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Confessed Craigslist Killer

ZERO Evidence She's A Serial Killer ...

So Far

2/18/2014 11:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Self-confessed killer Miranda Barbour SAYS she left a deadly trail of bodies -- between 22 and 100 -- during a serial murder spree  ... but so far there's NO evidence she's telling the truth.

The District Attorney in Northumberland County PA tells TMZ ... "As of this date there has been no verification of any of the information that has been the subject of media coverage regarding prior acts of the defendant."

So short story ... Barbour's claim that she has murdered between 22 and 100 people so far is unsupported.

Nonetheless ... the D.A. says any info he gets will be forwarded on to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

But the D.A. clearly thinks Barbour has committed one murder -- the man who she says she met on Craigslist and stabbed 20 times.  And the D.A. indicates he may well ask for the death penalty.

Barbour's lawyer has already asked a judge to block any bid for execution.


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stupid poser... if you r gonna say you did it, please make sure u did.

212 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

There's zero evidence she's a serial killer of 22-100 people- but there's tons of evidence she killed 22-100 bowls of cereal at a time, look at the size of her. Shes so fat Her cereal bowl needs it's own lifeguard.

212 days ago


I knew it was BS as soon as I read she started at 13. If anyone read that and still believed her. They have no common sense. There are many red flags in this case. How could a 13 yr old kill a grown man without him hurting her? Then get away with it without leaving any evidence or telling anyone. That is if she killed more then 1 person. Plus this story is old. If you look online. You will find the story in usa today on December 7, 2013 about the murder. She was 18 at the time and married just 3 weeks. They had her as the craigslist murderer. There was nothing about her being a serial killer. I found all this info in just a minute or two, but tmz couldn't look it up or point out she was lying till now! She wanted her 15 minutes, a dateline or 20/20 interview. She got her 15 minutes thanks to TMZ. As far as the death penalty. I live in PA & no one has been put to death here in 50 yrs.

212 days ago


I think someone watched Hard Candy a few to many times.

212 days ago

paul a.    

It could turn out to be a brilliant legal move.

212 days ago


she's obiviously a liar looking for more adrenaline in her case, because if she really killed 22-100 where did she ditch the corpses ? how did she move those corpses without looking suspicious ?

212 days ago


She's a nut job.

212 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

It's getting so that a woman can't even confess to murdering between 22 and 100 people these days.

211 days ago


Dexter also left no evidence outside of the blood slides (linked to James Doakes) and the chest full of (cleaned and sterilized) murder weapons.
Bottom line: did she do it? Who knows?

211 days ago


Well let's find those bodies first because if it's true ... Then

211 days ago



211 days ago


This is a good example of a Godless society, she is an empty shell of a person who worshiped Satan.

211 days ago


Again. ..why is this on tmz? Oh wait I forget murderers are now celebrities.

211 days ago


Attention much... Is she related to the kartrashians??? Maybe she stars having sex with black guys just to be in the news ... Do I hear a porn video???

211 days ago


And they won't find any evidence she's a serial killer. She's got some serious mental issues and thinks this will make her famous and give her all this attention which in her messed up mind is all she really wants. There's probably enough evidence to convict her for the one murder but that's it, everything else she's just making up and doing a poor job at it since she keeps changing her stories.

211 days ago
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