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'Fast N' Loud' Star

I Got Fired

For Cussing at My Boss

2/17/2014 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217-fast-n-loud-article-01Discovery Channel's breakout hit "Fast N' Loud" just booted two of the show's most popular characters ... and one of the jobless guys says it's because they were fast with swearing at a manager ... and loud.

Tom Smith tells TMZ ... he and co-star Jordan Butler were sacked from the Gas Monkey Garage -- the auto shop featured in the show -- after they let a fan with cystic fibrosis pose for a pic next to a Rolls-Royce owned by shop owner Richard Rawlings.

Smith claims the manager on duty flipped out and told them to "get the f*** away from the car."  Now here's the big mistake ...  we're told Smith yelled back, "Chill the f*** out" -- something boss men don't take kindly to. So Rawlings fired them both a few hours later.

0217-fast-n-loud-sub-jordan-01Rawlings tells TMZ he's had nothing but problems with the 2 guys.

Tom and Jordan already have jobs at another garage -- and they're hopeful Discovery hooks them up with a spin-off.


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If Richard really fired them for foul language or tardiness then that's understandable he is the boss or of it was a manager in charge . But if he fired them due to a child having Cystic Fibrosis taking a picture near a Rolls Royce then I will not watch The show either.

177 days ago


Richard and Dennis were just up here over the week end and . Well not sure what I can say, but "DISAPPOINTMENT". I got to see, meet and hear about the other side of Richard Rawlings of the Gas Monkey Garage and The Discovery Channel's, Fast N' LoudN loud TV Show. In my eyes he is nothing more that a RICH DRUNK. Give me a break having the LIMO pull over on the the side of I-5 get out and urinate beside the road " we do have indoor plumbing in Washington this is not TEXAS. Damn near falling down Drunk when he got out of the Limo at QBRC. Drinking Champagne from the bottle at the Roulette table. Commenting about a lady's "GOOD GUYS" tee shirt using the "F" bomb numerous times that the "Good GUYS" had screwed him. This is just my opinion and thoughts I feel that since he was being paid to be there he should of been more professional.

177 days ago


I was a big fan of the show until tonight. maybe Tom and Jordan can get a spot on Counting Cars. Danny is a real car guy. Richard just a jerk.

177 days ago


no more Tom? What the hell Richard? Man, i so dig this show for the entertainment, and Tom was THE man. He entertained the heck out of me. Richard, if this is true, you have made a HUGE mistake. I think I will have to say adios. And I kept telling my girlfriend I wanted us to go down there so we could go to the restaurant. From Ky. Forget it baby. No time for douchebags.

177 days ago


the only reason i watched the show is because i like to watch tom, he was the funniest one on the show and i will never watch it again, richard is letting all that money get to his head and needs to chill out...

177 days ago


Jesse James was right,Rawlings is D..bag,and Aron dont have cojones.....

177 days ago


Richard is an idiot. Firing the two guys with the most personality plus great mechanics ,helped boost ratings. I for one won't watch it anymore. Hey Richard....YOU SUCK ,and you don't know what a true muscle car is.

176 days ago

Cherub Face    

I'm done with Fast and Loud. I was a fan but Aron and Richard are egomaniacs. Goodbye Ass Monkey. Try to figure out how to derust the underside of the cars you paint. Ya suck, get outta here Texas Huckabillies!

176 days ago

Charlie H    

In my opinion the show already jumped the shark when they tried to do that stupid Smokey and the Bandit episode. That was the dumbest thing I've seen on tv in quite awhile.

176 days ago


I didn't like the way you fired Tom and Jordan at all. They should have received a warning, but to fire these two guys the way you did was not right and shows your true character.

Hey Richard, Don't try and act serious now or you will loose more Fans. Do the right thing.

Or This will be the beginning of your shows DEATH. Don't be such a DICK

175 days ago


The end of me watching the show every one a work with at the city say he is a dbag but I stand up for him no more I hope his show and bar got to hell

175 days ago


Ricard is a dbag and it shows is getting pretty fake....and did you see them two puss out when jesse James called them out what punks hahaha losers.....tom was awesome done watchig this crap ...Richard or a ***

175 days ago

bla bla    

He got fired because he was always late. People who want him back should try to run their own business. I bet they wouldn't keep lazy employees just because they are 'funny'.

175 days ago


C'mon folks. Don't you think this is promo stunt because they ALREADY inked a deal to spin off a show of their own?

175 days ago


I liked tom and richard lost a great mechanic. So they might get their own show, gas monkey still losses.the entertainment aspect isnt there any more

175 days ago
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