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Justin Bieber

Atlanta Move Could Land Him in PRISON

2/18/2014 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber'
s plan to move to Atlanta may be the worst decision he's made in years -- and that's really saying something -- because it could land him behind bars FOR YEARS.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber now has his mind set on buying an estate in Atlanta and living there part time. 

Here's the problem ... and it's a big one.  In Georgia, possession of a tiny bit of weed is a misdemeanor that can land you in jail for 1 year.  And, if it's more than an ounce, it becomes a FELONY and the maximum penalty is A DECADE BEHIND BARS.

By contrast ... in California 28.5 grams of pot or less is like a traffic ticket.  And more than 28.5 grams is just a misdemeanor with the max penalty of 6 months in county jail. 

Also in California, you can avoid criminal prosecution altogether by simply getting a medical marijuana card.  There's no such thing in Georgia.

As for sizzurp ... in Georgia even a tiny bit of unprescribed codeine can land you in prison for 15 YEARS.

In California ... a little sizzurp is a felony, but the maximum punishment is 3 years.

Short story ... Justin may be making a colossal mistake.


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In Miami they arrested him did a blood test and found nothing. He likes Mary Jane , thats as far as the facts go. where did all that other drug references come from.

247 days ago


Let me hope so. That Peter Pan that will never grow up.

247 days ago


****, why doesn't he just buy his own personal island? People buy islands for $3 Mill, some already have a resort built on it so you can make it a business, why doesn't he just buy his own island and get the **** away from people? He can bring all his black loser buddies with him and as much marijuana he wants, just get him away from all of us.

This kid is blowing $10M like it's 10 dollars, why buy a house when you can buy your damn own island for much less and it can have buildings, or resorts already on it only for 3 MIll?

247 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

Dear TMZ. now you know why the rest of the country thinks all your stories condoning drug use are out of control, and far and beyond reality. because the rest of us actually prosecute our drug laws and would rather live in safer, cleaner, places.

247 days ago


He will bring his entourage with him to take the rap for his misdeeds. Lil Za and Lil Twist are coming aren't they?

247 days ago


Let him his life he ****ing up who gives a ****

247 days ago


I really liked Justin but he is just being stupid. He doesn't realize that he is becoming a bad example and there's fans that will follow him and be stupid like him. Obviously this fame and money has gone way over his head as well as his parents. I understand he's an adult. But come on as a parent it's our job to give our children advice, guide them and to make good decisions. If you make a mistake u should learn from it, not do it again.Maybe he should go to jail he just might learn his lesson. All I can say is God will giveth and God can taketh away.

247 days ago


Say what you want, the kid and yes he is still a kid went from penny less to having anything he wants, slight adjustment required, he needs good support around him and to not let the freedom that kinda cash buys go to his head, rely on your values, you will be fine,
But Harvey and this is directed at you: lol..
whats up, you need to get your reports to pull their heads outta that over loaded a**, statement there are no stars in Atlanta/Buckhead/ Georgia, dude have you been napping, Georgia is the holly wood of the south, stars are every where ,role calls, casting calls & set support..Amazing I think about the only thing left in LA is the porn.. which nothing wrong with that..I'm just saying come on man.. you know we here in the south got over the portrayed image years ago but you guys act like Deliverance is still going on here, ok you got me there maybe if you go way out in the sticks.. anyway, you really need a reporter here, no disrespect meant love the show, oh yes could you also mention the war is over man I just wish everyone would accept I'm just sayin...
Oh yep the guy below says Ga needs to step outta the dark ages, the legislators are putting on the vote the medical Kush vote... keep in mind 10 yrs ago hell 2yrs ago you couldn't buy a drink in 99% of the counties here , not the case anymore... ok maybe 80% but I'm just pointing out the , keep it between the lines, if you have to close one eye to drive get a taxi or a hotel... that way you will have more stories to cool See ya..

247 days ago


Welcome to Atlanta Justin, we have a cell waiting for you just in case!

247 days ago

Dan The Man    

Move to Colorado bitch boy!

247 days ago


Don't you listen to them, Justin. They're just messin' with ya. I mean, Whitney Houston lived in Georgia. How tough could the drug laws really be? Obviously, they're cool with partiers. You go there and party your a$$ off right on your front lawn!

247 days ago


Move to ATL move to ATL move to ATL

247 days ago


**** off TMZ. I don't even know why people believe your dumbass stories because they are always wrong. And I know what everyone is thinking: why would you comment hate cuz it gives them money. I hope it gives them money so they can put their life to good ****ing use you ********s

246 days ago

RJ SUSU     

justin is not goed

246 days ago


Hey ~ TMZ....shhhhhh !!

246 days ago
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