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Kanye West

Goes Ballistic on Radio DJs

SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/14/2014 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Brace yourselves folks ... Kanye West went OFF on radio DJs last night during his concert -- telling them all to "SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!" -- and this rant might be his loudest yet ... comparing himself to Beethoven and Shakespeare.

Kanye -- who was performing in University Park, PA -- was responding to recent antagonistic radio interviews ... specifically by radio DJs Sway and Charlemagne Tha God, who called Kanye "egotistical" and "narcissistic" on the air.

Kanye responded ... "If I go to a radio interview, SHUT THE F*** UP!!! ... Diss me, talk sh*t. What the f*** did you do? What have you done with your motherf**kin' life, Charlemagne? Sway?"

Warning: turn down your speakers.



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bring back recent posts    

I love how he dresses so elegantly.

257 days ago



257 days ago


Somebody seriously needs to get this guy's help.

256 days ago


What the heck is he wearing? Looks like a straight jacket that Kanye wiggled out of.

256 days ago


He is a blazing psychopath!!

255 days ago


You may have it now..but can all disappear tomorrow. Change the attitude its never too late.

255 days ago


Kayne & Kim wow... who care's lol..been watchin TMZ for yrs and they have always jumped on people for their foolish actions, and guys that's not your personal choice's, I am happy for you glad you found each other & for gods sake the wars been over long ago, do we really need to play that card everytime you get bad press..?/ I'm just sayin come-on Kayan man up don't give them reason's to address you .. in a bad Tone you and Kim don't listen to your people any press is not good press, Kim's show is canceled your career, well let's just say it's seen better day's , for you too to claim this is so over the a little more self respect..look at your piers who got bad press and recovered, Charlie Sheen, Lindsey, Brittany & R Downey JR., you don't hold some of the cards you hold them all, Take your towel wipe your face stop crying, in the words of the great Samuel Jackson Rise-up...make them eat their words, show them you have the power have not them, always gonna be hater's , let them hate you, be happy with that sexy ass wife...& beautiful control your emotions, not them damn..... your in control, don't let them really twist my shorts.. to hear the media, look to the bad things, they have no idea what it's like to be in front of thousands of fans the sheer energy from that will blow your mind, they give all kinds of people bad reviews, select the crazy things they's not right.. but it is, something that has got to be handled with class and holding your head up, they jumped on J-low, she never even blinked damn you gotta love that water off a ducks little Miley right now and damn I hope she can deal with it love her to the end she always entertains..hold your head up Love your wife and hell don't listen to the B S ...if that's what you need ..
P.S. is Kim adopting, I am a breast
WM 50 yrs old been adandoned by all but I love

254 days ago


Hour Glass KneeGarr Black Armenian Biatch speaks from that fat arse azz. Dang. Kanye Kenya West can have that ugly whore ho ho ho. Botox in the azz yikes. What a shape for all the world to see. Kanye impregnate all those holes even that southwest kukka hole.

249 days ago

Sandra Anne    

Why is he wearing a ripped jean skirt. That looks incredibly stupid i n the top video. What a waste of air he is...he needs to be put in the cuckoo's nest. weird ass.

135 days ago


No--no YOU shut the F___ up. enough of your stupid talk and YOU ARE NOT JESUS you are not even worthy to call his name . When it is time HE will be having a very long talk with you. You need to think about that .

44 days ago
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