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Justin Bieber

Judge to Conduct

Penile Investigation

2/14/2014 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is about to make a judge's daughter the envy of her schoolmates, because he's about to see Justin's junk.

According to new court docs, Bieber's wiener and/or backside -- as they appear on jail surveillance footage following his DUI arrest -- will be carefully examined in private by prosecutors AND a judge ... before any more Bieber jail videos are released to the public.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber's attorney asked the court to block the release of any more jail videos after footage surfaced showing the singer getting patted down behind bars.

Bieber's camp claimed additional jail footage features the singer's "intimate personal parts" -- which we've learned Bieber accidentally revealed while urinating in his holding cell -- and they want to keep the videos under lock and key.

Now, prosecutors have responded, agreeing to hold off on the release of any more embarrassing footage -- pending review by a judge.

Once prosecutors and the judge review the tapes, a decision will be made about whether to keep his privates private.


No Avatar


This is stupid!!!

228 days ago

Bob Dole    

Man, TMZ is deleting a lot of anti-Bieber comments. I guess what you're all saying about their love for him must be true.

228 days ago


they should never give that tape to the media in the FRIST place I love jb

227 days ago


He should have thought about being so free with his shirtless, carousing with prostitutes and the bad boy life if he didn't want jail pics of his privates taken... after he has mad his privates public knowledge many times! Lol Sux growing up with no decent parents to teach you whats a good way to live you're life in a respectful manner...

227 days ago


Who cares about this wannabe.

227 days ago


Just to conduct "penile" investigation? Is this some kind of misprint or something?

227 days ago


“And people wonder why Justin is the way he is now smh. All I see on here are comments insulting him. He has been taking the hate since the beginning in 2009. Justin's a human with feelings and words are POWERFUL have y'all learned nothing from the countless suicides and school shootings that happen daily? Justin's never done anything to harm you haters so there for u have no legit reason to despise him. Get over your disturbing obsession with wanting him to be gay and a woman seriously maybe seek help. It's not cute or cool to ridicule an innocent person. Society killed the teenager explains why Justin is who he is now. Haters are just as obsessed with him as the people who worship him like Jesus. Justin's never going to fade because everyone talks him about constantly. To lose respect for Justin is acceptable but there's absolutely no reason to treat him like ****, but they say Envy's a bitch so.”

227 days ago


i wanna see his d i ck
so yummy
suck suck

227 days ago


me wanna see jb's big fat d i c k
me wanna suc suck it baby

227 days ago

joe mama    

i wanna see his dick so bad

227 days ago


Did you know He wasn't Charge for the reason of the stop I look on youtube Their a better camara picture their and You see the Two SUV in the shot that blocking of traffic but they wasn't they were driving alone the road with the cars. I didn't see in police before the SUV came after them I saw them. That lied the question of the Police report. The officer lied again. I hate to break it to you he should have been pull over. The Judge is going to see the video and laugh saying Those are the SUV that block traffic How come their not behind the Police car if they were blocking traffic.

226 days ago


My EX-Boyfriend would loved him. He think he kind of pretty for a Guy. He would love to pop his anal cherry. He hasn't had Sex for two year. He told me Justin Would be the first one he looks at He loves that type of body he has he would ride him all night long sing If I was you boyfriend to him while he destory his a**hole and makes it into a *****. He said most likely he will get is either a fine or comunity service. He would be put in Gen pop. He will be in isolation. That what red means P.C.

226 days ago


check out my blog

226 days ago

I reckon he made a WHOLE lotta bad boys in the holding cells REALLY 'happy' by getting 'banged' up with them ... There must've been a lotta fantasies coming true while he was in custody!!

226 days ago



If Justin was in my cell in Jail and I havn't had sex for a year and 2 month. Here What I would do to him. I would said to him oh boy you must be a gay little man I bet you want this in you mouth. You walk just like a girl. by two weeks of that kind of talk He would most likely be beging for a f*ck. First I would make he strip down butt Naked and make him sing If I was you boyfriend to me and dance with the same step as in the song for I could see of muscle I could be pleasure with then I will get him on his knee and make him suck my p^nis nice and good. While he doing that I would be Sing, "If I was you boyfriend I never let you go Justin." repeatly until I about to release in his mouth then I would pull it out so fast I will get his a##hole nice a wet and then enter it as he scream out in pain. I would go all the way in and Justin wait until he start moving I wll go back and make him push back on me for he could feel the viens of my p*nis as they a pumping blood to it. and then blowed.

224 days ago
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