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Eddie Murphy

'Purported African American'

Sued for $50 Million

2/24/2014 11:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy does NOT own the name Murphy ... and an indignant comedian --  Brando Murphy -- is determined to prove that point with a new $50 MILLION defamation lawsuit.

Brando claims Eddie is hell-bent on destroying his career, which Brando thinks is rooted in absurd vanity. 

It looks like Brando is trying out new material in  his lawsuit, saying, "The name Murphy is of Irish decent ... and not exclusive to Eddie Murphy, a 'Black Man' of African Ancestry and a purported African American."

As for Eddie's grumblings that Brando tries to look and act like him, Brando fires back, "[i] did not create [myself] and that the way [I] looks is an act of GOD."

Brando says he never tried to pass himself as Eddie's son.  He does not address the fact that he appeared in the stage act, Sons of Comedy, which also featured Richard Pryor's son.

BTW ... Brando also claims one of Eddie's people threatened to have him killed.

For his troubles ... Brando wants a modest $50 mil.

Eddie's lawyer, Marty Singer,  tells TMZ ... "This is an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit, and we are confident it will be immediately dismissed by the court."


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The real issue is - this kid has been trying to pass himself off as Eddie's son. THAT is why Eddie has been going after him.

206 days ago


Kid's gonna learn the hard way.

Like my old pals and partners the Barbarian Bros.

They, too, thought they could "out-cute" Hollywood.

I'll save a place for this kid at their Public Storage unit.

206 days ago


check out my video

206 days ago


If you get ONE chance in L.A., you're very lucky.

THIS is quickest way out the back door.

Now you're Branded-Brando.

Withering Heights.

206 days ago


Eddie Murphy did not deploy cute-ness, dude.

His brass and talent got him on to SNL.

Where he took over the game.

You mustn't be funny - or have any schtick.

Cuz you wouldn't need this if you did.

You'd just need your act.

206 days ago


So, first he says he's not trying to copy Eddie by taking the last name "Murphy" because it belongs to the Irish. Then he says he's not trying to copy Eddie in terms of looks because he can't help but look that way. But yet there are a plethora of other last names to use besides "Murphy," that doesn't happen to be the same last name of the guy you sort of look like, how about your own???

Now you're trying to sue the guy for an amount of money that, let me tell you, you have NO CHANCE of making, no matter how much you look like Eddie. This is beyond ridiculous.

206 days ago


get a real job! and stop tryn to hit the lottery with this bogas lawsuit! that is all!!

206 days ago


No story, move on.

206 days ago


A black kid, with that ridiculous mustache, using the name Murphy, on the Sons of Comedy tour. What are people to assume? He could've picked any other last name, but felt the need to ride on Murphy's coattails. Good luck loser.

206 days ago


Publicity stunt but silly.

206 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Take care of this.

I'm on it boss.

206 days ago


If this dude fail. At this ... He may find it hard to get work in the city. Appearing to be greedy and thirsty. You know Eddie got pull

206 days ago


I'm CTFU at the Murphy on the right . Could be Ed long lost son.

206 days ago

Tootse Lee    

And the styling of his facial hair, that too is "an act of God"?

206 days ago


Sorry, buddy. You've stated outright that you changed your last name to Murphy now you want to make this an IRISH roots thing? You knew exactly what you were doing after folks made comments here and there that you look like Eddie Murphy. Changing your last name and hitting the comedy circuit on the "SONS OF COMEDY" tour. You should've changed your last name to Pryor and billed yourself as the half brother of the star, LMFAO.

206 days ago
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