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Miley Cyrus

Snatches Beer

In High-Risk Move

2/21/2014 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Miley Cyrus has become a real risk taker lately, but the one she took Thursday night with a stranger's cup of beer is insane.

Miley was singing something -- it's hard to tell which song -- when she got thirsty and spotted someone in the audience with a cold one. 

It appears to be a stranger ... but ever the daredevil, she took a swig.

Now we're not trying to be alarmists, but seriously Miley ... do you know the history of the mouth that drank from the beer before you?

Actually ... the real question is whether the guy finished the beer after Miley gave it back.

Fun Fact: You can get herpes from sharing a drink.



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This isn't even what happened. That's not a guy, that's a girl who went to the concert with her friends and offered a beer to Miley while she was on the stage in front of her. Thank god for TMZ; what would we do without you attempting to ruin another star's reputation over a measly ****ing beer.

222 days ago


Oh please, I have shared a drink with many people. I'm not a Miley fan but shes's 21. Young people do much worse at that age. In all honesty I'd share a drink with her too and hopefully she would give me some kind of disease. Get paid!!!!

222 days ago


Miley has a gluten allergy... she can't drink beer...

222 days ago


I'm not a fan of Miley, but whats the problem with her sharing a beer? Miley is smart! What she does on stage is really no different then what lady gaga does! Quit dissing her, because she's giving her fans what they want! She's a young artist, trying to make it in the business, and it looks like she's making it!! Taking a sip of beer, is way better than swapping spit with a female at a KISS concert! Miley is one of a few that isn't on drugs! Kudos to you miley!! Good luck to you!!

222 days ago


She's singing maybe your right

222 days ago


Yea not the smartest thing, it could have something in it other than beer. She's proven time-after-time she doesn't make wise decisions, they probably have a glass of water for her on stage, but she choose to be daring.

222 days ago


This is a talented girl who for some reason tries way to hard to be sexy and she misses! She needs to be much more sutle and she'd be ever so much more real and appealing to men!

222 days ago


I'd share a beer with her... or whatever else. You're a free spirit Miley & if you are comfortable in your skin then screw everybody else. You worked hard to get where you are so have fun, love life & keep being hot because haters are gonna hate no matter what. So twerk us into the future girl & don't look back... unless it's me you're twerkin' with cuz I wanna see that tongue!!

222 days ago


BLB- Built Like Beiber!!!

222 days ago


Her mouth has probably been in worse places than a strangers beer cup.

222 days ago


It would have great if the cup was full of urine

222 days ago


when miley Cyrus started to act like a psycho on the stage ,it is a sign of cannot being rejected and dumped by her ex-handsome boyfriend who eventually left her because he found out how trashy she was embarrassing him in front of people, and i don;t think so she will be attractive to any man right now as long as she act like a hooker in front of people. she does not have a butt. why don't you lift your butt Miley, they call it Brazilian butt and than blunt your flat butt ok stupid Miley.

222 days ago


it's a ****ing drink and also it's not hard to tell which song it is, "maybe you're right"

222 days ago


She probably hoped it was urine.

222 days ago

Tamie M    

This is nothing compared to the recent stupidity when someone threw a thong on stage and she picked it up and put it in her mouth.. a dirty thong! TMZ won't report that story for some reason, I guess Harvey doesn't think that is a genius move like her other spoiled brat antics. He also thinks her lewd performance is fine in front of her parents and brother and yet ran a story about Kendall Jenner wearing a black dress to a red carpet with Bruce and how sexy it was, give me a break.

222 days ago
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