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Justin Bieber


In DUI Case

2/25/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
and Miami Beach prosecutors will NOT strike a plea deal in his DUI case ... and sources connected with the case say a trial is now almost certain.

TMZ broke the story ... prosecutors are offering a no contest plea to reckless driving, with strings attached ... notably Justin must submit to random drug testing for 6 to 9 months.  Sources connected with Bieber say they will NOT accept any plea that has probationary terms ... especially drug testing.

Now law enforcement sources tell us ... they will not deal if Justin does not agree to random drug testing ... period.  As a result, both sides are at an impasse.

With a plea deal all but off the table, a trial is likely.  Law enforcement sources acknowledge there are problems with the arresting officers ... the fact that he may have lied when he said he smelled alcohol on Justin's breath (he blew a .014).  And another cop claimed Justin was drag racing (at 27 MPH).

Nonetheless ... we're told prosecutors are not afraid of trying the case.  And Justin's famed lawyer, Roy Black, is ready for a courtroom battle.

At stake -- Justin could be tried for 3 offenses ... DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license.  Worst case scenario -- 2 1/2 years in jail.



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My boyeeee will make Miami PD look funny. Avril Lavigne playing in Excalibur lobby now- how ironic

205 days ago


My guess is a slap on the wrist and a pat on the head.

205 days ago


Some Miami prosecutor wants to get a lot of publicity. Losing the case doesn't matter. Hey, Miami, your tax dollars hard at work?

205 days ago


TMZ did not let you all know the protest against Bieber buying that $11 million mansion was a hoax by some radio station guys called The Regular Guys. All it took to find out was a simple google search. Too much trouble for TMZ staff?

205 days ago


TMZ is loving the no plea deal... Harvey is counting how many "stories" and "updates" will be posted... $$$$ CHA CHING... same thing for JB lawyer... I think the DA has NO CHANCE of winning this case... those cops down there screwed the pooch on this one hoping JB had weed, sizzurp and was drinking at the club underage etc... and then it wouldnt have mattered that they illegally pulled him over with some BS story... cant imagin any DA taking this to trial for reals... he blew NADA and the GPS says he was doing under 30mph... he is guilty of a ton of stuff and def guilty of bing a 100% DOUCHE BAG... but on this one...NOT GUILTY... community service on the expired license...

205 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    


Bieber + Bubba = ♥

And whats Lil pizza going to do with daddy locked up?

205 days ago




205 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I hope he wins. I hate cops more than Beiber by a wide margin. Especially cops that lie

205 days ago


I hope lil brat goes to jail

205 days ago


The GPS sheet TMZ posted is worthless because it only recorded every 2 minutes. When Bieber left Set Nightclub at 3:54 am and traveled 1 mile north the GPS clocked him at zero mph. When Beiber turn on to Dade Blvd aka Pine Tree Drive at 4:07 am, the GPS registered at 44 mph. (He hit the gas pedal). 4 blocks later is when the cops spotted him. The next time GPS registered was at 4:09 am at 27 mph which was 3 blocks before he was pulled over. Bieber was NOT going 27 mph in the middle of his drag race per TMZ. He was speeding prior to and when cops spotted him.

I highly doubt the cop lied about smelling alcohol on Bieber's breath because another office smelled it also. You can smell alcohol on someones breath without them being drunk.

205 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Whether you hate Beiber or not, everyone should want him to be found guilty. I know I don't want to live in a country where cops can lie and fabricate a case. Just because you may not like the way he acts, it's a dangerous precedent

205 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I meant NOT guilty

205 days ago


you miami cops are as bad as the california cops , you aint got nothin and beiber will be laughing alll the way home . beiber 4 cops 0

205 days ago


Bieber "Going to Trial" (reads the headline)... Then in the story, "a trial is now almost certain", which is quite different. More headline grabbing by TMZ. And by the way, I hope he does go to trial, so we can all see his grandstanding attorney get him off, not that he deserves it, but you know it's going to happen. Celebrity Justice, even in Florida! Vomit.

205 days ago


The guy who **** anither guy at the movies fir simply throwing popcorn at him is a retired cop.....can u imagine what he was like as a cop???

205 days ago
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