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George Zimmerman

Flees Miami After Death Threat

2/18/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217-george-zimmerman-01George Zimmerman fled Miami after someone threatened there was a huge bounty on his head.

Zimmerman taped an interview last Tuesday with Univision and Fusion, and then took his girlfriend, her kid and his brother to the beach.  While they were catching some rays, people noticed him, started harassing him, and then someone shouted out George had a $10,000 bounty on his head.

We're told it freaked him out and they all retreated to the hotel, but the crowd followed them.

Security swept their room to make sure no one tampered with their stuff and then stood guard throughout the day and night.  We're told Zimmerman did his CNN interview early the next morning and then beat it ... literally fleeing Miami.

Fact is ... the bounty threat seems somewhat real.  There's a Black Panthers video online in which one of the leaders puts a $1 MILLION bounty on Zimmerman's head.


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PR Rasta    

Pyegow or however you spell your name. You do ignorant. You dhould be reported with some of the things you have said. Get a life or become a member of a white supremist group. I think you need a job, or a segnificant other. You are no better than the racist people that wanna kill GZ. White And Black

249 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Ill put up a million for each panther. Theyre the ghetto KKK

249 days ago

Jericho Morton    

We are all of us tailless apes, half a chromosome away from a chimpanzee. Less than 90.000 years ago molecular genetics has demonstrated there were fewer than 3,000 individual humans left on the planet. There is therefore only one race, the human race. You may have a dark skin trait, a violent trait, a blue eyed and ginger hair trait. Our constantly proceeding evolution (along with every other living thing) leaves us with overactive adrenal glands and some with underactive frontal lobes in the brain. Slowly some things have changed, others have not. Being that this 'race' thing is baloney, it is easy to understand why those tailless apes in power (apes that claim to know better than you) slaughter remotely, technologically, silently. In Africa they just hack a village of 5,000 men, women and children to death with machetes. Not because they were black, but because they believed in a different Juju up the mountain and were chewing a weed or smoking it or whatever. You play their 'race' game all you like, as they farm you like animals. "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." Rise above our shared ancestry. For everyone else, it is not your race that defines you, it's you. You are to blame for that, whatever the result.

249 days ago


Well, that should clear up any delusional concept for George. He told Chris Cuomo in the interview that 99% of the people who see him "smile at him."

249 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Baby Antonio Santiago...shot in the face by thugs....
Michael Brewer.....teen-aged boy set afire by -again-
thugs....TMZ...Comcast/TimeWarner /Anti-American monopoly....NAACP...NBC.....: NOTHING.

249 days ago


He's been acquitted, enough already. This is like the blacks all screaming OJ was innocent...because he is black???

249 days ago


You can run but you most likely can't hide... Someone gonna get you sooner or later.

249 days ago

Real n the field    

what has america white history shown in blacks trusting them huh?

what has the white american judicial system shown
blacks time after time , huh?

When has there ever been an "ALL BLACK JURY"?
When has there been an "ALL WHITE JURY"
since the founding of America.

how many blacks young men have been hanged, and murdered by white mobs , that NEVER got brought to justice? THOUSANDS, thats how many

how many white men have been hanged by black mobs? ZERO, thats how many.

Stats dont LIE!

Young black vulnerable men always have been hunted down and murdered in america!

go see the DVD "Rosewood"- where mobs of whites in Florida in the early 1900's attacked a black township

Or google "black wallstreet"-where mobs of whites attacked the thriving black township in Oklahoma in 1914, and murdered thousands of blacks for the fun of it!.
And please tell me where you can find, 1 instant of mobs of blacks attacking whites and cutting out pregnant womans fetus, and hanging men, while there burning alive, and enjoying ever minute of it.

and there are many, many, more.

and dont get started on how they did the "NATIVE" american Indians.

All Recorded American History.

be very careful..danger is all around.

249 days ago



249 days ago

sam cro    

Come to Arizona George, your a hero here. With only 4% blacks and a legal gun carry law, no problem.

249 days ago

There's a problem here    

This article sounded so ridiculous I decided to used a few search engines to see if I could find other stories about this. I found one, and that took this story from TMZ. Is sure seems that if a mob was harassing someone who was a public figure of infamy on a popular beach/resort area it would be news on more than TMZ, especially since GZ just had an interview making news everywhere. I call BULLSH!T.

249 days ago


Well now he knows that feeling of being hunted like a criminal.

249 days ago



249 days ago


A bounty can be created both ways. I am sure there are a few people who would gladly pay an equal bounty for the Black Panther big mouth. As a black President who obviously does not want to be considered a racist, Obama is missing out on something he could do in regard to this case that would be commendable. He could say the our legal system should be honored and the verdic t of the jury should be respected and remind all people who are against Zimmerman that he was found not guilty....and any vigilante acts against Zimmerman are a worst crime than anything Zimmerman was ever accused of. Anarchist type justice that fails to accept teh rulings of ours courts, has no good end. The Black Panthers are a racist group, no less evil than the Klu Klux Clan.

249 days ago


The harsh reality is sooner or later, someone is going to kill him. I think the vast majority of people would conclude that after the verdict. Not that I wish anything bad on him, but I would find it poetic justice if the person got off using the same law that protected his butt.

249 days ago
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