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Miley Cyrus

Here's My Ass, There's My Ma and Pa

2/21/2014 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus showed her mama what she got from her -- and her daddy too -- at a very intimate concert Thursday night in Anaheim. 

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus seemed ... interested in their daughter's gyrations and self-gratification as they looked on.

There's a lot for them to be proud of ... Miley is rich, successful and famous at the ripe age of 21.  And she has a great ass and a vaginal obsession.

Congrats Billy Ray and Tish. Good work.



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There's something to be said about class and taste Miley, and you have neither. Beyond GROSS!

207 days ago


She promotes the degradation of all women. She appears to have a mental illness of some kind, to debase herself in such ways. So vulgar & shameful.

207 days ago


Does she realize we're already convinced she is a slutty whore she can quit trying to prove it!

207 days ago


In my opinion, Miley wants to be Madonna was, but with more shock value. But Madonna didn't come from a celebrity dad or a Disney show so it's just coming off weird .

207 days ago


Her poor parents. I'd disown my kid until he/she got some act right.

207 days ago


Idk why it's a problem when she does it but when rihanna does it it's all good. Leave the girl alone and stop hating.

207 days ago


The Kardashians started the vulgarity trend, with their mutual crotch sniffing & sexual innuendos, on their disgusting reality show. Heaven help American society.

207 days ago


Somethings wrong, I don't think this has anything to do with trying to prove Shea an adult or Madonna. Could be her ex fiance either disapproved of this or enjoys it. Something is going on. Just strange.

207 days ago


Bring back Hannah Montana seriously, at least back then she had respect for herself, her parents, and her young child - teenage fans, stop breaking your daddies achy breakthrough heart seriously

207 days ago


She's so desperate it's painful....
Take all the slutty crap away and she'd instantly be out shadowed by people with real talent. However, thankfully for her and her lame career, Americans put up with talentless Singers as long as they do crazy **** or act like sluts.....we don't care about actual talent here anymore. -sigh-

207 days ago


I'll give it to you on one hand, Miley Cyrus and all of her marketing agents are pure genius!!! They cash in on the majority of our population, who will buy and sell anything as long as it's heavily broadcasted. First it was Hannah Montana.... candy, clothing, bedding, posters, games everywhere you looked, (Personally this made me want to vomit). But thank you Disney for plastering it everywhere. Now it's Miley Cyrus and her sodomitic posing for the world, on stage masturbation, and famous *********** implying tongue. Congratulations Miley, you are rich because we are all mindless trend following drones, who also happen to be morally challenged. Sadly this is not even what bothers me the most. What does is the fact that she has no vocal ability what so ever! If you think she does, either you are 12 years old and tone deaf, or you have not heard of auto tunes!!! There are so many other people with sheer talent who can in fact Sing??? But instead of glorifying them, we give this imbecile a chance. Why because of her ridiculous one hit wonder father. I did not know that someone like that could have so much pull in in the Music industry?? Again, Thank you Disney! Miley, I know it wasn't Billy Ray or Achy Breaky Heart that launched your career, it was Disney. The company responsible for turning little girls into shameless half naked sex objects for our little girls to look up to. And for getting to decide what we have to suffer through on the radio.

207 days ago

Thug child    

They just repeating the early 90's you ****s!! Just some Madonna ****!! And so what? She grew tha **** up!! Bitch wanna get ****ed let her get ****ed!! Tha **** y'all worried about?! Glue your eyes at your broke ass self and trash ass kids!! Miley Cyrus let me get you pregnet in this bitch!!

207 days ago


such a whore I am sure her daddy has been tongue deep in that anus and vagina of hers

207 days ago


Classy....real classy!! Billy Ray looks like a beaten man here....

207 days ago


Satan at his best!

207 days ago
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