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Justin Bieber

Pound Sand Prosecutor

I Reject Your Plea Deal

2/23/2014 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0222-justin-bieber-getty-02Justin Bieber will REJECT the plea deal prosecutors in his Miami Beach DUI case have offered ... and a big reason is because he doesn't want random drug testing.

TMZ broke the story ... prosecutors offered Bieber a deal they often give to first-time DUI offenders ... it includes community service, an alcohol ed course and random drug testing.

Sources connected to Bieber tell TMZ ... there are several reasons they aren't buying what prosecutors are selling.  First, there are huge problems with the case -- they believe the cop lied when he said Bieber reeked of booze (he only blew a .014), and he was also lying about observing Bieber drag race -- the GPS device registered a very reasonable 27 MPH.

But the bigger issue is this -- our sources say Bieber will NOT accept any plea that has probation ... where the judge can throw the book at him if he screws up.

In particular there's NO WAY Bieber will agree to random drug testing.  Fact is ... he has a problem with weed and sizzurp.   If you don't understand his worry, just remember Lindsay Lohan, who became a habitual probation offender for more than 7 years.

Also, we're told Justin will not accept an alcohol ed course as part of a plea deal, because he'd become a spectacle.

We're told Bieber is open to a plea ... but not this one.



No Avatar


Like he could become any more of a spectacle!

190 days ago


Free Beaver

190 days ago

I just wanted to comment    

Open to a plea? You mean one where he gets away scot free? Screw this kid, I hope they throw the book at him.

190 days ago


Why would he plead? According to TMZ he did absolutely nothing wrong and was a victim of a dirty cop.

190 days ago


No way he was going to do this. He would fail them in a heartbeat and he knows it.

He has plenty of money to hire high priced lawyers.

190 days ago


If he wants spectacle, let him try getting a valid drivers license in Georgia. He would need to do it in person because of all of the illegal immigration prof of citizenship bills passed by the GA legislature. It takes most people a couple of hours to get their license renewed.

190 days ago

Lil Wayne     

The plea deal wouldn't even be on the table for quote on quote " Normal Person "

190 days ago


Wow so the addiction is that deep already...oh man...

190 days ago


Refusing to take random drug testing is basically an admittance to taking drugs recreationally. Bieber is a complete loser who is a bad influence to his fans.

190 days ago


I just pictured some 450lb. dude 'Grinding on Him Good.. Gri.. Grinding on him Good' like Beyonce! : )

190 days ago


I just pictured some 450lb. dude 'Grinding on Him Good.. Gri.. Grinding on him Good' like Beyonce! : )

190 days ago


Listen, I posted this in the other story. The main reason to fight this is because he is not guilty and the police lied. I hate to be on Justine Beiber's side, but there is no reason he should submit to random drug testing.
The police messed up and the prosecutor should have dropped the case. Most people can't afford to fight and get scared and take crappy deals because they feel like it's their only option.
TMZ, I know you want to make it about Beiber wanting to use drugs. He has a history of using drugs and we all know it. But when the police are this wrong you really should take the high road. There is no reason he should take the deal. I hope he wins and that the officer who lied is fired. Cops like that put innocent people in jail. They also mess up perfectly good cases.

190 days ago

Good riddance!    

The funniest thing is this little twink thinks he's hard core with all these serious rap/gangster dudes. He's nothing more than a performing monkey on a leash that they all get a good laugh out of at his expense. Very amusing! :-)

190 days ago


Knew he would .

190 days ago

Good riddance!    

Douche will get out of this. The cops effed up too much and burned a perfectly good confession of being on drugs while driving. No biggie. Like it's going to take long for Justina to do something even dumber than this.

190 days ago
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