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Brandi Glanville

Eddie's Taking Food Out of Our Kids' Mouths

2/24/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brandi Glanville
will not go down without a fight, now claiming ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian is making a play for money that could send her and her kids to the poor house.

Sources connected with Eddie tell TMZ ... Brandi's lawyer, Ron Rale, fired off a letter to Eddie in response to his claim that he overpaid her support money to the tune of $114,738 ... and he wants that deducted from her share of their financial settlement.

We're told the letter Eddie just got is blistering ... accusing him of trying to sandbag Brandi with a bill she simply can't afford to pay. 

What's more ... Rale says in the letter Eddie was asleep at the wheel ... under the judge's order he can't just wait 4 years and nail her ... if he suspected he was overpaying he had to demand an audit within 6 months.


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Get a job.

241 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

If Rimes had not come along, Eddie would still have dumped this nut jobs ass. Glanville is one of the worst and most annoying ex wives ever. He is so lucky not to be married to this witch on wheels.

241 days ago


Greed greed that's all it is. He's financially secure thanks to LeAnn's empire. But she's the driving force behind RHOBH so this case is just minuscule and typical celeb money greed crap.

241 days ago


This woman would be hilarious if she weren't so damn sad. Shut your mouth, quit embarrassing your kids and go away. I'm sure we no longer wonder why Eddie walked out but she is such a sore loser. Eddie may not be working but at least he isn't firing off his mouth whining poor me everyday, with the way Brandi talks I'm starting to wonder if maybe Eddie was an abused spouse....seriously. Maybe Eddie needs to hit her with a gag order, if she continues to berate, lie, malign either of them in the press or in front of the kids she goes to jail, no money, hit her where it hurts and get custody of the kids. Maybe then she'll STFU

241 days ago


Wow. She's really starting to look old.

Two talentless, self-absorbed people.

241 days ago


Brandi has ruined herself and she simply can't let her situation with Eddie go. Why can't she handled her personal matters behind closed doors? WHy does she need to use social media to further attack her ex? I don't care what he does, it's clear who the true culprit has been all along in this entire "social media feud" and that is BRANDI! Brandi should be thanking her lucky stars Eddie hasn't filed for full custody of those two precious, INNOCENT boys who have to endure the daily embarrassment of having Brandi as a Mother. They never know when they're going to wake-up and be confronted with another one of her drunken, naked evening's out with strange men, DUI's, racial slurs, you name it. Brandi is an embarrassment to herself and her kids. She's a total DRUNK! and slut..Brandi has no filter and she's a piece of TRASH! Go away Brandi and stick a fork in yourself! You are done on #RHOBH stupid.

241 days ago


All that money will just be squandered on Botox and booze anyway . . .

241 days ago


WHY do you keep giving her the publicity she's craving due to her new book ...... Additionally, who really cares.....

241 days ago


Funny how all this support issues between brandi and Eddie are circulating around the same time Brandi's book was released a couple of weeks ago. All a ploy to sell more books

241 days ago


If he had demanded an audit she would have said the same thing. Take the kids and let her worthless ass starve

241 days ago


He's such a sleaze. I remember he asked her for money at the same time he bought Leann (she bought herself) an 85k engagement ring. They need to leave her alone and let her make her way in life.

241 days ago


What is this woman doing with her money???? She has two children and is receiving thousands in child support and she's on a TV show, isn't she???? How can she "not afford" anything???? And on the other side of the coin, yes, I wish they would both shut up and go away.

241 days ago


Leann Rhymes is younger and hotter stay with her. I hope Brandi is broke.

241 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

How can these vapid idiots be crying poverty? They're both acting like they're cash poor. I really don't see how this is possible. Seems to me they just don't want to spend any of their individual money to support their own kids.

241 days ago


What a piker. He left his wife for Leanne who has a nice chunk of change that he's living off of and he wants money back from his ex. Major loser.

241 days ago
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