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Lauren Silverman

I Have a Resilient Vagina!

2/17/2014 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the miracle of childbirth ... Lauren Silverman has a miraculous vag ... briskly walking through a department store 3 days after giving birth.

What makes it even more spectacular is that she's walking around in skintight leather pants.

Mind you baby Eric made his debut at 6 lbs 7 oz.

This is Lauren's second kid ... so maybe it's a little easier -- but still, she's a true champ!


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She's too busy chasing Simon around to be a mom to anything.

195 days ago


I truly thought that Kanye could not be topped in the despicable category. Or the uneducated. I was wrong.

I don't know which of the prepubescent turds behind the monitors at TMZ wrote this one. I probably could lay a good bet on it just by reviewing the old news reels. I know it's not Charles nor Harvey. Both have integrity. So, for whoever wrote this bit let me give you some much needed education:

Women have been giving birth and then getting up and making their lazy husbands breakfast for centuries. They've stopped long enough to give birth, then follow their spouses in Military units across frozen tundras. They've done it because survival was necessary. They've done it because it was expected. They've done it dragging 10+ children behind them and wishing with every damned step they could do anything BUT march in the sludge behind an army with a newborn, ripped body and 10+ children.

So give this woman a damned break. I'm willing to bet she knew there wasn't a way she was going to escape all the buttheads outside that door with cameras, waiting to rip her fashion apart and look for an afterbirth bump to take a picture of. She held her head up. She walked out that door on her own accord. And you.. have the ballz to make nasty comments about her vagina?
Whatever humanity you have in your pea sized black heart. Do try to stop knocking the gild off the glow of the moment, of new motherhood. Just to have a damned story.

Surely there is some starlet somewhere, flipping over on her beach towel at an inopportune moment., i.e., your camera guy in a bush somewhere waiting to snap a picture of her crotch. She at least, might appreciate the publicity.

195 days ago


7th grade boys writing for TMZ again. Harvey aren't u even a tad bit embarrassed??

195 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Maybe she just brought the whole store. Building and all.

195 days ago

News Flash     


195 days ago


After reading some of the comments about this lady's vagina, it amazes me how some of you can show more compassion for someone who is irrelevant than for two teenage boys who were shot down in the name of racism. I know that we are nearing the End of humanity because people love cats, dogs, peoples vagina, more than they care about human

195 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

LMFAO at that title!

195 days ago


I barely had time for a shower on day 3.

195 days ago


I love the people commenting she should just stay home with her baby. My wife ran to the store a few days after childbirth too-how dare she! The horror!!!!

195 days ago


I was walking around like that 3 days after my son....its called Vicodin !

195 days ago


incredibly stupid. You feel you'll be ok then you are in bed in excruciating pain. take it easy stupid

195 days ago


It's one thing to go to the store to get your pain meds it's another to be out buying handbags and shoes. Why wouldn't she want to be with her new baby is the question?

195 days ago


she's nasty is what she is

195 days ago


A woman's body is made to bounce back quickly from childbirth. I was walking and going out to lunch with family 3 days after a c-section. No biggie.

195 days ago


Simon "MAN BOOBS" Cowell's Baby Mama Lauren " THE CHEATING SLUT" Silverman: I Have a Resilient Vagina!.................SHE IS USELESS

195 days ago
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