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My Baby Mama Screwed Me

And the Bank Over

2/17/2014 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Combs didn't screw over his baby mama by allowing her home to go into foreclosure -- turns out she's the one who allegedly screwed HIM over by flaking on the payments.

TMZ broke the story ... Diddy and Misa Brim took out a $712K mortgage on a house she and their son would live in, but the bank claims monthly payments abruptly stopped in 2010, and now the house is destined for the auction block.

On the surface it sounds like big, bad Diddy turned his back on Misa, but we've obtained a legal doc that discloses there was a side agreement in which Misa clearly says SHE's responsible for paying the mortgage. Diddy's only involvement was putting his ass on the line so she could get the loan.

According to the agreement, Diddy claims if he had to pay to keep up the mortgage payments, she'd be responsible for paying him back.  And he says he paid more than $28K to cover her, and he's actually sued her to get the money back.

Short story ... it appears Diddy ain't the bad boy.  If anything, he's a victim.


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gold digging whore pay your bills

255 days ago

boo boo    

This freak-machine has 6 kids! He's got SIX KIDS!!!! Quit it!

255 days ago

Nat Turner    

Diddy is gay he keep having kids to cover it up.

255 days ago

Black Adam    

Why do all these rappers end up dating the plain around the way girls. Don't even mention Snoops ugly wife.

255 days ago


He's worth more than $200 million right...?
Why didn't he just pay cash for it, after all, it is "his" child.
What a piece of ****e!
I bet he did not tip at the bar either!

255 days ago

Big Mark 91    

She is nasty why would he ever have sex with that? Let alone a kid? GROSS

255 days ago


its all a bull**** cop out. Lets be real, he has all the lawyers and can structure an agreement. 1. He buys the house, pays the mortgage payment directly to the mortgage company
2. Pay you child support to and escrow account that requires receipts to validate the purchases against the payments. 3, Man the F**K up and pay her a living wage to take care of YOUR KID.. don't stick you dick in the wick if you don't want to pay for the candle. These guys claiming, " I have a contract" are just bull**** legal ways to avoid doing with is RIGHT as opposed to what you can LEGALLY get away with. It is high time we hold people accountable to a MORAL code.. not just the LEGAL code. and the LAW, as practiced, has NOTHING to do with right or wrong, just what you can get away with.

255 days ago


Why the rich have a mortgage.

255 days ago

Pure Evil    

Duh. He's loaded.

255 days ago

Jazzy joy    

Kim porter stole diddly from miss. This after miss brought her broke ass to New York when al b sure wasn't helping her out. Miss got porter a job at record company . The rest is history. Diddy couldn't give.her a house so her kid can come home to on holidays. Sheesh.

254 days ago


So just because she had his child she should never have to pay her own bills for the rest of her life? His son is over 18 it's not a free ride forever for her. I bet whatever that kid needs Diddy still takes care of. And what about her "moral code". She probably got more in a month( at the most 3) in child support than a lot of people make in a year. She had plenty of money to pay off that house. She just got used to the good life with Diddy and didn't want it to end. The lazy b*! needs to get job to support herself and help support her kid. I'm a mother of two kids and even I know having babies doesn't mean you get to sit on your ass and have someone else take care of you. Some people are lucky like that but most need to contribute monetarily not just emotionally.

254 days ago
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