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Justin Bieber

Pound Sand Prosecutor

I Reject Your Plea Deal

2/23/2014 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0222-justin-bieber-getty-02Justin Bieber will REJECT the plea deal prosecutors in his Miami Beach DUI case have offered ... and a big reason is because he doesn't want random drug testing.

TMZ broke the story ... prosecutors offered Bieber a deal they often give to first-time DUI offenders ... it includes community service, an alcohol ed course and random drug testing.

Sources connected to Bieber tell TMZ ... there are several reasons they aren't buying what prosecutors are selling.  First, there are huge problems with the case -- they believe the cop lied when he said Bieber reeked of booze (he only blew a .014), and he was also lying about observing Bieber drag race -- the GPS device registered a very reasonable 27 MPH.

But the bigger issue is this -- our sources say Bieber will NOT accept any plea that has probation ... where the judge can throw the book at him if he screws up.

In particular there's NO WAY Bieber will agree to random drug testing.  Fact is ... he has a problem with weed and sizzurp.   If you don't understand his worry, just remember Lindsay Lohan, who became a habitual probation offender for more than 7 years.

Also, we're told Justin will not accept an alcohol ed course as part of a plea deal, because he'd become a spectacle.

We're told Bieber is open to a plea ... but not this one.



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The people who have something bad to say about Justin seriously needs to seek help or don't reproduce in the future. You people who claim to despise Justin has hated on him since the beginning. Justin's been ridiculed on his voice and appearance since 2009 and u all expect him to just be chill with it um no that's now it works people have their breaking points then you haters blame it on innocent people when you are the ones who did it to them. Less judgment and critique. More understanding, tolerance, and compassion. Justin's not a douche bag the people who call him that need to look in the mirror. You think people would learn from the countless suicides and school shootings that if u have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. Justin has depression and has tried to OD his friend spoke out about how Justin had broke down plenty of times. Haters Karma's a bitch.

220 days ago


It does not matter what he blew on alcohol testing he admitted and tested positive to other drugs in his body while behind the wheel of a car while impaired !!! Bottom line that is against the law!! Stop making excuses for him! If a regular joe blow did this you would get strict punishments! Just because he is a celeb and rich doesn't give him the right to put others lives in jeopardy or make him EXEMPT from being held accountable or being allowed to "buy his way out of sticky situations!" I raised three kids by myself, all if them successful law abiding citizens with respect! None of which did drugs or crazy **** like this. If they did something wrong I held them accountable!!! That is what teaches kids to be great adults when grown!

220 days ago


Well... good decision. That plea deal stinks. Hiring Roy Black as his counsel is a smart move. I'm surprised that someone in his camp actually came up with that idea.

220 days ago


Well tmz isn't JB, you can't say that he doesn't accept the deal, your not him, don't even think like that before you know the real answer...

220 days ago


Wait, he won't accept probation, drug testing, alcohol classed, community service, but he will accept a plea. What is left? Jail for 90-days? It's funny all the wanna be lawyers/judges ranting on this site. There has been no evidence submitted in court and the so call GPS report, until that is presented to a court, it can easlty be modified by Bieber's people. If and when they submit that GPS report in court then the case will probably be dismissed. But, until then, the GPS report has no credibility of his quilt or innocence.

220 days ago


whats that sound I hear?? Oh yea... its the sound of a career going down the drain... picking up speed as it nears the end.

220 days ago

Dannie Fincher    

Deport his ass, usless peace of S..t.

219 days ago


Seriously, no one in their right mind would take that "deal."

219 days ago


What a "jerk"

219 days ago


throw his A$$ IN JAIL

219 days ago


Throw this little s***bag ***got out of the country or I will do it for you.

219 days ago


I love Justin Bieber. God knows. I respect his decision to reject this nasty "plea deal." I really love Justin.

An Older Black Man.

219 days ago

Dave Van R    

I hope he goes to trial You just don't get away with thumbing your nose at a judge unless he is well bribed

219 days ago

Edward Pruett    

Put the young idiot in jail. I am selling jell to the inmates who are just waiting for his virgin butt to arrive.

219 days ago


Punk arse...ugly tattoos, ugly behaviors......POS

219 days ago
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