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Miley Cyrus

Here's My Ass, There's My Ma and Pa

2/21/2014 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus showed her mama what she got from her -- and her daddy too -- at a very intimate concert Thursday night in Anaheim. 

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus seemed ... interested in their daughter's gyrations and self-gratification as they looked on.

There's a lot for them to be proud of ... Miley is rich, successful and famous at the ripe age of 21.  And she has a great ass and a vaginal obsession.

Congrats Billy Ray and Tish. Good work.



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that is so effing ridiculous. what is wrong with her? and in front of her parents. I understand she is a performer and all but any normal person would not do that... I have never in my life seen a photos from a concert such as this. I am embarrassed for her. And her parents.

246 days ago


She has all you fools right where she wants you...she goes out of her way to get to pathetic morons like you..and it who is the smart one Miley girl..everytime these fools diss you your bank goes cha ching

246 days ago


Not that there was ever any doubt, but Milye is definitely NOT the only piece mof trash in her hillbilly family. What a slut!

246 days ago


You know you have no talent when you have to do stuff like that at concerts. I don't hate Miley I'm just saying what she's doing isn't classy yet she wants respect smh

246 days ago


Just let her do whatever she wants, let her express her self how ever she feels like it she's old enough to do what pleases her not anyone else she must be doing the right thing she still has fans and I believe that will continue to stay the same js ;)

246 days ago


Wish she'd learn to keep that damn tongue in her mouth!! She looks like a dog panting all the time.

246 days ago

William Foresman    

Well, some parents fight all their lives to keep their daughters off the poll while others...

246 days ago


Miley OBVIOUSLY has some issues! On that note… she'll be the death of her dad! You watch… GUARANTEE!!!

246 days ago


Ugh. Does she do that dance at the Thanksgiving table too?

246 days ago

Nobody Special    

One of her Show Pics has all these Fake Dollar Bills "Raining" from above.

She is coping everything that has been done already. Make it rain, back dat axe up, I need to touch my Vaj Jay, My Tongue is here if anyone has any postage stamps you need licked, My Lifesized stuffed animals hare here dancing with me, I am showing my brown-eye on my little persons car, I want to blow Bill Clinton-again, Oh, BTW my mother and father are right in the front so they can see my ass, see mom it's not dirty...

246 days ago

Black Adam    

Whoever wrote this story needs to be flogged. There is nothing Cute or Sexy about Miley Cyrus. She looks like a Ventriloquist's dummy.

246 days ago


She know how to make her parents really proud nasty white girl

246 days ago


A slut. Her parents are too depraved to be ashamed.

246 days ago


She is making allot of bad choices but nobody should be blaming her parents, she was normal when she left their home. Hopefully she grows out of this phase ,she has so much talent that could be put to much better use !

246 days ago

Nobody Special    

Molly Virus, I have a new idea for shock value,

You could have a set of anal beads in your lock-box-booty and pull them out on stage after they ferment for a while.

Then place them in your mouth and lick them clean with your Scrunge Sponge Tongue.

That will get the parents talking, and give your mouth a nice sting at the same time.

246 days ago
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