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Chris Brown

I'm Being Extorted

By a Sore Basketball Loser

2/16/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris  Brown
is the victim of EXTORTION ... and his lawyer is about to blow the whistle on the alleged evildoer ... so claims Brown's famous lawyer.

Malcolm Ausbon filed a lawsuit against Chris, claiming the rapper and 3 of his goons beat the crap out of him during a pick-up basketball game at 24-Hour Fitness.

TMZ has obtained a letter Ausbon's lawyer sent to Chris' legal eagle, Mark Geragos, demanding $250,000 from Chris ... OR ELSE.  As for the "or else" ... the lawyer says if Brown doesn't pay, "Mr. Ausbon is placed in a position by the LAPD where he needs to decide whether he will press charges."

The lawyer continues, "He would rather be compensated."

THAT, Mark Geragos tells TMZ, is EXTORTION ... cleverly worded extortion, but extortion nonetheless.

Geragos says he's going after Ausbon by filing a police report.

And, by the way, a lawyer in Geragos' office says he met with Ausbon's attorney back in August and the guy admitted Brown never touched his client.  Geragos' lawyer says the other attorney said the guy who struck his client had dreadlocks and it was all captured on video.


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If Geragos told me it was sunny outside I'd go and grab an umbrella.

258 days ago


Chris Brown's liar, I mean lawyer, is Mark Geragos, the most tiresome and obnoxious person next to Gloria Allred. He's always spouting off on "great" shows like nancy grace, and it always sounds like he has to blow his nose when he talks. He makes me sick.

258 days ago

I steal pets    

Is it past Blue Ugly's bedtime? People cannot sleep without reading your bile. You have responsibilities!

258 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Give me money or I'll make up some stuff and sue ya

258 days ago


Hey Chris...
I think your diaper is full bro.
Maybe, you're just full of s***.

258 days ago


Chris added "Just like Lil Beaver all of the other Lils combined, YG and every other "FAKE RAPPER" that TMZ supports IT IS NOT MY FAULT"...

258 days ago

Good riddance!    

So, I'm being generous, but I bet he's around the functioning level of slow 12 year old.

258 days ago


If it is on video, release it the case will be over.

258 days ago


Thats right… like CB doesn't have a history of gratuitous violence with a lack of self control

258 days ago


This is absolutely 100% untrue about Chris . I was there that night which was actually last summer . Chris came with one person only and No Bodyguards. It was the only time I've ever seen him at 24HF without security. He came through around 11pm. That dude (Malcolm) got into an altercation with another person on Chris's team in pick up game in which Chris was picked by a group that had next . I was playing on the opposite team against Chris's team although I was suppose to be on his team . The guy (Malcolm) had a few words with Chris over a foul call but that is common in basketball. especially in pick up games. Chris basically told him that it was a weak call and not a foul. You ain't getting that call he said. That was that. The Dude (Malcolm) realize that he was not getting that call and began to play. Then the very next play he got into a scuffle with another player out of frustration. It seemed to me he was mad that he didn't get the previous call. I think he felt he could punk Chris for the call. He did not succeed because Chris was convinced it was a weak call. The very next play he committed a hard takedown tackle on another player which DID NOT INCLUDE CHRIS. Everyone that was there playing and watching from the side line knows for a definite fact that Chris began walking to the south end of the court as the incident took place on the north end which held up the game briefly. This is sad how easy it is to throw a high profile celebrity into a situation. Like I said before , it's not about Chris being a celebrity. He is actually a very humble down to earth good dude. No ego at all. Sure he has disagreements on the court but we all do. It's basketball. Im not saying the dude was not in a scuffle but I assure you it did not involve not include Chris at all. Don't believe what u read.

258 days ago



258 days ago

miss b    

Look in the mirror.

258 days ago

Big Mark 91    

Piece of trash

258 days ago


everybody is extorting chris's money..even his lawyer. thats all he is left good for.. to extort whatever money he has left

258 days ago


whats the problem...i thought he said he was a 'blood'
so what does big rapper bonehead need a lawyer for then...i gotta ask

258 days ago
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