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Half-Brother Needs Food Stamps to Eat

Dad's the Bad Guy

2/15/2014 8:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's dad is so far behind on child support payments for his illegitimate kid ... his baby mama is destitute and has to use food stamps to survive.

We're told Alexsandra Wright hasn't seen any money from Mathew Knowles since we posted our story back in December -- when he allegedly owed $24K. We're told he now owes $32,135.90.

Wright -- whose son is Beyonce's half-brother -- is now on public assistance ... and gets $300 a month on a state-issued EBT card to pay for food and other expenses.


Sources tell us Wright went to court for help ... but the judge is noodling over exactly what to do.

As we previously reported ... Knowles insists he's not a deadbeat dad ... and has blamed a clerical error for the delinquency.


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She layed up with a backsliding married man, deliberately stop taking her birth control and got her a baby. KARMA stings hard for nasty one who destroys marriages. He is getting his too, azz out!!!!

216 days ago


Queen bitc# help you half brother you got money.

216 days ago


I'm sorry but being family has nothing to do with anything at this point. Bey doesn't owe this lady or her child anything. She had a child by someone else husband now she's struggling and needs help. The only person that owe Ms. Wright anything is the father of her child the married man she decided to lay down with and unprotected at that. She was looking for a free ride by having the child and she's going for a ride alright.

216 days ago


Why when it's the none rich the child is illegitimate but you don't call rich people's kids illegitimate, Simon just had one you won't call him anything but his name eric

216 days ago


That bitch needs to get a job and stop depending on a loser who won't pay for child support . She's a gold digger who probably got pregnant thinking she'll be rolling in Beyoncé money but got food stamps instead.

216 days ago


Beyonces mom must have really overpowering genes... thank god

216 days ago


Ok... I read somewhere in an article where they titled it UNFAIR. Ok Rule#1 to jumpoffs- you are just that. Men jump on you and jump off. Getting pregnant is a miscalculation on your part if you are a dumb broad. Rule #2- be prepared to take care of your half of the responsibility instead of relying on a man to do his part; the child didn't ask to be here. His parents were the selfish ones. Rule#3- His/her half/step siblings are not responsible for his finances--- his/her parents ARE! It was the parents or one parents choice to have them. Rule#4- no one feels sorry for you because you make bad decisions; so flashing your EBT card will not get you your check quicker. Rule#5- If you can comprehend anything other than opening you legs in hopes to get a large payday, try getting an education. FASFA offers grant money for single parents. Then you can get a REAL job and make some decent money to take care of yourself and child. Rule#6-When children grow up and have families of their own, that's their family. Beyonce and JayZ have THEIR OWN FAMILY. What they do with their family is THEIR BUSINESS. Because THEIR child is Boss doesn't mean yours should be too! Rule#7-I can't stress this enough--- your job as a jumpoff is to be available when a man wants you to be. Children, drama and relationships is not part of the deal. SO BIRTHCONTROL IS A MUST. if you follow this rule you won't have to worry about being an inconvenience to anyones family or the child that you bring into this world.

216 days ago


That's what happens when you sleep with a married man.
Deny, deny to the very end.
She maybe a gold digger. Once Ms. Wright heard he was was Bee's daddy and said here comes the cash cow.

216 days ago


Both parents work, they worked before they knew each other they worked while they dated they worked during and after having Blue, they owe no one nothing
I suggest you tell the woman who choose to have a baby with a married man who she thought would provide here with a celebrity life style she made a mistake
This child will be ok give it time

216 days ago


Let me see: B is a HS dropout , who loves to lip sync, perform *ex acts on stage, and sing about giving her husbad Blow jobs in the back of a car.
J-Z (made a living selling drugs and rapping about beaches and hoes) and his means of giving back to the black community is a free concert. GTFOH
Matthew Knowels (is your typical low down and dirty black man) need I say more.
Have several seats in the back-tired of this trifling family.

216 days ago


He was wrong for cheating on his wife and she was wrong for sleeping with a married man. That being said, she is simply trying to embarrass him by putting that on social media. Ok so he's behind on his child support, for which there is no excuse, but he was paying $12k a month! She went through every penny of that each month, without putting aside anything?? Most women don't get that in a year. Irresponsible on both sides.

216 days ago


I can not believe "Elmo" received that many LIKES.. This website is warped.
There are other things tax payers want their taxes to go to rather than money-grubbing woman who had an illegitimate child with a rich married man in order to get a free ride in life... And going further, many tax payers do NOT want to pay for the "surprise" a rich, famous married man created when he had sex with a woman outside his marriage...
How about using that tax payer money for education? For making roads and highways safer? For staffing police agencies better (especially in the "missing persons" department)... all of which would create more job opportunities for the public..
I have a problem with tax payer money being used for a child whose father is a multimillionaire. Do a quick web search of "Mathew Knowles net worth".. This man was Beyonce's manager for 15 years.. he took a large cut of her millions..
Mathew Knowles needs to be the one supporting this child, along with the child's mother.. NOT THE TAX PAYERS..

216 days ago


not saying she owes him anything.but if i were that well off id help out my family.

216 days ago


While I agree that Beyonce does not own her brother nothing and that her dad and this woman should not have had an affair...This child did nothing wrong....for Beyonce and so lane to not acknowledge the child to me is the lowest of all...she don't need to have nothing with the mother but I would even understand if they set up a trust fund of something for the child when he turns 18 so that the mother can't touch it....The child did not do anything wrong...He did not ask to he can people he so cold...yes she don't owe him but a person with a good heart would see that he is an innocent child

216 days ago



216 days ago
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