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Conor Oberst Sues

I Didn't Rape a 16-Year-Old

2/19/2014 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Emo king Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes insists he NEVER raped a 16-year-old girl back in 2003 -- despite the girl's public claims -- and now he's suing her for more than a million bucks.

Conor just filed a defamation lawsuit against Joanie Faircloth, who claimed the rock star raped her ten years ago after one of his North Carolina shows.

Faircloth made the allegations in December in the comments section of the website -- claiming Conor came on to her backstage after the 2003 concert and later forced himself on her ... after she made it clear to him that she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way.

Joanie wrote, "Conor took a lot from me including my virginity, my dignity, and self-esteem."

But Conor insists the encounter is made up -- in fact, Conor says he never even met her.

Conor claims Joanie's just an embittered superfan, who gushed about him and Bright Eyes as recently as January 2013 -- writing about how the last time she saw Conor in concert is her best memory ever. She even listed "Bright Eyes" as her favorite band on Facebook.

Conor says her lies have damaged his reputation.


No Avatar


Haligh, haligh, A LIE, haligh. Oh the things I would have done to him when I was 16...

247 days ago


Sue the CRAP out of her! I hope he wins and RUINS her reputation as well as her pocketbook.

247 days ago


His problem could easily be solved without all the he said, she said crap. If he actually raped her like she said he did, there should be a police report with a rape kit, with fluids connecting him to raping her. Case solved and closed...

247 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Why is no one reading the whole article?

247 days ago


TMZ has some of the most illiterate, ignorant comments ever. "he was depressed then. depressed people don't rape." Really? It is no wonder that this country is going to SH**. The plot of Idiocracy is entirely plausible when I read these comments.

247 days ago


I don't think Conor needs to rape anyone. He could have any girl he wants.

247 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

more satanims sunday on tmz, let's all come a kreepin out our holes.. i din't rap harr that warsa richual in aur cult of satan... adarrr.

247 days ago


Very sad all the people going 'who' on here, and yet have no problem with 6,000 stories a day about the Kardashians. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, this is a guy who's well known for actually creating stuff, himself, without 7 photoshop artists on staff and a seven-figure marketing budget.

246 days ago


Usually the person who screams "rape" is the one who presses charges or sues their attacker. It's very interesting that this is the other way around. It's also noteworthy that her social media accounts praise Bright Eyes and her time at his NC show was her "best memory." I'd say to let the judge or jury decide but we all know for $1mil on the line, we'll be seeing her recant her statement in 3...2...1...

246 days ago


I know this girl...though I havrnt seen her in almost 4 years I have witnessed the trail of destruction shr left.

220 days ago


I wont tell any stories...all I know is it doesnt suprise me st all thatcthis stunt wasvpulled.and karma comres around.I hope this is her karma

220 days ago


"Emo king"? Really? Not like he was named the best song-writer since Bob Dylan or anything, but alright, TMZ.
I'm not the one to usually leave comments like this, I clicked it just to get information on this and seriously, you cater to the lowest of society with just your "lead sentence". I sure hope to God no one ever claims this to be journalistic.

205 days ago


Man i feel for him. This is why females screaming rape really need to be checked, instead of coddled and the assumption its always true. There just seems to always be a presumption of guilt with rape accusations, and the female always being extremely pampered to the point she doesn't have to prove much than state the accusations. Thing is there are so many mentally screwed up young females out there who wouldn't hesitate screaming rape to get their way. Kills me when i see stuff like this because it ruins lives, and the girl gets to live hers like it never happened.

109 days ago
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