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Justin Bieber

I Wanna Move to Atlanta Now

It's Hip Hop Heaven

2/14/2014 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a fickle kind of guy ... we've learned he's now looking at homes in the Atlanta area because it puts him smack in the middle of a hip hop mecca.

Bieber's been in Atlanta since last week -- where he's been partying shirtless with Diddy -- and sources close to the singer tell us, he's fallen in love with the city all over again.

0213-bieber-party-galleryBieber lived in Atlanta briefly when he first moved to the United States years ago -- after Scooter Braun signed him -- and his most recent trip has stirred up very fond memories.

In addition to Diddy, Bieber's been hanging with southern staples T.I. and Rick Ross -- and we're told he's already asked them about where to buy the nicest real estate in the city.

Added bonus -- Atlanta isn't the paparazzi hive that L.A. is ... and Bieber has been enjoying the extra privacy ... for now. (Of course, paps tend to go where the money is -- and Bieber's a walking bank.)

It also makes sense because we're told Bieber is transitioning into hip hop -- he's Bizzle now.

This does NOT mean Bieber is abandoning L.A.   As we first reported, he's been looking at 20 acre estates in Hidden Valley ... around 20 miles from his current home in Calabasas. 

He can definitely afford 2 homes.


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F*ck you

260 days ago


And of course because Atlanta has loads of drug dealers and pot dealers and who knows what...

Yeah....Hip Hop Heaven?
More like Narcotic Heaven to me...

260 days ago


I want this punk to go on the Arsenio Hall Show and have Arsenio just shred him apart like he did Vanilla Ice. Vanilla didnt deserve Arsenio's abuse , but Bieber sure does.

260 days ago


he way 2 getto 4 blaklanta

260 days ago


I hope he does it. California is fed up with the twerp. He better watch out though. Don't a lot of hip hop guys get gunned down?

260 days ago


justin originally lived in atlanta *******s. his mom spends most of her time there as well so that's probably another reason he's looking there. i think it's about time you people grow up. hating on a 19 year old kid isn't helping to get you anywhere in life. bullying isn't something to joke about whether it's to a celebrity or not. wishing and hoping for him to get raped and die shows how pathetic some of you are.

260 days ago


here 's a the hint Bizzle Bieber Buthead
no, not Atlanta...wrong direction
back to Canada is where you should be heading

260 days ago


Well I'll be damn Go down to gay city then Bizzle

260 days ago


Vanilla Ice of this generation.... I do not buy him as a hip-hop artist, just sayin'!

260 days ago


He needs to lay off the sizzurp if he really thinks he's gonna succeed in hip hop music

260 days ago


East is the wrong way sunshine
It's North you need to be heading

260 days ago


Bieber thinks by surrounding himself with black "friends" it makes him look cool and "too legit to quit". They are laughing at you my dear son, not with you. Now, accordingly, I think Bieber's best bet is to enter the porn world. He wont have many options left in a years time. And May God have mercy on his soul.

Love & Empathy,
A Concerned Parent

260 days ago

I steal pets    

Come up here to Detroit and call yourself Biebernem. He can rap about his Canadian ghetto upbringing. "I dont give a fvck if you dont like my Elk/ I was drunk when I tanned it/ so rub my pelt". Kid is a financial disaster from becoming J to the R-O-C, knowmysayin?

260 days ago


If he moves to Atlanta, he'll spend his entire life savings on drugs and strippers in 1 YEAR

260 days ago


This little fella is simply a Spoiled Brat like Miley Ray Cyrus and shame on the people defending his appalling behaviour. What gives him the right? From tossing fried eggs at his neighbour's head to spray painting cars and using foul language he is an atrocious role model and quite frankly he needs to be publicly punished. A caning? Perhaps. Thrown down a well with no food or water for 7 days? Could work. I propose Mr. Bieber is made to scrub toilets at al all the 7-11s in Southern California wearing a giant sign that says "I HAVE BEEN A REAL SPUNK TRUMPET." Public shaming is the best bet at this juncture.

260 days ago
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