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Shayne Lamas, Nik Richie

We Named Our Son

After He Died

2/19/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shayne Lamas
and husband Nik Richie not only tragically lost their 20-week-old unborn baby last week ... Nik was put through one of the most heart-wrenching moments a father can bear -- having to name and hold the baby after it died.

TMZ broke the story ... Shayne suffered a rare pregnancy complication last week and underwent an emergency hysterectomy to save her life and stop the massive bleeding.  In the process, she lost her baby.

Nik tells TMZ ... a few days after the baby died, a social worker from the hospital, along with someone involved in the religion affiliated with the hospital, came to him and asked if he wanted to know the gender of his baby.  He said yes, and they told him the baby was "a beautiful boy."

But then Nik says, he was asked if he wanted to view his son to get closure.  Nik says he nervously obliged and was taken to a room where his son lay.  Nik says they asked him to hold the baby while they prayed.

But it wasn't over.  Nik was then told he needed to name his child so they could fill out a birth certificate.  Nik, who was overwrought with emotion, told them he always wanted a son named Rex, so he named the boy Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie.  He chose Jagger because of Mick.

Nik says he's glad he got to see his son but it was the hardest thing he's ever done.

As for Shayne ... Nik says she doing better but -- after a medically-induced coma and a cardiac arrest scare -- she's still in ICU and in danger.

Nik wrote a letter to his son, that he asked us to share.



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That baby would have weighed less then a pound, and is legally considered a miscarriage, not a still birth. For this s*** sucking bottom feeder to bring the story to TMZ and share a 'letter' he wrote with the rest of the world is pathetic and self serving. A web site that prays on the stupid and a man with no manhood...nice guy. Play it up loser, you're on your 14th minute.

215 days ago

Angel Eye     

That is sooo sad. My deepest condolences to the family.

215 days ago


Nik Richie is a douche who brings despair to people who doesn't deserve it, should have been him.

215 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Just looking at the faces of these two....whoever the hell they can plainly see they were not meant to reproduce. Very weak genetics, with in-breeding in both of their histories. So...the story makes sense.

215 days ago


omg. My heart goes out!

215 days ago


Absolutely heartfelt. Blessing to you and Shayne.

215 days ago


I.... I just can't feel sorry for these people. This dude helped create that is just negative and rude towards EVERYONE, HUGE gossipy s***bag. Your baby died? Dont care, you're girl should've been a dead wife too. #Im****ingHeartless i LOVE it.

215 days ago


My heart breaks for them. I dont care how much you hate these two people, they still do not deserve to go through this. May they be able to find peace and help each other through this horrible time, even if it means sharing it with the world via TMZ

215 days ago


My apologies IF I'm wrong but the blind items on blind does sound like this could be them too. Everyone on Bg suggests that it's 100% Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers but it haven't noticed a blind that says musicians wife. It says "celebrity couple". Nik and Shayne are a celebrity couple. Like I said, I may be wrong but this sounds exactly how the blind item would play out.

215 days ago

The Executives Wife    

Poor Nik. Very sad. Don't care what he does for a living. What he has gone thru with his wife is something no one shod have to go thru.

215 days ago


Nik is probably looking at ways he can financially benefit from this. once a s*** bag always a s*** bag,

215 days ago


This guy is "working" out of supposedly his wifes ICU room snapping pictures of his wife & posting this NOT ONLY ON TMZ but thedirty & his new ****ty website Tabrag. Its pretty clear he is looking to increase traffic using his WIFE'S tragedy which imo is digusting and very very much what one would expect from this bottom feeder. I feel for Shayne,his wife because obviously she has to not only grieve in private ( as most normal people do) but to have to eventually see/read what he has done....shaking my damn head.

215 days ago


This guy is a bottom feeding troll who sells his WIFE'S tragedy while professing that " this make my love stronger for her" wtf??? You sit in an ICU room penning absolute bulls**** ! This man had already posted the sex of the child wasnt a revelation that it was a boy. This "man" has taken exactly 24 hours "off for time to heal" before going right back to shaming / scorning and lets not forget selling his tragic story to the highest bidder. His poor wife.

215 days ago


So the baby felt nothing and these 2 vile bullies are feeling what they make other people feel on a daily basis? I'd say Karma won. I always said if Nik continues making a living out bullying and embarrassing people that his children will be the ones who suffer. That's how Karma works. It doesn't get you. It gets the ones closest to you, so you have to suffer the pain. Keep going down this path and your other child will be the one Karma makes suffer next. This guy is so delusional and out of his mind like Joe Francis. I don't feel bad. How many suicides have you caused, Nik? Boo-hoo.

215 days ago


There was a blind item about a celebrity couple who was faking a pregnancy but couldn't find a surrogate in time so decided to stage a miscarriage instead. Dates don't add may very well be them. I would not put it past Nik to do this. This is the same person giving outlets for pedophiles to talk sexually about little girls and bully barely legal teenagers.

215 days ago
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