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Mel Gibson

All Is Good with the World

2/23/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You can see the pleasure in Mel Gibson's face as he left a restaurant in Malibu Friday.   He didn't want to talk about Oksana Grigorieva and the fact that she has gone belly up ... filing for bankruptcy.  But you can see a certain peacefulness and calm that hasn't been exactly front and center.

As we previously reported ... Oksana could have been set for life if she didn't reject Mel's $15 million settlement back in the day, when those tapes were just between them.  But she got greedy, and ended up with $750K and lots of lawyers bills.  And half of that money was taken away because she blabbed about Mel ... violating their confidentiality agreement.

Fact is ... Oksana is still riding Mel's gravy train.  He's paying $20K a month for child support, and that will likely last until Lucia turns 18.

But Mel clearly had a good day in the Bu.


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Detroit Alyssa    

Israels new racism: The persecution of African Immigrants

241 days ago


This is all going to end in a bad way for Gibson. The best career move for Mad Mel at this point is to drive his car right off a cliff. R.I.P.= Rest in P i s s.

241 days ago


she still gets 20K month until that kid is 18.... That's a lot of money if she doesn't live beyond her means...

241 days ago


I'm happy Mel looks so upbeat. He's not smoking. He's not drinking. He's lost some weight. He's amped up his looks, including new teeth, tan and beard. He's snagged a couple of mass release film roles. He hasn't said ONE thing against OG in public ever. He finished his anger management classes and they seem to have helped as he's kept his nose clean. He's apparently been a good dad. And in one more month he's off probation. I think he's done a GREAT job getting his life cleaned up and in order. Deserves a little credit, happiness, and success.

241 days ago


Mel looking more and more like Colonel Sanders at this point. Soon to be doing magic tricks at your children's birthday parties dressed as a (racist) clown.

241 days ago


He's looking like the old Mel I use to love before he became a nutjob.

241 days ago


Wow, to think he used to be hot.........yuck

241 days ago


Get custody Mel - she only had the child for the money any way! Timothy Dalton should get custody of his child by her also!

241 days ago


No matter what Mel Gibson is still one of the greats. He still looks awesome to me.

241 days ago


Karma is a bitch Oksana Mel is having the last laugh really 15 mil u turn down cause u are greedy u weren't even married that was blackmail money. .....God don't like ugly

241 days ago


The people cheering on Gibson here are the same cretins that supported Michael "KKKramer" Richards. They are the same nutjobs who stood by the highway with signs saying "Go Juice" while OJ Simpson was driving his ford bronco away from the police. Society is filled with wackos. But its nice to see that most of the public have turned against Gibson. And rightfully so. His career is over . When your last 4 movies bomb the public is sending a clear message that they want you to take your bags of money and your racist, demented self back home. So thumbs down my comments all you want. The public has spoken and they want Mel Gibson off the island.

240 days ago


Poor Crooksana, let's all collectively say...AWWWWWWW! NOT!!! She wanted Tiger Woods Money, which she stated time and again. She figured since Elin was set to get 100 mil after 4 years of marriage and Heather Mills managed 400 mil from Sir Paul that being with Mel just about three years and giving him a child would mean she could collect just as much. Unlike Elin and Heather, she was never legally married to Mel, she was never legally LIVING with Mel (Even so, in Cali, they don't recognize common-law). She was too greedy and impatient. If she had followed her Russian gold digging hand guide like the other RUSSIAN GOLD DIGGERS she wouldn't stuck around a lot longer then could've possibly got a bigger settlement, possibly 25 to 30 mil. I still can't get that email out of my head where she bitches at the 15 mil settlement, and all the added extras that "You weren't very generous to our child, and what about me?" The fact to refered to her baby as a CHILD and not her DAUGHTER sent up alot of red flags on this board. Remember "Love Child, our baby born of love". What mother dehumanizes her flesh and blood as nothing more than a child and baby. Why not personalize it as "OUR DAUGHTER". I still love the fact that Lucia is now 4 1/2 years old. She called the paps constantly the first year of her life when she was looking to make herself look like a good mommy. When is the last time we actually saw Crooksana out with her daughter? It's been forever and all these "OUTINGS" that she's asked money for Lucia's entertainment, why is the paps never catching her spending time with her Daughter? I find it funny, in her expenses, NO WHERE IN THERE does she list money for a NANNY, and if anyone thinks there isn't a NANNY caring for Lucia, well now, hop onto the delusional train. Another PLOY, by Crooksana to make herself out to be the good mother, MEH!!!!

240 days ago


She didn't take the money because she wanted to expose his abuse. If she had of taken the money she never would have been able to speak, it has been proven it had a clause. Good on her for doing the right thing. More people on here should support her. How many times are people making comments about women being gold diggers. This woman chose to expose him for the abusive moron he is over taking the money. I really hope she does ok and gets through her financial issues. Bankruptcy is based on the fact she has enormous lawyer bills, give her a break she was the victim. For once you guys should be showing some support.

240 days ago


Why do some men think it is a penalty to pay child support after the divorce. Do they really think they should just walk away from their family and make the wife be the children's sole financial supporter? I know one guy who thinks that but he is a total low life and doesn't even see his kids.

240 days ago


I like Mel Gibson and I'm happy he is happy and looking handsome with the scruffy beard and all.

240 days ago
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