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Justin Bieber

Arresting DUI Officer Has Big Credibility Problems

2/20/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Miami Beach cop who claimed he stopped Justin Bieber last month because he was drag racing has been called on the carpet numerous times for misconduct ... TMZ has learned.

Officer Steven Cosner wrote in his police report he observed cars driven by Bieber and Khalil in the middle of a drag race -- at speeds between 55 and 60 MPH.  TMZ broke the story ... the GPS tracking system shows in the middle of the so-called drag race, the maximum speed of the cars was 27 MPH.

We're told Bieber's legal eagles believe Cosner is lying, and now they have some firepower.

TMZ has obtained numerous Miami Beach PD internal affairs documents, which show Cosner has been accused of misconduct 15 times -- from 2001 to 2012.  Of those, Cosner failed to show up for court hearings 5 times.  In each case he was reprimanded -- 3 verbal warnings and 2 write-ups.

Our sources say ... Bieber's lawyer will raise the issue ... Cosner may not have shown up for court because he may not have wanted to be placed under oath.  In other words, if you lie under oath you can be prosecuted for perjury.

On another occasion in 2006 the PD says he committed 3 offenses -- violating the rules of "courtesy and respect," "Off duty/secondary employment," and "unlawful compensation."  For those violations he was suspended.

In 2007 Cosner was accused of offensive conduct/language.  For some reason the allegation seems to still be "open" in that case.

And in 2011 Cosner was written up for sleeping on duty.

As for the remaining 7 cases ...Cosner was exonerated by Internal Affairs.

Cosner's record could create problems for prosecutors if the DUI case goes to trial.


No Avatar


A lying cop who has been accused of misconduct FIFTEEN times?! Who is his boss? Joe Arpaio? Is this Arizona? As much as I dislike this little diaper rash Bieberella, I loathe lying cops even more. Dumbass.

224 days ago


I was wondering when his legal team was going to start the blame game to deflect responsibility away from this stupid brat.

224 days ago

get real    

Anoer crood co. What else is new?

224 days ago


Yet none of the administrative actions cited against the officer has anything to do with credibility.

224 days ago

jeebus chris    

27 MPH! And he egged a house! Deport him before he destroys America!

224 days ago


I'm not a fan of Bieber, but This cop has GOT TO GO. How could he have stayed on the force through all that BS? Something HAS to be done with the system... Bad people are given guns and told to go harass and "protect" the good people... What happens? Police kill their citizens and get a 2 week paid vacation and then get their jobs back. Citizen kills police. In jail or executed.

224 days ago

The Zombie    

A crooked cop??? NO WAY!

224 days ago


I don't give a crap about Bieber, I do though about crooked cops! Why is this man still on the force?

224 days ago


Guys and gals let me answer that from my step dad a fromer prosecutor. The officer has to be writen up 3 times in order to have him fire or resign to a desk job. He remember when a cop got caught being dirty the trouble it was only his second write up the police and the prosecutor hand were tied so he could do anything to him . So he has to be writen up three time before any punishment is handed down did that answer some of your question

224 days ago


Bieber's actions have nothing to do with the policeman's past conduct record. Bieber isn't out of the woods yet until the judge says so, NOT TMZ.

224 days ago


Finally TMZ after all the bad news y'all spread about u correcting your mistakes. Find out information before posting them. Y'all make me sick to my stomach sometimes with your dumpass infor.

224 days ago


The cop is clearly a jackass, that much we can be sure of. That however, does not change the fact Justin B is one too. He probably was breaking the law and the cop may have not been honest on the report but if that was the case it's because he's a jackass and he forgot to record their actual speed.
As far as the court appearances go, it was probably his day off and as a jackass, he just didn't go. Attorney's love stuff like this because we can use that record to impeach any testimony by the cop by making him look bad. We create doubt, therefore the jury cannot convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

224 days ago


A cop being accused of misconduct is as common as TMZ being accused of being a POS.... it happens.

224 days ago

Joey Boots    

I dont have animosity towards Justin regarding this but it must be nice to have the money for high-powered lawyers and investigators - your average Joe Shmo would just cop a plea on the charge.

224 days ago


Told you all was clown cops in florida. Look at all that stuff on this guy, how is he even still a cop?

They get passed from one department to the next, it really is a conspiracy to keep it hidden from the people. Cop screws up, goes somewhere else to screw up again.

Just like The Catholics did, the Florida cops ARE doing. Clown cops.

224 days ago
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