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Emma Stone

Sorry, Internet ...

That Naked Selfie Isn't Me

2/19/2014 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The naked Emma Stone photo that has blessed the web is -- unfortunately -- NOT EMMA STONE ... so says Emma Stone.

A pic showing a buck-naked red-haired beauty snapping a selfie in the mirror has gone viral ... and damn if it doesn't look a lot like the "Easy A" actress.  Several websites have published the photo -- saying it's definitely Stone.

But a source close to Emma is adamant ... it's just not her.

As for who really owns the bare lady parts? She's yet to come forward. 

Up to now, Emma's managed to keep her lady bits covered in the movies ... which is why this photo exploded on the Internet.

People believe what they wanna believe.


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wow ew    

She really doesn't strike me as the type to do this stupid kind of thing but also, the quality of this picture is super weird.

Why is the body perfectly fine (not blurry) but then the face is super blurry?
Plus with dark eye liner like that it could be anyone... seriously, this screams photoshop.
Just another nerd's wet dream.
I would think if she were to do anything nude she'd own up to it.

213 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I wonder how many times Kylee Jenner said, "oh my god" today? I'm gonna guess between 80 and one hundred, She's probably getting porked right now....

213 days ago


Isn't she naturally blonde? Lady bits aren't blonde...

213 days ago


Doesn't look like her to me.

213 days ago


Are there only ignorant, uneducated & hateful people on here. So many of you saying..."Uh-huh, it is so her". How would you know? Where you there?. I've seen my doppelganger, perhaps this is hers. Besides, I believe she has much more self respect and class to post such a trailer trash picture. Seriously people! She has no need to do something this trashy. She's famous enough.

213 days ago


too bad emma,....whoever this lady is she sure makes you look like a second-hand troll!

213 days ago


Happy to hear this isn't her. Stay proud and string Emma. Showing everything you own isn't necessary for a beautiful actress such as yourself to get ahead. Whew been watching to much cable.

213 days ago


That's so not her. Her hair has never been dark brunette, just red or blonde. The hairstyle looks like hers but it's a popular cut. Plus I've never seen her wear such heavy dark makeup either.

213 days ago


String is strong - opps

213 days ago

tech nerd    

No one has pointed it out yet, but the girl in the photo is pretty clearly using an iPhone 5 for that picture. If it's supposedly old enough that Emma Stone doesn't have her tattoos (so mid-2010), the phone would be a lot shorter and wider like the iPhone 3 of iPhone 4.

213 days ago


LOL how does this look like Emma Stone? LOL, Emma's eyes aren't like that, and Emma just recently finished filming The Amazing Spider-man 2 with her costar and boyfriend Andrew Garield. Her hair is blonde, atm. Red hair is her dyed hair, this girl in the photo has dark brown hair, Emma does not.

Not only that the girls eyes has these weird diamonds going around on her face which is weird, not only that her eye looks fake as ****.

This girl ether photoshopped herself, or put a ****load of makeup on, or is asian.

This is NOT Emma Stone morons she ain't a whore, not only that, Emma is lighter in skin color, this girl is DARK. Not only that Emma is skinner.

LOL, this is a joke.

213 days ago


You mean like how Blake Lively's nude pics got leaked on the Internet, she claimed all day that it wasn't her until the hacker posted even more nude pics and she was forced to admit that it was her?

213 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

If it's not that Stone then whoever it is has her nude photo plastered all over TMZ, classic.

213 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I see C-Section and a rash down below. She needs a shower.

213 days ago


Wishful thinking but it's not her. Look at the girl in the pic's arm. It has a mole or some marking... Emma doesn't have anything on her arms. Simple Google image search dashes all our dreams.

213 days ago
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