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Shayne Lamas, Nik Richie

We Named Our Son

After He Died

2/19/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shayne Lamas
and husband Nik Richie not only tragically lost their 20-week-old unborn baby last week ... Nik was put through one of the most heart-wrenching moments a father can bear -- having to name and hold the baby after it died.

TMZ broke the story ... Shayne suffered a rare pregnancy complication last week and underwent an emergency hysterectomy to save her life and stop the massive bleeding.  In the process, she lost her baby.

Nik tells TMZ ... a few days after the baby died, a social worker from the hospital, along with someone involved in the religion affiliated with the hospital, came to him and asked if he wanted to know the gender of his baby.  He said yes, and they told him the baby was "a beautiful boy."

But then Nik says, he was asked if he wanted to view his son to get closure.  Nik says he nervously obliged and was taken to a room where his son lay.  Nik says they asked him to hold the baby while they prayed.

But it wasn't over.  Nik was then told he needed to name his child so they could fill out a birth certificate.  Nik, who was overwrought with emotion, told them he always wanted a son named Rex, so he named the boy Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie.  He chose Jagger because of Mick.

Nik says he's glad he got to see his son but it was the hardest thing he's ever done.

As for Shayne ... Nik says she doing better but -- after a medically-induced coma and a cardiac arrest scare -- she's still in ICU and in danger.

Nik wrote a letter to his son, that he asked us to share.



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This made me cry.. It's so sad. I feel so bad for them and the baby. I hope they make it through..

245 days ago


Nik's baby was too ugly to live. I decided- Nik.

245 days ago


We almost lost our son at 20 weeks (5 months). Even though I was able to carry my pregnancy for a bit longer and give my son a better chance at surviving. We had to prepare ourselves for the worst. We were advised to name our son and to possibly hold him if he was to come too early. So I can relate somewhat to his pain. I know a lot parents who chose not to hold their babies regret it. FYI a baby isn't considered viable before 24 weeks. Doctors will not save a baby before that..For all of you who have never been in this situation SHUT THE **** UP please. He shared the letter so his son's existence and his pain as a father would be validated. Which is something most parents who lose children this way feel is necessary to heal and have closure. If you've never been in a situation like this than you could not possibly understand the feeling.

245 days ago


Condolences to nik and shane and their daughter press. No one should have to go through this. R.j is in haeven now and the good mighty lord will protect him, make him whole and he in turn has become your angel. now for you ignorant people who want to down him for writting one beautiful letter to his son durring mourning him. SHAME ON YOU? im sure most of you have never lost a child and what a horrific thing to go through. Weather the baby was born or full term or not. Weather you like him or not. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY OR SAY NOTHING AT ALL.

245 days ago


You all need to shut the fck up. They just lost their baby you heartless pricks.

245 days ago


This guy was so distraught he probably didn't know up from down. I don't understand why the hospital staff would even suggest Nik hold his deceased son. Just a horribly, sad story. My prayers go out to this entire family. Tragic.

245 days ago

Nik is known to scam people in a "past life". Do you really think characteristics such as deceit just merely go away with time? I am a long time follower of Nik's in which I will admit probably shows a flaw in my own personality. Part of me wants to believe and show sympathy but a part of me has doubts as to what extent this story is true. It would be a rotten thing to do but I could actually see Nik pretending (even if it is parts or the whole story made up). You are all entitled to your own opinions just like I am. I only see money as the root objective to notifying tabloids in regards to this subject. Sorry Nik, I know you will take this personally instead of just trying to understand from others' perspectives how you come across. You do "lie" , tell half truths aka gossip on theDirty all the time, it comes with the territory. So, what would make this scenario any different? I hope to god I am wrong but this is how you make me feel Nik. I also think it is only fair that everything is laid out on the table for the general public to see so they can make their own minds. I am sure Nik will be really mad at me for saying all this but I cannot stay silent. Sorry Nik ...

244 days ago


That was heart breaking. His letter to his baby made me cry as I read it.

244 days ago


Suck a dick Nik you s***bag paki ***g0t, you lost your useless fetus thankfully before it spawned on the world and the good guys finally won for once. He makes money off of hate and bullying others and all the sudden you and all the other losers on this board feel sorry for him? Wahhh my prayers for him, wahhh so sad, etc, shut the f**k up, I'm glad his baby died and

I hope he OD's on booze and pills in sorrow. If Fred Phelps or Hitler or Kim Jong Il had a miscarriage you retarded feel good feminists would probably be crying and "offering your thoughts and prayers"


239 days ago


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238 days ago


These people are sub-human. They are right on par with pedophiles and molester. That's who's company they should keep. This is just the beginning of Karma for these two. We are suppose to give a flying f*ck about these people after what they do to regular citizens? ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND I WISH I COULD SAY IT TO THEIR FACES HOW I REALLY FEEL ABOUT THEM! THIS IS ME JUST BEING NICE! FREAKS!

231 days ago


who cares, these idiots have ruined so many people's lives. what's nextis him going to post pictures of the infant? karma

228 days ago


kaaaaaamra is a bitch for making others miserable, well misery is upon you now. more will come nik. peoples thoughts are a powerful things and when you have so much negativity towards you and your family, it all happens. good im glad. no one gives a **** a lot of people are smiling when they heard the news! if you want to be heartless, we can be heartless to you nasty fu*k

211 days ago


I am not a fan of hate blogs. But this was an innocent unborn child and a humans life at risk. I have been bashed on the the dirty army .. BAD. But I wish no harm , let alone Death to come upon another human. I look at his site now in a whole other perspective now. I see it as a comparison to firearms. We all have access to them but " WE" choose to use them. Yes , its VERY why do people feel the need to hate other's publicly. . R.I.P. Baby 😢

194 days ago


I came on this site to read the tragic story of an unborn child, and the parents that loved him so. After reading the article I was going to leave a message of support, that in which may have reached them, or may not have, but they would have been words of inspiration, and honest pain in my heart for this suffering couple. I was met with words of hatred towards these people, and honestly all of you that are rejoicing in this childs death disgust me, and you are the s*** of the earth. Saying "thats karma," and "you deserve it," in all honesty is some of the most ****ed up **** I have ever seen in my life. We aren't talking about Nik wrecking his car, or getting arrested, we are talking about someones life!! I am ashamed of all of you, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Yes he made a website that shamed some of you (which someone you knew posted, not him,) and maybe he has a ****ed up way of life (cant blame him for that either, he grew up a rockstars son, and probably never got punished, or shown right from wrong.) But to say his child "deserved" to die, because of his past, is really ****ing wrong, and disgusting. We need to support these two as much as possible, because I cant even fathom how hard, and how scary it is to lose a child, and unless if he literally killed your child, you should have nothing but good, and positive things to say to him and his wife so that hopefully soon they can get through this horrible time in their life. Thank you to those with a heart, and **** you to those that dont. M.A. Out

148 days ago
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