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Simon Cowell

10-Day-Old Eric

Flies, Soaks in Rays

2/24/2014 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell is not a slave to convention ... because his baby did what most don't -- and what some doctors say is dangerous for newborns ... his kid jetted to Miami for some fun in the sun.

Many doctors advise parents to keep their kids out of the sun for the first 6 months ... and sunscreen isn't a solution.  A number of doctors advise against it.

As for flying ... there's a risk for mere mortals because of germs --- newborns are fragile because of their developing immune system ... but Simon flies private so it clearly minimizes the risk.

But some docs do advise against any flying because of pressure during the ascent and descent.



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The dog just licked his a.. and now is licking the baby's face. Great parenting for sure. The least they could do is shield the baby's face from the sun with an umbrella. Poor child, money does not buy common sense.

219 days ago


It is actuallyy advised by doctors top take babies in the sun, obviously not the harsh afternoon rays, because the vitamin D helps to fights jaundice

219 days ago

Tammy LM    

Number one, you aren't supposed to take a baby outside for the first month or so. You shouldn't expose a babie's fragile skull to the pressure fluxuation on an airplane. The babies skull plates havn't even closed over completely. So that's just stupid. Next and this is coming from a pet owner who loves their dogs as though they were children......You don't let a dog lick a newborn in the mouth like that.
For several reasons, but most importantly, dogs carry and pass worms so easily. Yeah, it's easy to say, the dog's been dewormed regularly. But this is Simon Cowell here. Someone who couldn't remember to protect himself from getting his mistress and best friend's wife accidentally knocked up. Just exactly how reliable is he? But that aside pets can carry bacteria in their moths simply because they put everything in their mouths and whatever the dog's been chewing on is spred to the baby. The dog's been licking his own rear end and that tongue went right on the babie's mouth. This is something an adult with an established immune system can fight the effects off from, but not a baby. The baby is suseptable to bacteria and viral infections at this time in his life very easily. Plus the dog is also in a different area, which is in a sense like they tell you don't drink the water when you travel. There are different pathogenes in the environment in different areas. That includes whatever bacteria the dog picks up and transfers also.

You shouldn't have a newborn babies eyes exposed to direct sunlight like that either. I mean, is this guy that stupid? Probably but that's little excuse for his girlfriend. She's GOT another kid. She should know this crap.

219 days ago


Wow, 35% of people are psychotic. Big deal??? It is a big deal to bring a f**ckin 10 day old baby out to a damn beach in the hot sun, have filthy dogs already licking it and flying with it. They really can't f*ckin wait?? Just shows how selfish they are. Already knew she was a sh*tty parent and person, for ditching her other kid and cheating on, his father, her husband, for his "friend" Simon and getting knocked up by him. Both pieces of sh*t. They don't care for anyone but themselves and money..

219 days ago


I wonder if Simon smokes in front of the baby? There's no way in hell he quit. He'll have a chimney in his coffin.

219 days ago


Sadly the baby is a accessorie to them.

219 days ago


Lets see how long this domestic bliss lasts for Simon. Poor kid, out in the sun, flying, and getting tongued by a dog in the mouth. Simon is selfish and Skank Momma is stupid.

219 days ago


Maybe it is because my kids are both winter babies, but honestly the last thing I wanted to do days after giving birth was cavort around the city shopping in tight pants and flying off to some fun on the beach. Where does she put the maxi pad? I was still hemorrhaging like a stuck pig 10 days after giving birth. I was going to say that and totally exhausted, but when you can hand your baby off to someone else expect for pictures I guess I wouldn't be so tired after all. Poor kid, mom's a whore and dads a jerk, but at least he's rich so he'll be fine (sarcasm implied)

219 days ago


Simon looks like a hamster

219 days ago

kitten roulaine    

Why on earth is this woman letting the dog canoodle /kiss this new baby on his mouth ! The sunshine is the least of this little guy's new problems. I love, love, love all animals especially dogs ( as I'm a "mommy"to a sweetie) but not more than my human baby, who doesn't have the fortified immune system to fight off "cooties".

219 days ago


Ghetto has no color! Just because you have a private jet does not mean you can't be trash. Mom and dad in designer glasses, not even a little cap for poor little newborn. To top it off they let that disgusting dog lick the baby's face?! GHETTO, GHETTO white trash!!!!

219 days ago


So it's not enough to put the newborn in the sun, they let a disgusting dog lick the child in the face. White people....smh.

219 days ago

Lee in Arizona    

Stupid selfish prick he is, and she could have said No! You do not take a 10 day old baby to the beach, with no hat, let alone taking it on a plane regardless of whether it was private or not, it can be dangerous because pressure, babies need to be protected and not used as accessories like the dogs, I see nothing but trouble ahead, she is afraid to say No because she doesn't want to lose her meal ticket, these people make me sick! Poor baby!

219 days ago


So dumb. I doubt it's healthy for a ten day old baby to be out in the sun much. They don't sound like good parents so far.

219 days ago


There is no way I could enjoy the beach with a newborn .. and of course you need a bunch of helpers

219 days ago
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