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Kanye West

I Gave My Future Spouse an Oral Exam

... And She Passed

2/15/2014 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021514_drunk_in_love_launchIt's a real oxymoron ... Kanye West realized Kim Kardashian was the girl he wanted to marry when she blew it.

A new remix for Beyonce and Jay Z's "Drunk in Love" was released Saturday featuring Kanye ... where Yeezus raps about stuff like Kim's ass and his least favorite sex positions.

But the craziest part ... Kanye flows about the first time he realized Kim could be his future wife -- saying, "I impregnated your mouth, girl, oooh ... that's when I knew you could be my spouse, girl."

Kanye has become a laughing stock ... insert joke here.


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If you haven't seen the tweet that Taylor Swift sent to Kim and Kanye after South East was born google it. Turns out she is very funny.

250 days ago

PR Rasta    

That dumb bitch is probably loving tha song. Sad thing is her brother Rob said it best. She is a whore that got her claim to fame from a sextape. Thats like Jenna Jamison being looked at like a nun or Virgin Mary. She has had more guys nut on that prize winning ass than a LA sperm bank. But hates for people to talk about her or there family. WELL STOP GIVING PEOPLE TO TALK BOUT RETARD.

250 days ago

ima toole    

Word is that's how Harvey hires all his employees.

250 days ago

Nobody Special    

Who has had more Footage in the Mouth?
Kym or ???

It's so obvious that Kongay is a full blown
Fashion Diva that never misses the Marche des Fiertés LGBT Parade in Paris each June in the 4th Arrondissement . Then he runs over to Le Keller to Fulfill his fantasies he cannot do in the USA for fear of getting caught.

You watch, in June it's off to Paris again.

Most everyone in the Cruising Clubs in Paris knows Kangay.

There is a reason they Powerwash the gutters & streets every morning in Paris.

250 days ago

Just Jay    

4s date 4s. 4s hang out with 4s. Every person in this article is gum on my shoe. Classless.

250 days ago

PR Rasta    

Poor North has no clue how mind twisted her mother and father are. All them Kartrashians are exactly that trash! If CPS dont get in and do something Vivid will have Baby North doin sextapes at 7 if they offer that bitch Kris enough money. Hey Kanye, next time you remix something, rap about your daughter doin sextapes wit Taylor Swifts son in private school kindergarten.Young Mr. Swift gonna f@$k the hell outta Ms. West and gonna say " hold up hold up, ima let you speak, right after i take this **** outta your mouth" ( in his Kanye voice) while the whole time Grandmomager Kris looks on with dollar signs in her eyes! Lol. Just sad

250 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Well Kanye how do you think she got to where she is and it sure isn't because she had any viable talents (singing, acting etc). She will always be the cheap ho in the porn tape and one day when you grow up and realize the entire world has seen your "girl" sucking d**ck and taking it up the rear and your kids have to go to school and be teased about it lets know how you feel then

250 days ago


I have never, and I mean never, heard a guy publicly talk about his girlfriend/wife/fiance, whatever, this way. This is outrageous. Even Kim is too good for this. If she doesn't dump him for this, we will know how depraved and gross they both are.

250 days ago

Just Me    

Why does he think it's special. I'm sure all her men have been serviced. It's all she's good at.

250 days ago


That poor baby girl North! What a ****ed up family she's been born into.. When she's old enough to hear that song, she'll be like "I was born in my Moms mouth!"

250 days ago

PR Rasta    

Eye roll keep rollin your eyes. Cause i aint say i wanted to see it. Im expressing how money hungry that old ass Kris is. She aint have a life her kids did. So she living thru them kids and takin it all straight to Bank of Kris Jenner. They all have sold there soul to the devil for fame. Even Kylie and Kendal are followin in there sisters footsteps. Only 2 that are respectable is Kourtney and ROBERT. Im sure there father is in heaven lookin down on Kim and cant believe what she has become & how Kris corrupted there kids for money.

250 days ago


and to think that someday nori can read about this get down on your knees kim where you belong get on your knees knees knees and do your job for your man you cok sucking pig

250 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Hahaha admitting through a rap song your wife swallows. Classic.

250 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

Big deal. we all knew she was a c*cksu*cking whore

250 days ago


Did you pee in her mouth Kayne?

250 days ago
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