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Oksana Grigorieva

Violates Confidentiality with Mel

Loses Settlement Agreement

2/21/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
-- the woman who Mel Gibson struck in the mouth -- just lost hundreds of thousands of bucks because of her big mouth ... by violating her confidentiality agreement. ... court sources tell TMZ.

It all has to do with an interview she did in October with Howard Stern.  Oksana -- who promised in her settlement agreement with Mel she would say NOTHING about him publicly -- blabbed about the actor.

In the Stern Interview:

-- Howard sympathizes about her problems with Mel, telling her she has to go forward in life.  She refers to her "painful and dark" experience and says now she wants to help others.

-- Howard asks if Mel wined and dined her.  She says it's too painful to even talk about.

-- Howard talks about how amazing the famous audio tapes are, and Oksana responds, "Life happens ... I'm still catching up on the humor part."

-- Howard, who referenced portions of Mel's rants during the interview, told her a woman shouldn't be treated that way, especially the mother of your child.  She said, "Thank you."

Apparently that was enough for a judge, because court sources tell us, hizzoner ruled Oksana was never supposed to talk about Mel -- even obtusely -- and as a result she forfeited the remaining installments of her $750,000 settlement.  We're told she was still owed half -- $375,000 ... money she now will NOT get.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana has filed for bankruptcy.  Pretty amazing, since Mel initially offered her $15 MILLION but she rejected it.



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She didn't talk about him. Just another example of the corruption involved in this case. He bought everyone off, which is why she couldn't find a decent lawyer. Even the one she chose sold her out. I can only imagine the stipulations that were put in place for the 15 mil settlement. To some people the money isn't worth it.
Gibnutz thinks the sh*t he pulls with making her look bad will rehab his image! but nobody cares anymore. She can make a million on a book deal now. Not that he won't try to block it. He will be next to file.

245 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Stupid idiot. Hate her.

245 days ago


Hahahaha, gold digger got what she deserves.

245 days ago


only time this stupid bitch should open up her mouth is when she is ready to put a dick in it

245 days ago


I will never give Mel a dime of my money, or Kanye, Chris Brown, or any Kardashian.

245 days ago


Well, she figured bankruptcy court would have taken that money anyway. I really hope Mel press for jail time if she continues to breach that contract. Then he can have Lucia full time.

245 days ago


What a dumb bitch...offered her 15 million she rejected it? Judge gave her 750,000 sickening...but funny too

245 days ago


Good. Fame whoring and gold digging must be done right and delicately. This dumb azz wanted to be Queen of Gold Diggers and failed. Lol. Maybe next time she will keep her trap shut. I wonder if Stern was sly and working for Camp Mel by getting her to blab?

245 days ago


I happen to believe she set Mel up in the first place so it this looks good on her.
I was married to a woman like her. She knew exactly the right buttons to push to get you into a frenzy then play all innocent.

245 days ago


this woman had no shame in being a gold digger. she was shameless in publicly humiliating mel for money. she didnt deserve any of the money she got except child support anyway!

245 days ago


Go Howard!

245 days ago


What a dumb broad. No wonder she got dumped in the first place.

245 days ago


The judge ruled correctly in this matter. Thank goodness he hit her where it hurts -- in her wallet! This woman violated confidentiality agreements way back when, and nothing happened. Remember the Larry King Live interview? Anyway, the next good thing would be if her child support were cut drastically. Seems to me that Mel might have a case, because according to her bankruptcy papers, a good portion of that child support is supporting OG and not the child! Setting 7k a month aside for legal bills, but she is showing only $,7,500 in savings from child support. The math doesn't add up. Karma is biting and nipping her, and it's all her own fault. She had it all. I still laugh at the interview Horowitz gave when he was explaining how her %750,000 was a better deal then getting the 15 million she turned down. This is too funny!

245 days ago


Ha ! Now she can write a tell all....

245 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Mel is My hero

245 days ago
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