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Simon Cowell

10-Day-Old Eric

Flies, Soaks in Rays

2/24/2014 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell is not a slave to convention ... because his baby did what most don't -- and what some doctors say is dangerous for newborns ... his kid jetted to Miami for some fun in the sun.

Many doctors advise parents to keep their kids out of the sun for the first 6 months ... and sunscreen isn't a solution.  A number of doctors advise against it.

As for flying ... there's a risk for mere mortals because of germs --- newborns are fragile because of their developing immune system ... but Simon flies private so it clearly minimizes the risk.

But some docs do advise against any flying because of pressure during the ascent and descent.



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Ignorance is bliss (as with comments below) and harmful, as indicative of THE CHILD'S FACE! THAT TELLS IT ALL!

151 days ago


Lots of crazy parents on here....

151 days ago

Polar Bear    

My son at 2 weeks old visited the grand canyon! In cold April, So what wrong with the beach? Go Simon, you keep doing things with your family, it will be the best times your never forget!

151 days ago

Ale T.    

Half of the people who think it's wrong is cause they don't have any kids and do what the book says but in reality it's natural and great that he can have a nice vacation with mom and dad the rays of the sun what the hell come on people he has the baby clothed and with his momma stop being so over dramatic now in days everyone is so scared of everything be happy people live a little God made dirt and dirt don't hurt

151 days ago


this womam is sooooo desparete to b with simon she would do anything so no surprises here after all she got pregnant cuz simon has wayyyyyy more money then her ex

151 days ago


I think she looks like she doesn't even want to be bothered with that baby, from what I see in the photos. I could be wrong but come on, she looks like motherhood isn't really her "thing".

151 days ago


You ppl are all making these judgments about their parenting based on a few pictures. Do you ppl believe everything you read & see? Of course TMZ is going to try & portray Simon as a bad father because it is more scandalous that way..and what does scandal do for them u ask? It makes them money, that's what! I just find it crazy that ppl still buy into all the media hoopla. It's obvious they will do anything to try & destroy ppl that are doing well for themselves financially. They know the public likes to see these big stars brought down a notch or two, therefore it's hard for me to believe anything I read or see. They know what sells and are willing to twist things so they can make the most money! Some of u are assuming just because the baby is crying in the pics that it is overheated & miserable. Ever think that maybe it's just hungry or needs a diaper change, & whoever took the pic chose that moment in particular, because he or she knew you ppl would make a ruckus over the whole situation, just like you're doing? Oh & about the dog giving the baby some u think that maybe the dog snuck up there & got some lovin before they had a chance to stop it, & again, the photographer purposely chose not to show that part? These cameras now days take several pics back to back, & then they CHOOSE which ones the public will get to see. So, instead of automatically jumping to conclusions and condemning these stars based on a few pics, at least consider the fact that there are possibly things you're not seeing! Now, they may have been neglectful & may have let the dog tongue the baby without trying to stop it, idk.. but I DO know that I won't make snap judgments without more than this to go on! Some of u need to loosen up too. Babies will NOT break, a little sun is good for them, & a little dirt & doggie sugar won't hurt them either! Ppl in this country try and shelter their kids WAY too much now days & we will suffer because of it! Who do u ppl think will run this country one day? I myself, would rather not have a bunch of pansies that were sheltered all their lives, making the decisions for me!!!!

151 days ago


Pretty crazy how everyone is making comments about the baby being in the sun, beach, near dogs. Worry about your own children. Everyone does things differently thank god. There are no rules!! Parenting is all based on how the parents want to raise their children. Who hides their baby at home wrapped tight in a blanket for six months? Sounds cruel to me.

151 days ago


my Lord, look at the pics, the dogs are licking the newborn right in the mouth, and she's barely holding the baby in the one parents

151 days ago


The dog shouldn't be living his face but the sun is fine and good! A lot of babies need sun after they're born...

151 days ago


Simon always did whatever he felt like you can tell he is selfish just watch Amer. Idol. His son was to little take on solar he could have waited till he got older.But that's Simon Cowbell for you, the mother should have known better than to take a new born on a plane out in the sun boy what want rich people do to be seen, on TVs magazine. Or whatever.

151 days ago


Babies have been in the sun for centuries. Hello in third world countries they are born outside. And those babies are just fine as vitamin D is soaked up via the sun. Best way to build up immune system is to get the baby out in the world. Certainly not sheltered for 6 months!! Gotta love the comments from those who have no kids but still know best LOL

151 days ago


Taking a 10 day old to the hot sunny beach is not good, babies skin will fry like a piece of bacon. I think these people have more money then brains.

151 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Simon looks thrilled, doesn't he? And she's already wearing his gold watch... true to form, the gold digger's in full swing!

151 days ago


Both parents are idiots. The parents are to protect the baby and keep to what the baby needs. The baby is not old enough or strong enough to keep up with the parents needs. Shame on these idiots for exposing this child to all sorts of danger/health issues.

151 days ago
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