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Jason Biggs' Wife

Wanna See My Placenta?

2/21/2014 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jason Biggs' wife just dished out a healthy dose of reality to potential parents ... by tweeting a pic of her placenta in all its bloody glory.

Biggs' wife Jenny Mollen popped out Sid Biggs Saturday afternoon ... and then shared  the placenta photo with the caption, "Hope I'm not 'over sharing' but there's no denying my placenta looks super hot and thin in this pic."

The new mom says she wanted to turn her nutrition sac into a pill ... but docs advised against it -- so now she's saving it for a cake topper on Sid's 1st b-day.

... and you thought your mom was embarrassing.


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Actually not a big deal and I wish it would become more common practice. So many health benefits to consuming your own placenta... Look it up! Wish I had the guys to do it.

182 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Dear lord!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

182 days ago


What's the deal tmz? Why blackout the placenta in the picture?!

182 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    


182 days ago

Shelby Shady    

I can see how it would have considered a desire able thing to eat to older cultures. Hell, in Ancient Rome they had hound males heat them to "grow hair on their chests", so to speak, and kind of shove them into feeling more virile. So likely a placenta was considered to be something like eating something that would restore youth, kinda like a treatment of Oil of Olay on your face, or.... :S like stem cells now? But when the crazy bitch wants to keep that gross looking thing for a year to use as a cake topper is just bat **** crazy! I'd decline that invitation for sure! And yes, I think it is gross and revolting, even though I know it is a natural part of the birthing process... And I do hate it when women, and I am one, get overly defensive about how "such natural parts of the female body should not be considered gross, because it is all natural and beautiful!" Oh yeah! I beg to differ! If everything that comes out of our bodies is so natural, beautiful, and healthy, why not just eat your own **** for dinner and wa***** down with a nice warm cup of your own ****tail of piss, sweat, snot blended up well with a sprinkling of earwax and just a teensy bit of salt from your tears? Uck! >XP. I am not ashamed of by body at all, but it doesn't mean I'm going to become cannibalistic by eating or investing whatever my body decides to expell! I trust my body rejects it for a reason, so who am I to screw with nature and try to put it all back inside of it through my mouth!? Breast milk is one thing, but the rest is unsavory and likely would give you an illness!! How many times to you expect to keep eating your own **** or drinking your own unfiltered piss before you kidney's decide to jump ship along with your liver!? That's exactly why we are given the suggestion to drink 8 glasses of CLEAN water a day, and not our own piss, **** and now placenta I guess, because all of those things expel the yucky **** your body doesn't absorb, because it is full of all the filtered out crap your body doesn't need because it is unhealthy, because it can become toxic and build up until you are so full of your own waste and you need to to go on a detox diet!

182 days ago

Shelby Shady    

But honestly I am new here, so what the big deal with Blue Ugly? Should I avoid? Just another bored **** starter or what?

182 days ago

Shelby Shady    

Oh gross... It's revolting because it is dripping with blood and looks gory. Knowing it is a natural thing that no woman should be ashamed of doesn't mean the idea of using it as a CAKE TOPPER for the kid's first birthday sounds kind of f'ed in the head. And sure, people likely ate it thinking it had special healing or stimulant powers to it in some cultures, just like in Ancient Rome where they believed eating bull testicles made you stronger and more virile. Eat bull balls, and suddenly you will spring hair from your chest and want to screw anything that isn't nailed down, lol. People probably figured eating the placenta restored youthfulness or something, like some kind of super charged Oil of Olay, but still... >XP

182 days ago



182 days ago


Just when you thought you married a nice girl

182 days ago

Zach Mastrodicasa    

Interesting Irony: "Placenta" comes from the Latin word for 'cake' haha

182 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I worked with Jason, and he is cool and a total pro on set; but he and his wife are SOOOOO grosse otherwise!!!
I feel sorry for their kid.

182 days ago

Black Adam    


182 days ago


Relax everyone I think she's just mocking other celebrities who share wayyyyyyy too much.

182 days ago


Well I admit..I wondered what a placenta looked like. Everyone was warned...

182 days ago


Dry it. Cure it and you have yourself a badass shammy

182 days ago
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