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Craigslist Murder

Real Life 'Dexter'

Claims More than 22 Satanic Murders

2/16/2014 7:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's insane, scary and believable ... a 19-year-old girl admits to not only killing a guy who hired her for sex on Craigslist, she says she killed so many others, "When I hit 22, I stopped counting."

Miranda Barbour is in a Pennsylvania jail, awaiting trial for allegedly stabbing Troy LaFerrara 20 times, because she tested him and said she was only 16 and he responded by saying he'd still have sex with her.  And -- as a molestation victim herself -- that set her off.

Barbour said in a jailhouse interview over the weekend she's been killing people since she was 13.  She insists she only kills bad people, claiming, "I did this to people who did bad things and didn't deserve to be here anymore."

In an interview with the Daily Item ... Barbour says the first murder coincides with joining a satanic cult in Alaska. 

As for the LaFerrara murder, Barbour says she and her husband of 3 weeks killed him in their car.

Barbour says she has no remorse but does not want to be sprung from jail because, "If I were to be released I would do this again."


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Christo Doyle    

Could be a new Discovery Channel Reality Show

214 days ago


If she really killed that many guys via craigslist there would be a digital trail. I would hold off on believing her for now. Lots of killers will say they killed more then they really did.

214 days ago

joe schweitz    

going for insanity. lets see if she can come up with 22 bodies...
shes caught, she needs to do her time.

214 days ago


Well someone should be killing child molesters we put dogs to sleep that attack children.

214 days ago


Why is TMZ doing more stories on killers? They are not famous. Why make them that way?

214 days ago

Saturday Roads    

Wheeee!!! ^^ A girl version of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac XD but in REAL LIFE... and she's kind of right, there are people out there that don't deserve to live anymore... Yeah, yeah I know, I'm going to hell for this...

214 days ago

Shark jumper    

I guess the next question is, who will play her in the movie?

214 days ago

BB not bb    

I wonder if people realize how fragile their minds are and how easily they could slip over the edge, seriously. Kids get involved in the occult thinking it is just like Halloween pranks or some joke. They have no idea the forces at work. Sometimes the most innocent of souls can be taken over the most completely.

People really need to take the supernatural more seriously. To successfully commit so much evil and be able to get away with it shows a very sharp mind. That she was able to fight it and regain control of her will is close to a miracle. She has a look of deep peace in her soul now that she is under arrest.

Don't allow yourself to become depraved. Live a clean life and follow God. People have not idea the evil out there just waiting to take over another soul.

214 days ago


Jessica....killers aren't famous? What about Bundy, gacy, dahmer, and a lot of others. They have each been made famous. I'd much rather read about a serial killer than Justin bieber or honey booboo

214 days ago


oh , please i bet she was involved with killing that one person. another loser that watches to much tv.

214 days ago


She's a piece of lying filth. Yeah Troy did some things wrong like cheating on his wife but he isn't a child molester. Her husband said they wanted to kill someone together and Troy happened to be the unlucky one and responded to the ad. Don't believe she would have left him walk and she is know using this as an excuse for what she did. Hope she frys!

214 days ago


If this girl was really in a Satanic Cult and I mean a real not the whole we believe in the power of one and self **** then she wouldn't be killing quote "bad people" or so she claims they were tbh I thinks she is just insane

214 days ago


As a sex abuse victim by many offenders I say good for her! More people should exterminate these evil people. I hope she got 22 of them like she says. Maybe that was her purpose here in life. If more women were like her and wournos then men would think twice about victimizing prostitutes and other women.

214 days ago


The culture of sex abuse where 1/2 of women are victimized is eventually going to be a breeding ground for female vigilantes as we become more confident and self empowered. Amen! They've been killing us for years, now it's time to even it up until the killings stop.

214 days ago

BB not bb    

We think of children as innocent beings. They are not without sin, but they have not chosen whether to follow good or evil. They haven't seen enough of life to make a choice. Sometimes kids are made to grow up too fast. They can't handle all the evil thrown at them and they choose wrong. They choose to identify with those who hurt them rather than those who fight the evil.

Once you choose wrong, it is almost impossible to turn back. You have the innocence of childhood to decide which path you are on. Some people do return from the wrong path but it is like grabbing someone from the pit of hell. The enormous spiritual debt they have racked up while wandering away never leaves.

Imagine having the deaths of 22 people just for choosing wrong? There is a way that seems right to man and the way thereof is death.

214 days ago
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