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Brooke Mueller

Don't Test Our Sons for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


2/19/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller
is desperately trying to stop a test that could show her substance abuse caused serious damage to her twin boys ... so claims the twins' father, Charlie Sheen.

Sources connected to their custody war tell TMZ ... Brooke had agreed to have Bob and Max tested for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), but at the last second she did an about face and filed legal docs to block the test.

Brooke claims the kids are fine, so there's no need for a test.

Charlie vehemently disagrees, claiming the kids have real issues and an FAS test could help in the treatment.

TMZ broke the story ... Denise Richards told DCFS Bob and Max tortured the family dog and viciously attacked her two daughters, strangling and punching them ... even throwing feces at one of them. And the kids were violent at school, hurting other kids and punching a teacher in the face

Charlie and Brooke will fight it out in court Thursday. The judge could order the FAS test.



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Bob & Max are the psycho brothers of the future. Stop them now, before it is too late

215 days ago

Just Jay    

A close friend has a foster daughter who suffered from that. There are physical signs when it's present. Curved fingers and such. She is a horrid bitch and he is an a hole to keep marrying party girls and impregnating them. Case in point, the new fiancé. Glad Denise changed her ways post Charlie.

215 days ago


how could anyone as nuts as Charlie Sheen have normal children?

215 days ago


Yay...& he's gonna have more effed up kids with the porno chick!

215 days ago


Don't need a test, their facial features tell the tale.

215 days ago


charlie's lucky he can blame all the twins' problems on brooke, because if the guy's sperm had anything to do with his, i'm sure his coked up swimmers weren't the greatest start in their lives either....
CAS should be ashamed of themselves, it's not like they don't have enough against brooke... i agree with a previous post, if it was jane everywoman, her kids would've been taken away in a new york minute...

215 days ago


Like any other syndrome, once you know the characteristics if they are visible you can pick them out of a crowd, but they are not always real apparent. They sure have the bad behavior but that could be a developmental problem or genetic from one or both of their fcuked up parents. Those poor children.

215 days ago


Brooke brooke brooke.... Really sucks when your crap choices are now making your kids lives live a lifetime of dysfunction. How is it this doesn't sober you up....

215 days ago


The only reason you would not want the test done is if you were scared and have something to hide like Brooke.

215 days ago


They should absolutely be tested, and why this wasn't done when they were first born is a mystery since she was an addict way back then. Having said that, Charlie is also responsible for the way these kids are turning out. They should be taken away from BOTH of them and put in foster care somewhere far, far away for both parents.

215 days ago

Wow ...    

Let the boys get whatever medical help is deemed necessary. If there is no way they have FAS or are fine, what is wrong with ruling it out with a test? FFS, what mother doesn't want the best for their own children - only the ones who shouldn't be called mother!!!!

215 days ago


It seems that the boys are just acting out what they were taught at home...Both parents, & I use the term lightly, are extremely screwed up so it's not a shocker that the boys have problems... DCFS has really dropped the ball on behalf of the kids too by not placing them away from both Charlie & Brooke. Kudos to Denise for trying to help...

215 days ago


this woman is probably just covering up for her own mistakes here. She sickens me to the core. Good god, she's rather look good to the public than help her kids. She's a perfect match for Charlie. He knows how to pick the biggest gutterslut out there.

215 days ago

King Beef    

If she didn't have anything to hide, then she would let them do the test. Both Brooke and Charlie are pathetic and neither of them should be allowed to have children.

215 days ago


They don't have the appearance of someone with fetal alcohol syndrome but they may suffer from Fetal Alcohol Effect

215 days ago
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