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Miley Cyrus

Pulls a Monica Lewinsky

... on Clinton Impersonator

2/15/2014 8:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0215-miley-bill-blow-job-01-splashMiley Cyrus proved she knows how to party in the U.S.A. AND Canada Friday night ... by simulating fake oral sex on stage in Vancouver on a Bill Clinton impersonator.

It was all for the debut concert on Miley's "Bangerz" tour -- which was filled with little people dressed as joints, giant stuffed animals, and a lot of ass -- but the big finish was her rendition of "Party in the U.S.A."

During the song ... Miley's dancers dressed up as famous American icons to pay tribute to our country -- and when Bill hit the stage Cyrus quickly dropped to her knees in his honor.

Might wanna dry clean that blue outfit.

Just sayin' ...


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JUSTIN BIEBER CAN IGNORE ALL COMMON COURTESIES. PEE IN FLOOR MOP BUCKETS. VIOLATE FAA RULES. DRAG RACE ACCELERATION AND CONSTANT SPEED 136MPH. XANAX WEED CODEINE. UNDERWEAR ON OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC. BROTHELS HOOKERS ESCORTS GIVING STD TO MODELS. PEEING IN ASPEN IN PUBLIC. SKATEBOARD AT BARS. EGGS. AND SO ON ENDLESS FOR MONTHS. PITY PARTY POOR JUSTIN BIEBER CANADIAN BLACK WHITE RAPPER. POOR CHILD. BOO HOO HOO. That white house petition is useless. Prez Borack Oh Bama has photos of him hugging and shaking hands with JUSTIN BIEBER at Christmas. Borack makes $400K per year JB $50M. Borack net worth $12M JB $160M. JB richer than any world leader. Michelle Oh Bama is JB black rapper mama giving advice. Petition signatures of 250,000 or more given the facts above are useless with no deportation possible ever. Borack and michelle want jobs in two years so Justin Bieber Bizzle Sizzle Fizzle is safe in good hands. Nobody can touch JB. Free to pee in any white house mop bucket. JB to own two $12M homes. Borack michelle live free in a white house. FACTS. LOL.

190 days ago


I'll give it to you on one hand, Miley Cyrus and all of her marketing agents are pure genius!!! They cash in on the majority of our population, who will buy and sell anything as long as it's heavily broadcasted. First it was Hannah Montana.... candy, clothing, bedding, posters, games everywhere you looked, (Personally this made me want to vomit). But thank you Disney for plastering it everywhere. Now it's Miley Cyrus and her sodomitic posing for the world, on stage masturbation, and famous twerking and licking azz tongue. Congratulations Miley, you are rich because we are all mindless trend following drones, who also happen to be morally challenged. Sadly this is not even what bothers me the most. What does is the fact that she has no vocal ability what so ever! If you think she does, either you are 12 years old and tone deaf, or you have not heard of auto tunes!!! There are so many other people with sheer talent who can in fact Sing??? But instead of glorifying them, we give this imbecile a chance. Why because of her ridiculous one hit wonder father. I did not know that someone like that could have so much pull in in the Music industry?? Again, Thank you Disney! Miley, I know it wasn't Billy Ray or Achy Breaky Heart that launched your career, it was Disney. The company responsible for turning little girls into shameless half naked sex objects for our little girls to look up to. And for getting to decide what we have to suffer through on the radio. She's so desperate it's painful.... Take all the slutty crap away and she'd instantly be out shadowed by people with real talent. However, thankfully for her and her lame career, Americans put up with talentless Singers as long as they do crazy S H I T or act like sluts.....we don't care about actual talent here anymore. 666

189 days ago


She wants to be respect for her "music" yet keeps whoring off to build her career off of being a spectacle. . . . And like the stupid kid she is she thinks she's sexy whent here is a clear difference between sexy and slutty, and she's just a slut. Even the back up dancer looks stunned. If this was rehearsed she wouldn't have stopped to look. This was probably a last minute plan by her and this dude. Just like the Robin Thicke stunt. Wouldn't have been management approved. Lewd and disrespectful. Disney and nickelodeon should both be sued for releasing these kids into our real society without proper counseling. They are becoming nothing but drug heads and weirdos. Only 10 percent make it out all right. HELLYWOOD. What's really bad is that's she knows how pathetic she's become but doesn't care at all, as long as she's making money and getting attention. I tell you one thing, if she was my daughter, I would completely renounce her, and never even speak her name again. 666

189 days ago
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