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Butt Grab Chick to Robin Thicke

I'm Still Thirsty As Hell ...

Let's Grab That Drink

2/24/2014 1:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The girl whose ass Robin Thicke grabbed after the VMAs last year hasn't given up hope on a relationship -- she tells TMZ, she still wants to go out on a date with the singer ... especially now that he's separated from his wife.

As we reported, Robin and his wife Paula Patton announced they were separating today after 9 years of marriage.

It's unclear if the infamous ass grab photo is partly to blame for the split -- but 20-year-old blonde butt-grabbee Lana Scolaro is grateful for the chance to get back in there.

She says she regrets making out with him, but tells us, "I'd love to grab a drink with him if he asked."

As for the split, she's not the least surprised -- “Robin acting like that with me makes me think there were many more. It’s a shame because when you have a kid, it's upsetting.”


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Gold digger!
Wants her 15 minutes.
How sad!

241 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Fame/$ is the ultimate truth serum, for US ALL, me included($, in my case, i'll NEVER BE FAMOUS,hahaha)! I remember I humble Robin who was all into his WIFE, she LOVED him for him when nobody else did but, as a comic said,"WHEN you get some money, you upgrade everything, your car and house and your woman cause when your at a certain LEVEL you cant get anything but what you have and can afford! So when I got paid, I got everything upgraded including my woman" and maybe to Robin he just wants better woman in his eyes but, these woman are fools gold, where were they before "Blurred LInes"? Men, were so stupid, I mean why let her go unless the woman loves you for you, to mess around with randoms, not worth it. I just hope some woman doesnt marry Robin, divorce him and take half his money. Men, were so stupid,hahahha! Cheaper to keep her, mentally and loyalty wise! Work it out, keep your penis in your pants, your woman was there before the fame, but again, Fame/$ is the truth serum that reveals who we really are, its gives you options. So, this is who he really was Paula, sorry it didnt work out, sincerely for the child and mom/dad. When Robin gets older he may regret it! LGNM

241 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Why are people blaming and downing the young girl? Shes only 20, shes still a kid,take it form an old head like me,hahahahah! Its up to Robin to not fall for the groupies and hangers on, not those looking to sleep with him and gain fame, I mean, I dont want fame but, many do and its there LIFE so, they will do what they have to. I dont have a bad word to say about this young lady, if she wants fame, go for it!!!LGNM

241 days ago


20yo wants to grab a drink hmm what's wrong with this pic

241 days ago


Hahaha....some chicks just don't learn.

241 days ago


She made him who he THINKS he is.

241 days ago


It's funny that the sponsor of that event in the pic is "ASPHALT"...or is it "ASS'sFAULT"

241 days ago


Does anyone actually think he has been faithful to his wife? Anyone?

241 days ago


BTW, SKANK, pick a hair color, any color.

241 days ago

Wow ...    

It's a shame? Are you kidding me, but you'll gladly go out with him - that is the shame! Where are your standards girl?

241 days ago


Didn't she come out with some BS at the time that she was cool with him making out and carrying on with other chicks? I guess she had a few months to realize how idiotic he makes her look.

241 days ago


I'll bet the little sweetie is patting herself on the back thinking she's the reason why his marriage is down the toilet. This is what Attention hoing gold diggers do. They think if they can steal a husband away after 20 years together that she's got a magic vajayjay that will lure him in and keep him in. I've had first hand experience with a little money grubbing ho.

241 days ago


Gee who would've thought that having a semi-open marriage with a man, who is a known flirt/player and admits to liking to have threesomes (usually including his wife), that she claims she's okay with, would've resulted in a separation/divorce? And to think they first got together when they were teenagers, it's not like only .0000001% of teen relationships will actually make it into the golden years of grandparenthood right? Individuals like this who has had problems for years but think that marrying each other when they're finally doing "okay" should never get married period. In fact they also fit into the category of people who think having a baby would be enough to keep them together. that Disney trip was probably as last ditch effort to see if it could work out. As for this blonde hoe everyone know that he hooked up with a lot of woman. So why she think that just because Robin was groping her arse, making out with her, and asking her to come back to his room with his wife makes her any more special than the many other woman is beyond me, but it shows how classless she is.

241 days ago

Stupid ppl    

By the looks of her she's full of STD's hope it was worth it Robin .

241 days ago


Grab a drink? WTF? She is 20, she isn't old enough to drink!

241 days ago
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