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MJ Estate to Wade Robson

You Waited WAY Too Long

To Accuse MJ of Molestation

2/18/2014 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Famed choreographer Wade Robson is full of BS when he says he waited years to file a molestation claim against the Michael Jackson Estate on grounds of repressed memory ... so says the Estate's lawyer who wants the case thrown out.

Robson has filed a claim with the Estate asking for $$$ based on his sexual abuse claim, but Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman has fired back in legal docs ...  the fat lady sung on Wade 4 years ago.

Weitzman says in order to pursue a claim Wade should have filed his case within 60 days of learning MJ's Estate was in probate court ... and pretty much everyone knew that because it made news around the world.

Weitzman actually got Robson to admit in a deposition he KNEW about the guardianship dispute involving Michael's kids back in 2009 ... so his claim of ignorance just doesn't hold water.

Robson claims he delayed in filing his claim because of repressed memory.

A judge has yet to rule on Robson's right to press a claim.

As we reported, Robson first went on the offensive last year, claiming MJ "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" from the age of 7 ... until Robson was 14.

Wade had previously denied MJ molested him during the singer's 2005 molestation trial, but says the old testimony was a lie ... and that Michael had engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent.

Robson is demanding money from the Jackson estate as compensation for the alleged abuse.


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There should never be a time limit on sexual abuse. The MAID even admitted to seeing MJ in the shower with a kid back when he was first accused of molesting children, but she never saw the child's face so she can't say whether it was robson or not. REALLY? This smacks of INAPPROPRIATE sexual behavior with a child. YOU DO NOT TAKE SHOWERS WITH CHILDREN!!!! ESPECIALLY when they are not your children! PEDOPHILE!!!

209 days ago


Scuumbag lawyers., thank you for screwing mj' so corpse and his. Pedoenabling family. Tpos. Oh well, you knowwhat I mean. Lol! Ihate typing on my black berry.

209 days ago


Scuumbag lawyers., thank you for screwing mj' so corpse and his. Pedoenabling family. Tpos. Oh well, you knowwhat I mean. Lol! Ihate typing on my black berry.

209 days ago


Come on now. You're going to wait this long and claim you don't remember the molestation because the memory was repressed? Really now? Hmmm, something in the milk ain't clean here... Just go ahead and let that stuff go. That man is dead and buried, this molestation issue should be dead and buried too.

208 days ago

MJ The Best    

Iam from Germany..My name is Gaby.

Ooohhhhh..poor devil, you liar!

Put him into prison..FOREVER!!!!!!!!

Michael is an ANGEL..FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

207 days ago


Revealed: Court Filings Detail How The Michael Jackson Estate Is $pending Its Fortune - Kids Receive $3M Allance, Katherine $1.3M (Plus A $6M Loan) & $500K For Their Bodyguards!

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 @ 8:31 AM | By Jen Heger -Assistant Managing Editor

At the time of Michael Jackson's death in 2009, the singer was $500 million in debt, but court do***ents reveal that three years later, the estate had generatd more than $60...0 million and his mother Katherine had received $1.3 million in her yearly allowance and $6 million loan.

Court do***ents - filed estate executors and obtained exclusively by - expose the financial windfall thathas been generated since his tragic death and provides insights as to the cost of raising the King of Pop's three kids.

In 2012, according to financial records reviewed by Radar, the estate paid $564,301.57 for bodyguards and security for Katherine and her three grandchildren, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. (Radar as chosen not to disclose the names the companies, due to privacy concerns.)

The matriarch of the Jackson family, 83, was paid $1.386 million in allowance from her late son's estate in 2012 and was also loaned more than $6 million from the estate, which also doled out more than $3 million in alliance to Michael's three children from education and $10,000 in orthodontics.

The family has been living in a $26,000 rental house in Calabasas, while the Hayvenhurst house continue to be renovated.

The monthly electric bill for the Calabasas mansion is $2,500 and the cost for living (including utilities) in the rental for in 2012 was $418,013.69.

Renovations for the Encino mansion were $154,323.53 in 2012, including a $12,000 home theater renovation project, $3,225 studio repair and pond keeper services for $814.43.

Even though no one was living at the house in 2012, utilities including phone, gas, and electricity totaled $35,842.05. Storage and moving fees for 2012 added up to a whopping $806,872.52.

The co-executors, John Branca and John McClain, under the law in California, are required to submit detailed financial records of the execution of Michael Jackson's estate while its still in probate court.

The executors reveal that "they have made significant progress in resolving creditors' claims and pending litigation reducing the estate's debt, and solidifying and establishing the MJJ Business as a lucrative and powerful entity in the entertainment industry, the estate is not yet in the condition to be closed.

"The executors have not yet resolved all of the creditors' claims. There is litigation pending and there is an ongoing tax audit. Therefore, executors request that the time for administration of the estate be extended for one year after the court enters its ' order settling the account."

At the time of Michael's death, he was named in more than half a dozen lawsuits, and 65 creditors' claims were filed after he died.

There are "currently seven active litigation matters in the United States which the executors and their legal team are defending. All other litigation has been resolved favorable for the estate either by court disposition or settlement for less than the amount demanded," the court docs state.

207 days ago


a very easy way to make money when you are a failure.
repressed memory? how ridiculous!!!

205 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

This would be a lot more believable if MJ had paid people to drop molestation cases before or if he was ever brought to trial.

Look at all the other well publicized cases of people having to grow up and come to terms with things before being able speak out about being molested.
Perhaps, Wade finally thinks it may be safe enough to say something with fewer of MJ's people on the payroll to make his problems disappear.

MJ defenders here try to make it sound like it would be easy for a 7-14 year old boy to stand up, in the public eye and go after MJ. The treatment among peers alone would be enough to crush anyone.

MJ's character and numerous, well do***ented instances of inappropriate relationships with pre-pubesent boys is enough to grant Wade a fair opportunity to tell his story.

205 days ago

MJ The Best    

Iam Gaby from Germany

L O O K.... In the Guinnessbook..Michael Jackson is the Greatest Humanitarian in the World!!!!!!!

M I C H A E L .... Is an ANGEL!!!!

This is it...He is an A N G E L.....

205 days ago

MJ The Best    

My name is Gaby..from Germany..

L O O K... In the Guinnessbook...

Michael is a HERO...and an A N G E L..

He is the Greatest Humanitarian in the World..

Wade Robson is a devil.. He will only Money..

Michael Jackson ..

The World loves you FOREVER..

205 days ago


The damage that nasty Pedophile Jackson did to innocent children was permanent. There fore its never too late.

204 days ago


Unlike Jacko, Wade doesn't have a history of lying.

And MJ fan extremist lies are getting old.

Pedo Jackson carefully chose children he could control and manipulate into not telling on him molesting them. The one's that slipped through the cracks and told get multi-million dollar hush money settlements!

Wade doing this for money?That's silly!Wade had much more to lose than gain here. His rep and all.This guy is doing just fine money wise…he's made a ton over the years in the industry,and is continuing to with all of his various projects, royalties, etc.Easily he was under the spell of Michael jackson who had the money and power to bring.Wade Robson his dreams, fame, and fortune..none of us who have never been through a similar situation have any idea what kind of hold that might be like.

It was only 2005 when all the MJ rabid fans PRAISED Robson, literally WORSHIPED him for his testimoney! Now the shoes on the other foot and he is suddenly a villain. Take off your fan glasses and look at what a monster your idol MJ had become.
MJ was a serial liar on many fronts, and much less believable because;

-June Robson testified that wade was delivered to Mjs bedroom AT THE TIME SHE WAS DEFENDING MJ in court.

- Having Wade delivered to his house & bedroom at 1:15am
-spending tons of hours alone and unsupervised in his bed with Wade, like his other boy victims

- Over 5 allegations, over 12 witnesses and other suspicious claims from people, and sleepovers

-There were 5 allegations
- Jordan
- Gavin
- Jason
- Wade
- Terry George
6 if you include Jimmy Safechuck, which was accused by Latoya.

-The FBI found several injunctions by Jacko, but declined to pursue. They found evidence of him transporting minors across borders for illicit purposes, they got reports from several witnesses of Jacko and a young boy sharing a private cabin on a train, from which witnesses complained of loud SEXUAL NOISES! Witnesses complained, these complaints were recorded in FBI files!

-There have been over 12 witnesses, and these are all available to see on official police do***ents, that can be found on their site.

-And not all sold their stories to the media, for example Jolie Levine asked for nothing and approached anonymously.

-Mj himself even ADMITTED to sharing his bed with boys in court
- "What really interested police however, was a special indoor alarm – the only one of its kind in the entire Neverland ranch – connected to Jackson’s bedroom hallway to alert him if someone was approaching his door. One veteran LAPD detective who investigated nearly 4,000 sexual abuse cases said he believed the alarm was installed because Jackson was doing something in his bedroom he didn’t want anyone to know anything about."

"Later, I learned that when both Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo were asked to describe Jackson’s genitalia to law enforcement officials the two boys both gave accurate descriptions. I also read that when the LAPD served their original warrant on Neverland in 1993, police found children’s games and books in Jackson’s bedroom along with pictorial books featuring photographs of naked boys. Police said that it was common to find children’s books and toys in pedophiles bedrooms because they help lure innocent children."

- Several smen stains on his sheets from different males
- NAMBLA approved books of naked boys locked in his cabinet
- Photograph of naked boy he bedded
-seizing "The Chop Suey Club" a book described as containing "photos of
nude young boys."

-Aaron Carter said he WAS OFFERED wine by MJ. This was inappropriate.. Aaron also said in a secret tape recording that he smoked weed with MJ,
-what about Mark Ronson watching pornography with MJ.

- Jordans accurate description needed validation from Jordan himself, but Tom never issued a subpeona (How strange)
the original pic of Jacko's genitalia is still in the posession of law enforcments and has been said to be a match to Jordy's description multiple times, including by JUDGE MELVILLE and BILL DWORIN, a highly respected official, Tom Mesearu ALSO NEVER DENIED the description matched either, and TRIED VERY HARD TO HAVE IT REMOVED as evidence.
-Nobody who's innocent pays money, especially in such high dollar amounts, multiple MILLIONS, to hush boys who are "lying". MILLIONS, which came from Jacko's own pockets.

So we have multiple accounts, from multiple, independent witnesses. Multiple high dollar, multi MILLIONS in payments from pedo Jacko's own pockets.


MJ was a public image, that publicly endorced sleeping with young boys. To sleep with young unrelated boys and endorce it encourages and opens the door to other pedophiles to make the same excuse when they groom children. NAMBLA for example imitate what MJ said many times.


-These are all FACTS, that you can confirm by court

203 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Why no allegations and relationships with girls or adults of ANY gender? Always pre-pubesent boys. Time and time again.

198 days ago


Shame Shame on Wade Robson and James Safechuk. Since I myself was actually MOLESTED it is an UTTER OUTRAGE THAT YOU BOTH would even fathom telling such BULL**** for MONEY I would imagine? And the only one benefiting will be the lady lawyer who will be laughing her ass off all the way to the bank no doubt while you both make complete FOOLS OF YOUSELVES. For those of you here calling MJ a pervert, etc. that is SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Those of us who actually have been MOLESTED AS CHILDREN DON'T need to KNOW that they both are liars since we ACTUALLY LIVED IT and they I assure you DID NOT. But what they both really have done by telling such lies (years after the fact I might add) is to VIOLATE ALL OF US WHO ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN so quite frankly THEY BOTH are no better than those who do abuse and molest children IMO and what they both just came to that realization at WHAT AGE..not possible they are fishing for money PERIOD. Robson himself probably has been slighted because he felt he should have been doing “MJONE” and was brushed off by the Estate so his attitude is I’ll Show You. I have watched his interview with Matt Lauer? WOW he should have been an actor not a dancer and I can’t comment on the other one as I have NOT seen an interview. A special NOTE to those of you who have NOT been molested who are flapping your lips here there is absolutely no way Michael Jackson EVER abused or molested a child; it is "habitual" and individuals like that do not just have a few victims but usually hundreds throughout their lifetime. They are sick F***S just like Sandusky was. So many of you all and some continue to bastardize Michael Jackson and made it a LIVING NIGHTMARE for him and for the record all the other so called victims that were asked to come testify that DID NOT at his trial the reason for that is SIMPLE they did not show up because they did not have anything to say because it NEVER HAPPENED. So if someone did that to YOU what would you do NOT show up in Court (and lie about it like Robson did – how old was he then? seriously does he think we all fell off of a turnip truck or what??) to ENSURE they don’t go to prison or you don't show up so they can get off to do it to other children? And some live with it their whole lives and never tell a soul it happened to them. Like I said it was because it NEVER HAPPENED and once they got to court and had to start answering alot of questions trust me the JIG would be up (just like Robson and Safechuck talking their TRUTH now? they are a disgrace and how OLD are they now (at some point they both were of the proper age way before this to come forward a lot sooner than they did too because what that makes them BOTH is accomplices for keeping their mouths shut so that what Michael could supposedly continue to do it to other boys? Think about that? Like I said the other kids did not show up in court for that very reason because under cross examination then their parents would have certainly had some explaining to do for being liars and if it were me I would have thrown their parents in jail for doing that and using them as well to try and get money and using their kids as pawns to do so. Oh and as far as the Chandler boy NEVER happened either nor the other boy Gavin Arviso saw his police interview what a joke he was in that..not his fault either however there is no excuse for him now as he is grown up but still continues to be a LOSER but then take a look at the parents he had so can’t blame him entirely for that. I have read Chandlers testimony also clearly fed to him very obviously by his FATHER because NO child that age would have used the words (or even known them or what they meant because I certainly didn’t). He used his OWN child as a PAWN in his scheme for money but I have absolutely NO MALICE towards his son as it totally was NOT HIS FAULT but his Father got what he deserved in the good riddens to bad rubbish. Bad Karma is a Bitch they say. He not only destroyed Michael's life but his VERY OWN SONS' as well and I truly hope one day Chandler will find the courage and strength to come forward to tell his TRUTH to set his SOUL FREE so that he can ENJOY THE LIFE he was SUPPOSED to have had which was taken away from him by his GREEDY DISGUSTING father. It is long I know but I have lots to say.. IMO I believe that perhaps Michael was a victim himself actually (therefore his need as he was always commenting over the years about PROTECTING CHILDREN and my firm belief is that it was because somewhere along the line no one protected him. IMO that was the price Michael had to pay for his FAME and then imagine being charged with the very same thing that happened to you? but I am certain “”NONE OF YOU ever gave that a second thought DID YOU?

Read more:

40 days ago
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