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'Party Down South' Star

Busted for Mardi Gras Burglary

2/24/2014 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Party Down South" star Lyle Boudreaux celebrated Mardi Gras in true redneck fashion -- in the pokey -- Louisiana cops busted him after he allegedly stole a credit card to fund his drunken revelry.

The police chief in Maurice, LA tells TMZ ... Boudreaux was at a Mardi Gras parade outside of Lafayette when he allegedly went into an unlocked car ... rifled through a purse in the car ... and stole a credit card from a wallet.

We're told Boudreaux tossed the wallet on the ground next to the car ... someone saw the whole thing and contacted the owner. Cops were called ... and found Lyle drinking at a nearby saloon. Cops say he used the credit card to open up a bar tab.

The 28-year-old was charged with burglary of a vehicle ... and eventually released on $10K bond.

Lyle needs that raise from CMT more than ever.


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You cant arrest me .."Im a Boudreaux !!!

241 days ago


How dumb and desperate to get wasted can you be?! I guess CMT really doesn't pay these guys that much if he had to resort to this to get some beer money. Granted the owner of the car shouldn't have left their car unlocked especially in the middle of Maris gras, but Lyle didn't have to take advantage of the situation. Hope you don't lose your main job (not your job on the show) over this nonsense...

240 days ago


Whomever is stupid enough to leave their purse with wallet in an unlocked car at Mardi-Gras, deserves to have it ripped off!

240 days ago

Mike Rowave    

I love this show because it's 100% predictable.
Put a group of college age people (none of which are smart enough to get into college) in a house that's fully stocked with beer and liquor and watch what happens.

240 days ago


This story is just about as dumb as the show

240 days ago


I have lived about ten minutes away from where this happened my whole life and everyone knows everyone else around here. If you are going to be on tv it will only increase the fact that everyone will know about you and this guy was a douche bag long before being on tv. How he possibly thought he would get away with something like this I can't even imagine. He steals a credit card and then goes back into the same bar to use it on alcohol . There is one bar on the Main Street in this entire town. It is a whole lot easier to catch a criminal when they are so stupid. He said he always wanted to be famous and now he is for all the wrong reasons and he has a young son that he supposedly wants to be a role model to. Great job moron.

239 days ago


Lyle is as dumb as a box of rocks & this doesn't surprise me AT ALL! I watch the show & I knew from the beginning that he was nothin but a big ol douche bag! That stupid duck call he wears all the time, that he doesn't even know how to use btw, irritates me & so does his repeating "I'm a Boudreaux baby!" & him trying to rap or rhyme, or whatever the hell he does! The fact that he has a kid & chose to go on the show instead of being a daddy, was what made me dislike him from day 1. If u are any kind of MAN, your child should be your first priority, not going on a show to get drunk & laid all the time. If u are single & don't have kids, I say go for it & party it up if that's what u want, but not if u have responsibilities! I have seen several comment downing the show, & while I agree that most of them on the show are dumb asses & DO NOT represent the majority of the south, I actually like Murray & Walt. Most of the bunch don't even know what it means to be "redneck", but I think Murray & Walt truly fit that mold & they are my kind of ppl. I think Walt is sexy & if any of the girls on the show had any sense, he's the one they'd be hooking up with! I may be wrong, & only time will tell, but it seems that him & Murray have the most sense out of all of them! Now Taylor is pretty country too & I like her little spunky personality, but I really don't care for her praying & dragging out her bible while she's drunk all the time. Lauren is just an IDIOT, & that much was obvious from the beginning when she hooked up with Lyle & then acted like a baby when he didn't want her anymore. Her behavior was just sad & screamed of desperation! Tiffany is ok, but just too loud mouthed for my taste. Ryan, aka Daddy is one of those kind of ppl no words can describe, well except for the words "burnt out" maybe. He is entertaining & seems like a nice guy, but damn, he has ruined A LOT of brain cells!!! Mattie/Martha is a tease & I don't see what any man sees in her besides the fact that she's easy. She is pretty in the face, but the girl is built really weird & is STUPID, even when she's not drinking! I like the show because it makes me feel smarter & reminds me of why I DONT drink anymore. It's like a train wreck..ya feel like ya shouldn't watch it, but at the same time, ya can't look away : )

237 days ago
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