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Craigslist Murder

Real Life 'Dexter'

Claims More than 22 Satanic Murders

2/16/2014 7:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's insane, scary and believable ... a 19-year-old girl admits to not only killing a guy who hired her for sex on Craigslist, she says she killed so many others, "When I hit 22, I stopped counting."

Miranda Barbour is in a Pennsylvania jail, awaiting trial for allegedly stabbing Troy LaFerrara 20 times, because she tested him and said she was only 16 and he responded by saying he'd still have sex with her.  And -- as a molestation victim herself -- that set her off.

Barbour said in a jailhouse interview over the weekend she's been killing people since she was 13.  She insists she only kills bad people, claiming, "I did this to people who did bad things and didn't deserve to be here anymore."

In an interview with the Daily Item ... Barbour says the first murder coincides with joining a satanic cult in Alaska. 

As for the LaFerrara murder, Barbour says she and her husband of 3 weeks killed him in their car.

Barbour says she has no remorse but does not want to be sprung from jail because, "If I were to be released I would do this again."


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now thats entertainment

228 days ago


To all the people asking why its on tmz: because she claims to have killed like tv's fictional character Dexter. Therefore its lightly entertainment related and will bring reader$.

228 days ago


haha, satanism? really? you so gullible america

228 days ago


I imagine the execs at the Lifetime network reading this story and calling Lena Dunham right now to star in their TV movie. A title along the lines of "For Sale: Death."
They'll be in production in a week, right after their writing staff of rescued zoo monkeys bangs out a script.

228 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I'm not the most religious person you'll ever meet but I really believe if you let yourself open for evil, evil will be more than happy to oblige. Pennsylvania has a death penalty but good fricking luck with that. There are over 80 people sitting out death sentences in PA, the last sentence having been carried out in 1999. Bunch of pus.sies. This bitch should be nailed to a wall and used for target practice.

228 days ago


killing men who would have sex with a child...I say hey if you suck enough to do it you sick enough to get hurt...y'all who saying its bad...what if these people tried to **** your kid

228 days ago


She TEXTED him....TEXTED. NOT "tested". Can you please hire people who can SPELL????? thanks!

228 days ago

Ozzie X    

Typical redneck.

228 days ago

BB not bb    

This is strange because John Wayne Gacy confessed to having the bodies of 22 boys under his basement floor. I wonder why they stop after 22? Does it have to do with the masonic number of 322? What leads people to do this and get away with it for so long? At least she admits is openly and is glad to be restrained now. Gacy never had that much acknowledgement for what he did.

I think there are psychopaths and then just people who are so misled that they are not acting in accordance with their will. She probably became possessed after joining the satanic cult. That and having emotional instability to begin with pushed her over the edge.

You never know who you are talking to online. It could be a nice person or a total nut. Lots of really creepy people hang out online due to the anonymity factor. People probably took her to be just some ordinary teen from PA, not realizing how wild she really was.

228 days ago


Well, at least you can't call her lazy. Most teenagers only kill 1 or 2 people before their ADD kicks in.

228 days ago


Damn... and we are barely hearing about this? She's been doing it since she was 13... crazy stuff.

228 days ago


This is the last thing I wanna see on my gossip site, when I'm looking for the latest story on how many times Kanye screwed his whore girlfriend. Not cool not cool.

228 days ago


Another case where that man hater Nancy Grace gets to blame the male victims and blame her husband of 3 weeks

228 days ago

Teresa andrews    

I don't believe her about the 22 murders. She is seeking attention.

228 days ago


I can hardly wait for the movie on this one

228 days ago
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