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Straight Guy Sues

Over Alleged Gay Bashing

2/25/2014 8:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A gay-bashing supervisor at "CSI" tormented a crew member with homophobic slurs and crude drawings of penises ... because he THOUGHT the worker was a homosexual ... according to a new lawsuit.

Donald Perdue -- a set painter on the show -- claims his supervisor, Jeremiah Redclay, engaged in a 5-year campaign of brutal harassment ... calling him "fa***t" and "c***sucker" and hanging "sexually disgusting" drawings of gay sex at Perdue's workstation.

In his lawsuit, Perdue -- who claims he's straight -- says the harassment started when he heard Redclay refer to certain actors on the show as "d***suckers" ... and he asked Redclay to stop. 

And this is weird ... Perdue claims Redclay lunged toward his genitals on one occasion and when Perdue pushed him away he claims Redclay responded, "Come on Mucho, you know you want it."

Perdue claims Redclay retaliated by making him a laughingstock at work ... which he endured for 5 years before leaving the show on a medical leave.

Perdue says he's the victim of discrimination ... simply because his boss THOUGHT he was gay.

Perdue is suing CBS, and Redclay for unspecified damages.


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Black Adam    

He only spoke up when he went on medical leave?

218 days ago


In tidats climate where people sue for anything..why would a boss continue with that behavior for 5 years unless he felt like the other party took it as a joke,also and was playing along.....

218 days ago

Eye roll     

He lets this go on for 5 years????

218 days ago


In this day and age, I'm surprised people behave in that manner at work. We can't change people's beliefs, and opinions but at WORK you can't contain yourself?

218 days ago


I am not surprised nor do I condone the behavior on the part of the supervisor. All the big shows and major networks invest in anti-harassment training, but the way it works is almost nobody gets caught doing it and the prevention efforts in the industry are little more than a sick joke .

218 days ago


This doesn't make sense. Why would a man tolerate this abuse for 5 years without registering a complaint with the Human Resources Dept. union or non-union? If he was a laughing stock at work why didn't fellow employees register a complaint? Why didn't he file a complaint with the EEOC? If he's on medical leave is he planning to return to work?

218 days ago


Couldn't he have brought his wife/girlfriend to the christmas prove he wasnt gay???either way if he was gay that does not give anyone the right to harass anyone.

218 days ago


So I guess the casting couch is alive and well on the set of CSI ....

218 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I am of two minds here. First, it's Hollywood, how did the guy let it go for five years? If it did go on for five years I sure hope he logged each incident, otherwise he's screwed, in a manner of speaking.
Second, if this is true Redclay is doing an extreme amount of projecting his own self-loathing onto someone else.
This is either the usual TMZ bullshlt or this story has a long way to go. Time will tell.

218 days ago


LOL, OMG "he lunged toward his genitals". Tried to visualize the Judge when he hears that.

218 days ago


How cruel!!

218 days ago


"sexually disgusting" drawings of gay sex"

So the gay guy admits gay sex is disgusting. Good for him.

218 days ago


Tormented a crew member with crude drawings of penises

So he was tormented by the guys lack of artistic ability?

218 days ago


Redclay lunged toward his genitals on one occasion and when Perdue pushed him away he claims Redclay responded, "Come on Mucho, you know you want it."

This is ridicules, thats just how gay people ask each other out, just decline next time if your not gay. Stop being homophobic.

218 days ago


The harrassed dude is a dumb fvck for continuing to allow the situation to go on 5 yrs.

218 days ago
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