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Kanye West

Don't Hate Me for

Loving White(ish) Chick

2/18/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021714_tv_kanye_launchKanye West thinks TMZ loves to rip him just because he's in an interracial relationship. Yep, he figured it out ... Kim Kardashian is the only reason anyone would ever bad mouth Mr. Congeniality.

The ONLY reason ... at all.



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I love it how does it feel to be accused of being racist TMZ?

248 days ago


kanygay no one is jealous of that ugly white piss whore kim kum mouth khuntdashian, you can have her like half of hollywood has, hope when you kiss her her mouth still taste like d.ick and piss and kum.

248 days ago

Nobody Special    

KanYikes is more like the name for the Pair.

Kangays New Music Line,
"I impregnated your mouth, girl, oooh ... that's when I knew you could be my spouse, girl."

For Kangay to say this about the women he wants to marry for TV and the world is mind Boggling. Kangay is mentally challenged and he has Attitude Projection and goes off on a Tangent about his Expressionless Mannequin. Neither of them smile and there is no Love for each other, but the Love for Money, Fame and themselves. When you have 2 Narcissist in a relationship, they feed off each other and elevate the Euphoria of Elitism to a level never witnessed like this before. Watching that Video clip of Kangay at the Sat Night Concert Ranting about the TMZ/Press was disturbing. The Music was planned and almost like a Televangelist, and I really thought he was going to start passing the Church Offering Baskets for Money. It was so strange to see this Setting at a Music Concert.

When Kangay claims he is Jesus or God and Khym believes she is Catherine the Great and they need a Crown & Tiara each a couple French Scepters and a couple of Custom Pimp Chalice Cups. This TV Show/Wedding will be so Over The Top, I believe they will both be the Laughing Stock of the World.

The Nouveau Riche get excited when they get a few bucks in the Bank, some don't know how to control the money and do good things with it. And some like to impress everyone with materialistic expensive items.
And some take it one step further by Tweeting Photos of themselves each and every day. This is not normal behavior and a new Word or Words will soon be invented for this couples obsession with Elitism Narcissism Squared to the 2nd Power.

If we are not getting Punked with another E Channel Pay Per View Wedding, and this is more than another E Channel Reality Show Wedding, The Fallout from this may push Kangay into the Special Needs Hospital to give him the help he requires. I believe he is a dangerous man, especially the way he attacked someone a few weeks ago. If they think the comments are bad now, wait until after the Wedding.

This is going to be the Biggest Train Wreck Ever.

248 days ago


I swear, the list of people I would remove from this country is ever growing and fast! kanye, Beiber, Lohan's parents, Charlie Sheen, Zimmerman, THE Kardashian's (Kendall can stay)

248 days ago


This man is so stupid, he just needs to get over himself and realize most people don't care about him or her .

248 days ago


That's not his voice - that's auto tune. I had never heard his "music" before - cracked me up that he needs auto tune to that extent! What a waste of time!

248 days ago


As far as I'm concerned the Kartrashians aren't even white, I mean they act like a bunch of nigg3rs already. Two of them are baby mamas, the other married a junkie, the one male is addicted to junk food, I mean every steroid type or life style a nigg3r has the Kartrashians embrace fully. I wouldn't call that white Kanye more like, you live with someone whom other whites consider ghetto, classless and cheap, no matter how much $ they may be making of off that moronic reality show....what do you call that?! Oh, that's right, a nigg3r

248 days ago

Just Jay    

I thought it was because he's gay? What white guy is he dating?

248 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

No! we just hate you because you don't get it!

You big, dumb GAY FISH!

248 days ago


Nut case.

248 days ago


The only person that has a skin pigment problem is Kanye. He seems to be the "Only" person that talks about it constantly.

248 days ago


He's the only person that loves that hoe....

248 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

News Flash!!! We couldn't care less who you are banging. You bring it on yourself, by being such a self important douche bag.

248 days ago

Octavio da great    

He acts that way because he sleeps with a punching bag of nutt every night, I would be pissed to. Kartrashian

248 days ago


Kanye you are your worst enemy because of some stupid
crazy things you say and do. Like telling the world about
your sex life it is disgusting and vile. I have never seen any
other rapper or celebrities talk so much crap. Only Sharon
Osbourne. You are now a dad you need to watch and
behave better, set example for you child she is going to
grow up. Also you should let your music do the talking.
Nothing to do with Kim or interracial relationship it is the things you say and so bad tempered al the time

248 days ago
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