-party-galleryBieber lived in Atlanta briefly when he first moved to the United States years ago -- after Scooter Braun signed him -- and his most recent trip has stirred up very fond memories.

In addition to Diddy, Bieber's been hanging with southern staples T.I. and Rick Ross -- and we're told he's already asked them about where to buy the nicest real estate in the city.

Added bonus -- Atlanta isn't the paparazzi hive that L.A. is ... and Bieber has been enjoying the extra privacy ... for now. (Of course, paps tend to go where the money is -- and Bieber's a walking bank.)

It also makes sense because we're told Bieber is transitioning into hip hop -- he's Bizzle now.

This does NOT mean Bieber is abandoning L.A.   As we first reported, he's been looking at 20 acre estates in Hidden Valley ... around 20 miles from his current home in Calabasas. 

He can definitely afford 2 homes.


No Avatar

Nobody Special    

First The Angry Beaver went to Eminem's House in Detroit in Dec of 2013, Eminem told The Beaver to go F*ck himself and that was that. Eminem is the real-deal who grew-up in the Hood.

Now The Beaver found some new Hip Hip Homies to make some Nursery Rhymes with set to music ie Hip Hop.

Puffy & Ross found a new easy Mark in Beaver and will Own his Butt soon if he
fires Scooter.

Scooter and Usher showed the Beaver how to make the Big coin, now the Beaver wants to be LiL Vayne.

Won't be long before we see Bizzle-Jizzem wearing a Mouth-Grille and Hole-Plug Ear-Rings, a Mouth-Plate and a Bone through his nose.

215 days ago


You know, I blame his manager Scooter for the way Justina turned out. If he would had just let him go hip hop instead of pop, she wouldn't be rebelling so much and trying to be so hard.

If he had stuck with rap he would probably be dead, locked up or strung out on drugs and we wouldn't have to hear about this no-nutz douchebag on a daily effing basis.

It's ALL your fault SCOOTER!

215 days ago


This kid is a clown. Everytime I see a picture of him, he looks like he raided one of Vanilla Ice's storage lockers. He looks like he visited Vanilla's barber as well. What is this kid 5'4", and he walks all hunched over and it makes him look 5'1". If he's so hard, why doesn't he go visit Suge Knight? Suge would make him poop in those baggy leather diapers that him and Kangaye seem to think are very cool. We all know how it worked out for Vanilla when he got a little to big for his britches, and Suge slapped the white back into him. Truth is I don't care how rich he is, going from the turd that wore that rediculous bowl haircut for 4 years to walking around acting like he's someone that is not to be messed w/ is a good enough reason to want to see him go up to the wrong Brutha and get a beatdown he won't soon for get. And what's with the raising the eyebrows? It reminds me of when Jim Carrey mocked Vanilla Ice on In Living Color. Bottom line is that his whole bit was played out over 20 years ago and was short lived. He showed keep riding the horse that got him there, because while the time he's got left is limited, Hip Hop will be a hilarious disaster and very fun to watch. He better hire more bodyguards because Lil Za Lil Tits aren't going to be able to protect him from the Hard Core Rappers that really were gangsta's.

215 days ago


@NobodySpecial I had the same thought...what is diddy up to....get baby biebs from usher? probably...why else would these old guys be smooshing biebs' ass...he is really making a huge fool of himself

215 days ago

If only your mother could see this    

Please tell him we don't want him here. Thanks from the people of the ATL

215 days ago


Transitioning into what. The kid has no talent. He wouldn't make the pick to see the judges on AI. Biebs, just hand over your fortune and go away. That's what is going to happen if you stay in the US anyway.

215 days ago


He will always be the Beaver to me. Atlanta, I'm sorry is all I can say.

215 days ago

Nobody Special    

Puffy & Ross can smell an easy Buck with the Beaver, short term of course, but a quick buck.

If The Beaver does not Song in a Studio with Puffy, he would be a Fool to sign any Contract. His contracts have small invisible ink that you cannot see when stoned or on Cough Syrup.

Once some of these so-called pals puts a load of Crack or Meth in those massive Blunts and The Beaver Smokes the whole thing, he will get hooked on the Crack and Meth, then he's done.

If he does not think there is coke or meth laced in the Blunt Weed Cigars he is dumber than I thought.

This is how they own people, Lace the Weed.

215 days ago


You can just keep your f*cking ugly ass up in Canada where it belongs. WE DON'T WANT YOU IN ATLANTA!!!!!

215 days ago


Lmao!Nothing says "I'm straight" more than partying shirtless with Diddy!

215 days ago


When is this Justin jerk gonna realize that he is a white boy. Just asking.
Making a complete ass&ole out of himself.

215 days ago


biebs, you'd be better off staying in Cali...they know you're just a punk there.. I've got a feeling if you go to Atlanta you are in for "real trouble" like you've never are too stupid to hold your own in Atlanta...

215 days ago


He thinks he is hip hop now? Sorry buddy don't see it.

215 days ago


Millionaire little bozo.

215 days ago


Ooooh, please, please, please come to Georgia!!! NO cop will take your sh!t. We will soon see you on the side of the road in an orange jump suit picking up trash!

215 days ago
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