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Confessed Craigslist Killer


Even For Church of Satan

2/19/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Confessed serial killer Miranda Barbour is giving Satan a bad name  -- so says the high priest for the Church of Satan who says she's just too wicked. 

TMZ broke the story ... Barbour confessed to committing between 22 and 100 murders ... saying she was compelled to kill by the devil after joining a cult in Alaska.

High Priest Peter H. Gilmore tells TMZ ... the official Church of Satan has never had any involvement with Barbour ... and would NEVER accept her as a member.

Gilmore tells TMZ ... true Satanists don't believe in murder (not even sacrifices) ... and if Barbour is truly a killer she should get the death penalty. 

Gilmore says his church is not a cult but a legally recognized atheist organization ... adding Barbour is simply using Satan as justification for her crimes.

In other words, the devil DIDN'T make her do it.


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I know what you mean. I have a mother in law that Satan is going to spit out

190 days ago


Great, this idiot but out another misconception about atheists and religous people will run with it. Atheists have nothing to do with satanism. We don't believe in god and we don't believe in satan. They are both fairytales.

190 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

She was busted for killing one person and until the rest of her supposed victim's bodies start showing up I'm thinking this is all part of her insanity defense.
However, if the Church of Satan didn't want her, it's a real shame that before she was busted she didn't sign on for the Westboro Baptist Church because they would have loved her.

190 days ago


The idea that God made us all in his image and is an omnipresence looking down on each of us individually... We're all narcissistic ego maniacs. We need God to be real because it makes our lives feel more meaningful, and calms our fear of death. Human beings are hard wired to believe in God. It's an evolutionary developed coping mechanism. Of course those of us that believe in God believe he wired our brains to believe. Those of us that don't believe there's a God think that these type of facts prove that they're right.

We'll never know for sure which group is correct until we die.

One thing we can all agree on... this chick is
cray cray!

190 days ago


First of all, how can you be an Athiest, if you believe in Satan? Satan is a character in the Christian Bible.

190 days ago


Satan worship is about worship of self, not a deity. Read a book already.

190 days ago


he would say that

190 days ago


what's wrong with satin?! my sheets are are 100% satin! oh...wait...I'd better read the story again...

190 days ago


Satan is real. His only purpose is to destroy humanity. If you ask for forgiveness and accept the fact that Jesus died for all of humanity, you will live eternally. If you are alive today it is not to late to change the outcome of your future.

190 days ago


Before people comment on Satanists believing in Satan and can't be atheists, here's what the modern satanist is:

The Church of Satan does not "worship" or believe in Satan, nor does it believe in gods. LaVeyan Satanism follows the belief that one's self is one's own "God". It does not believe in suppression of desire and human nature. In an interview with David Shankbone, High Priest Peter Gilmore stated "My real feeling is that anybody who believes in supernatural entities on some level is insane. Whether they believe in the Devil or God, they are abdicating reason".[22] Gilmore defines the word "Satan": "Satan is a model or a mode of behavior. Satan in Hebrew means 'adversary' or 'opposer'; one who questions."

Gilmore went on to add "Satanism begins with atheism. We begin with the universe and say, 'It’s indifferent. There’s no God, there’s no Devil. No one cares!'"

190 days ago


lol WHATS NEXT CHURCH OF cINDERELLA , People or so Gullible, and in that Story Book Satan killed ......10 with GODS PERMISSION/HELP GOD KILLed: 2,821,364

Satan: 10 ......yep

189 days ago


"True Satanists" aren't Satanists at all. They are Atheists that like to be dramatic. I'm not making that up, go look it up. They annoy me to no end, and I'm an Atheist myself. I'm just one that doesn't feel the need to be in everyone's face about it.

189 days ago


So, a church, a high priest?
Now a bible too?
Very confused people if they believe they are atheists they are being beguiled

189 days ago

Black Adam    

This Idiot......How can someone be too evil, even for Satan.

189 days ago


Please allow me to chime in on this debate. I'm a clairvoyant psychic medium, and I guarantee that God, Satan, demons, Angels and spirits are 100% real. I'm surrounded by spirits 24/7/365 who wish to communicate. Most of them want to be heard, some want help and others just aren't ready to cross over yet either because they feel they died too soon or because they fear being judged and sent to hell. They do all kinds of things to get my attention, including moving objects, lifting my fingers, arms and hands, pulling my fingers and toes, pulling my bed covers off of me, turning the lights on/off, etc. Of course most people don't believe it, so I do things to prove it to them, and they almost always sit there white as a ghost (pun intended), mouth agape and in total pure shock. I usually do a one minute EVP session and allow them to ask the spirits a few real-time questions to which the spirits answer every single time without fail. I also ask the spirits to lift and pull their fingers or to tell me what number the person is thinking ten times in a row. That always puts the debate as to whether or not spirits exist to rest! Even the die-hard skeptics ALWAYS leave a believer! Anyone can summon spirits simply by creating the intention to do so and by inviting and allowing them to communicate. It's a door that no one should ever try to open!!! A person can use literally anything to open a door to spirits. The Ouija board has zero actual power, and it is not evil. It can ONLY become that way when used in a manner to summon spirits. The same thing can be done simply by using one's mind, as it actually requires no physical object such as an Ouija board. In fact, there are so many spirits walking around that you could easily attract them in a variety of manners. The most common item used nowadays to attract spirits is the Frank's Box aka spirit or ghost box. Once a spirit finds out a person is actively trying to communicate with the dead, they flock like magnets, literally, as word gets around very quickly! People get interested in paranormal investigation and decide to play around just to see if they can connect with spirits. They have NO IDEA in what they are getting theirselves. Once that door is opened, it is literally HELL to close it! One can never predict whether or not they are allowing in good or bad spirits. It's almost always a combination of both! If you went out and randomly selected 30 people, you would most likely end up with a group of mostly nice people with a few bad apples. It works the exact same way with spirits, as you have no way of knowing who is good and who is bad. It's a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette that I would advise no one ever play!!! The paranormal teams that I assist in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas are bombarded WAY beyond what they can possibly handle by constant cases of people accidentally opening up doors and allowing in spirits from the use of spirit boxes and by trying to do paranormal investigations. They have no idea what they're doing, and it's extremely dangerous!!! This has become an epidemic problem in the USA because of all the ghost hunting shows on TV. They sell and advertise how easily and cheaply people can get their own ghost hunting starter kit. It's so bad here that one local church had to do a huge series on this stuff to try to educate the public and stop them from ghost hunting and seeking out spirits. You wouldn't believe just how badly this problem has gotten. It's beyond terrifying!!! There are not enough of us here to help all of these people. One night of ghost hunting fun at a cemetery can lead to a life of pure constant misery. It's causing a lot of suicides as well. My best friend strictly handles demonic cases. He's the best medium and demonologist in the area, and he is sought out and begged for help by many worldwide. He is very close friends with the famous clairvoyant mediums Theresa Caputo and Lorraine Warren. There are currently so many demonic cases that it's impossible for him to help everyone who desperately needs assistance. He is only able to handle a few cases per month at the very most. He has been picked up and thrown against walls more times than he can count and has spent a considerable amount of time hospitalized as a result. The most recent local demonic case was where a woman was getting horrific deep scratches all over her body, and she was beaten and sexually raped over and over. She fought so hardly to survive, but in the end it was just too much for her to handle and she took her own life. She truly felt there was no way out other than death. It's SOOOO sad what we witness on a constant basis. I do respect that everyone has a right to their own beliefs. But I must admit that due to my personal experiences and the many things I have witnessed, it literally blows my freaking mind when I read comments where people deny the existence of God and Satan. If neither God or Satan are real, then how do atheists explain demonic possessions like the recent story about four people who were possessed by demons in Gary, Indiana? (Seriously, I'm truly interested what everyone, including atheists, Satanists, etc. think and believe on all of this!?!?!?) A woman and her three children were possessed by demons, and a nurse and a CPS worker both witnessed one of the children gliding backwards up a wall. You can view the story here: IMHO friends....God and Satan are both 100% REAL.

189 days ago
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