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Michael B. Jordan

Screw Critics, Fans Will

Love My Black Human Torch

2/21/2014 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael B. Jordan has a message for all the hating comic book fans who say a BLACK man can't play the extremely WHITE Human Torch -- CHILL OUT!

Jordan just got the the role of Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four remake -- even though in comics, the character's always been blonde-haired, blue-eyed ... and has a white sister Sue Storm (Kate Mara got that role).

Last night at Chi Lin in WeHo ... we asked MBJ what he would say to critics who said things like: "Don't cast a black guy to play a white super hero. It's just not right!" ... and "no no no no no no and nooooooo!!!"

Check out Michael's answer. One thing's for sure ... Black Torch has way more swagger.


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For real though? Who the F cares??? Black, white, yellow???? Who the f**k cares??? He is a damn good actor and I'm pretty sure he is going to do a great job regardless!!! Don't hate just because he isn't a blonde hair blue eyed douche biscuit !!! And this is coming from a white, brown eyed, brown haired chick!!!

154 days ago


What kills me is how up in arms white people are about this but I bet none of you batted an eye when white actors WERE cast in roles who played POC. Johnny Depp as Tonto and Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia.

154 days ago


As an ebony earthling (hey, I'm forward thinking) and comic book collector, I do find it amusing that the news came out this month "aka - Black History Month", but I'll strike that up to coincidence. Nevertheless, I will now address the elephant in the room...

1- I appreciate the "lets add diversity" to the normal lily white Hollywood landscape, but changing a title character with a long rich history is just ridiculous. Need remind the producers of the ill conceived "Billy D Williams" as "Harvey Dent" in the first Batman movie. Stop screwing up established comic book characters with your liberal Hollywood guilt.

2- Sue Storm has a younger brother, not a young brotha named Johnny. I doubt the back-story will be one of her parents getting a case of jungle fever. I suspect, he will be adopted (a nod to "Different Strokes" or more recently "The Blind Side"). We in the black community appreciate our rich white friends, helping raise our children while making a decent profit when selling the rights of their story to a studio.

3- Changing the skin color of an established character, to separate the new film from the old is simplistic. How about putting a film together that doesn't stink. Sure the old films made money, but lacked: the family unity of the team, a May/December marriage, suit of armor for Dr. Doom, a cgi created Thing and of course not making Galactus look like a cloud.

4- With such a change, it's going to be interesting how they explain this in the comics. Notice, after marvel movie come out, the characters in the actual comics tend to get their appearance and history altered. Unlike "Nick Fury", who although popular, was not a central figure. It's not going to be easy to "black wash" the character, you'll just confuse all those new comic buyers who want their Johnny Storm with flavor.

5- At some point, a new game will be developed whenever we hear "Flame On" throughout the movie. I imagine many people taking a toke on their choice of bud.

154 days ago


Remember how pissed off everyone was when that troll M. Night Shyamalan choose to change the race of everyone in that crap of live action addition of Avatar The last Airbender? It's the same thing. People want the the Film versions of their favorite characters to be portrayed as accurately as possible. You can add more personality and detail but they have to be subtle and unnoticeable.

154 days ago


I'm sure the re-boot will be better than the two lame movie versions that preceded it, despite the casting decision.

154 days ago

jeff boy    

Black Panther should be cast as a white person. His back story could be he is now from South Africa.

153 days ago

jeebus chris    

I don't care. I can see how it would annoy purists though. Johnny Storm's a blonde haired, blue eyed, white kid, and Sue Storm's his big sister. Anyone who knows anything about comics knows that. But that's only because most of the old, "classic" DC and Marvel comics were made by white people, for white people, with all white characters all the way up to some time in the 70s probably. . They'd be a lot different if they were created today. But instead of making Johnny Storm black all of a sudden, they could have another character in the movie who already is black, like Black Panther or Deathlok, both way cooler characters than Johnny Storm anyway.

153 days ago

Nikki Styles    

Moses was born in Africa and All the Egyptians were Black but in every movie they are betrayed as white. Jesus=Palestine, Noah=Iran but these new movies they are only white actors.

153 days ago


Anyone can play any role if they have the talent regardless of color. Why is it always an issue with some idiots when a Black person plays what is seen as a traditional role once played by a Caucasian person. Pure ignorance and arrogance.

153 days ago


Every superhero is white so what do they do blame Stan lee for being a racist

151 days ago


It gets pretty old that black people are constantly saying how much more important it is to be black than white, doesn't anyone see this, all over the net, they are saying basically, him being white shows no roots, but if he was black, it'd be a hell of a lot more important not to change him, isn't this the definition of racism!?

150 days ago


I just saw the voting pole at the top...I was surprised to learn that only 41% of the population orginally interested in this franchise disapprove. Great work guys!!! (=

150 days ago


I find it funny by the vote, you can see at least 41% who were interested in this reboot to begin with, are now gonna pass on it, good luck, Mike and Josh, congratulation, I wish you love birds nothing but the best!!! (=

lets not let those addresses leak friends

150 days ago


This is really stupid Hollywood needs to pull there head out of there behind trying to be PC and politically correct is what is wrong with this country. And just so you know I refuse to go see this movie so this actor is totally wrong and I have a list of friends and family who all feel the same way and a lot of black friends who feel the same way. I also refused to see the Lone Ranger and prince of Persia by the way.

150 days ago


I like my heroes just the way they are thank you they keep changing stuff when they can make more of them so what if he's a good actor honeymooner's, king pin, ect if it ain't broke don't fix it if the movie (the 2000 version) sold more copies like the avengers this would never have happend nope I don't like this at all. I'm a black guy and I approve this message

141 days ago
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