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Kanye West

TMZ Rags On Me

Out Of Racial Nervousness

2/16/2014 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021614_kanye_rant_launchKanye West went on another endless rant Saturday night ... but this one had a racial twist.

Kanye was playing the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey when he called out TMZ and other media for criticizing him over the last year.

Kanye said we all make him look like "a maniac and an animal" ... not because of anything he did ... but because of our discomfort over interracial relationships.

Unless we're missing something ... he thinks we all have a problem with the fact that he's engaged to Kim Kardashian.

Funny ... we thought we were ragging on him long before he hooked up with Kim.


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Notice how Kanye has gotten the big head since he's shacking up with a KarTRA$Hian and having an illegitimate baby with that porn star that loves "golden showers". Disgusting bunch. ALL OF THEM.

212 days ago


Stunted growth - I'm guessing around Eighth Grade.


Absolutely unable to enjoy his moment.

If you get ANYBODY at a concert - anyone at all?

They come for the music.

If you RANT you're asking them to deploy the side-of-their-brain.

You don't WANT them using.

Grabbing defeat from the jaws-of-victory.

Has to be WEARING on Kim and the K's at this point.

Has to be.

212 days ago


I am very sympathetic to any group of people, be it black, be it gay, or whoever who faces prejudice or stereotypes that can often limit their opportunities or freedoms. I will be the first to point it out and defend anyone who needs it....but this GUY! Is a real piece of work! He truly has strong narcissistic and emotional issues. He is very insecure and constantly needs to make others feel inferior to him. This whole Kim thing isn't going to end pretty. He will eventually turn on her like he has everyone else in his life and then he will spin out of control. The epic meltdown isn't a matter of "if" it's just a matter of "when"

212 days ago


Stick a f%#kinf fork in his eye and I'll shove my foot up his ars!

212 days ago


too bad gay fish didn't die instead of his mama

212 days ago


Oh he raps! I thought he was a professional coat tail riding free loader, didnt know he had a job other then shooting his mouth off.

212 days ago


I can't believe this guy still has fans

212 days ago


they are all delusional. Kardashians favorite reply is always "your jealous". What makes those fat, ugly promiscuous women think they are attractive, with all their plastic surgery they look like Michael Jackson and the lesbian Khloe looks like her Dad OJ. They need help and mponey won't make them good people. Ugly people, karma will get them, it always does. Look at the mess they made of their brother.

212 days ago


I guess that means he reads TMZ

212 days ago


Too funny you guys kiss his and that family of grifter's asses non stop and there's your payback.

212 days ago


TMZ i made this account just to tell you, i want you to destroy that fool. I hate him and his fake ass bitch.

212 days ago


He looks like St Peter in that light lol

212 days ago


More mental illness on display

212 days ago


I always wonder if people go to his concerts? Does he really have fans? I'm being serious here. Anyone ever went to his concert, would honestly like to know what it's like.

212 days ago


Losing one's Insight, for openers, is devastating.

...Regaining that lost Insight?

Not usually done - tops?

- one in hundreds-of-thousands (minimum).

It's like driving forever.

Assuming at SOME point you'll recognize the terrain.

As the roads?

Become smaller and smaller.

As the darkness?

Completely envelopes you.

People DIE in this " state" - a lot of people.

Die thinking they were clued-in/on top of their game.

Time's come to question Kim's own thinking/choices.

212 days ago
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