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I'm Hurtin' For Cash Because Of Paul Walker's Death

2/20/2014 7:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ludacris can't afford to pay thousands of dollars in child support -- and he's blaming his financial woes on the death of his "Fast and Furious" co-star Paul Walker.

Ludacris was in court Wednesday with his baby mama, Tamika Fuller ... who's demanding Luda pay her $15K a month to take care of his 2-month-old baby daughter, Cai.

But Luda went to court and told the judge ... he was counting on "Fast and Furious 7" money to make his payments, and the movie is now on hold so his payday went away.

Luda claims he can only pay $1,800 a month -- confessing he only made around $55K for 2013.

The judge split the baby down the middle, ordering Luda to pay 7K a month for now ... while hizzoner reviews all the financial docs.

By the way ... Tyrese also claimed relative poverty in his child support case because of Walker's death.


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Miss Nimbus    

HUH! How does that add up???? If he only earnt 55k last year, how is he expected to pay $7000 per month!!!! Anyway a baby does NOT cost $7000 per month to raise!!!! absolutely absurd.

213 days ago

Adrian suniga    

This is straight sorry! Damn ghetto chick is DEMANDING 15k a month!?!?!??? I bet she's a hood rat. NO baby needs all that damn money to be taken care of! I don't think Luda is tryin to blame Paul Walker- just the movie is most likely at a stand still. No income then okay fine- then again, he has money! So maybe he should get rid of a car or two. If he can make a baby with someone like that who demands money of that amount- GOODLUCK to him! Still- 15k is RIDICULOUS! Damn black folks.

213 days ago

Mary Jane    

Sandra Rose posted an article today and she had Different information. Does TMZ fact check before posting these articles?

213 days ago

Mary Jane    

Sandra Rose had a post today which said that your story has incorrect info. Do you fact check at TMZ?

213 days ago


why these hoes want so much money so they go after rich stars but it should be illegal for to get all this money just because a guy is famous

213 days ago


Actually the don't blamed the dead, they only blame the film has been put on hold!

213 days ago


This story is completely false. TMZ has no source or factual evidence. They listen to the first person to call their tip line and claim that they are somehow connected to Ludacris/Tamika. Several other sites have reported the actual details of the current court case, and they have the "receipts." I am so over TMZ.

213 days ago


I can't believe he blames Paul for his money problem, i bet he has money he just don't want to pay for his child that's sad luda kids are expensive you made her support her

212 days ago

grimaldoashley 91    

I'm so sorry for you guys that his death is such an inconvenience for you while he will never see sunlight or his daughter again were so sorry that yall the one s that chose to have a baby and not manage yoyr money wisely you should be ashamed of yourselves very sad tragedy and alls peoples can think of themselves

212 days ago


You see, that's what happens when we allow minorities to participate in capitalism, you blame whitey for being poor whitey gives the group claiming unfair treatment the opportunity to get rich and then the same group behaves worse than their so called oppressors and blames whitey for child support, and anything and everything that doesn't involve kissing their ass. So once again its whiteys fault for dieing and messing up the chance only allowed as a result of tolerance and free speech given to the special needs groups to make money for themselves.... I think its time for whitey to stop being so nice, you give and inch and 1000 x10 miles are taken.... I think its to bad luda and t monkey didn't crash into a pole, but why should modern times be any different, whitey has been dieing for special needs groups to have it better since the civil war, now they got it better and they still complain, its all whiteys fault, he can't even die right....

211 days ago


Sure. Let's blame a dead guy for you nor being able to pay for child support. You guys had careers before Fast and Furious. Where is that money? Also, why does this lady need $15,000 A MONTH for a 2 month old baby?

211 days ago


Poor Paul ... Be responsible for your Baby ... Gees I got 150$ wk c/s wtf really ... RIP PW

210 days ago


That's just BS! If it's true, that's just mean and it's not Paul's fault for dying in the first place…If this is true I'd lose all respect for Ludacris cuz he should work on music too or get a normal job like most of us have to do. That is way too much for child support also.

If this is false then it's still mean and rude to blame a person's death for financial issues. Everyone who works in the acting/music career should know they are never promised money like a normal job…so that's when they need to be responsible with money and save up, not spend foolishly.
If Paul were alive and just in the hospital he'd be hurt to know people think like this.

206 days ago


There's alot of people that have to get by on alot less, give Lud a break!

199 days ago


dear ludie if you're broke sell your candy butt along West Hollywood, suckah!

190 days ago
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