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Justin Bieber

Stumbles in DUI Jail Video

Cops Think It's Smoking Gun

2/26/2014 11:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the footage of Justin Bieber in jail last month following his DUI arrest ... the same footage Bieber tried to keep out of the public eye ... but it may actually HELP him.

The video shows Bieber taking a sobriety test while inside the jail facility -- trying to walk a straight line.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... this particular clip is their best evidence Bieber was under the influence -- because he misses a couple steps -- but we gotta be honest ... it's not THAT bad. Watch the video and judge for yourselves.

As we reported, Justin's lawyers tried to block the release of the footage -- after video surfaced of him getting patted down in jail -- but the judge told them to pound sand.


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Really TMZ? Did Scooter send the check this month, or what? He's CLEARLY altered in this video. He admitted taking pills and smoking marajuana. What more do you need?!

236 days ago


Perhaps it's simply because he's a moron?

236 days ago

Jay ZEE    

It`s amazing how many people hate this guy because he is successful. Let it go already, what has happened to America, I blame those occupy wall street jerks for a lot of the envy. Want to be in the top 1%? Get up at 4:00 am, dedicate your next 16 hours to your work day, contribute 70% of your paycheck to the government so they can hand it over to the very people protesting against you. Gotta love this country:)

236 days ago


I don't know how the fool walks in those too big clodhoppers & 5 day shi**er pants anyway. SMH. Deport him for his "fashion sense" alone!

236 days ago

john flynn    

Justin Bieber is a creep, s***bag and his Fan who keep believing in him are as stupid as he is. Wake up you strange little minded Justin Bieber fan he should be locked up for the rest of his nerd life.

236 days ago


I'm all for him going to the pokey, but I've seen enough Cops to know that wasn't too bad.

236 days ago


I'm pretty sure they don't make the average citizen walk the line 6 times after passing it the first two. You can tell where he stumbles he's just annoyed that they keep making him do it.

236 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

That's not's the grim reaper. Run bitch runnnnnnnnn.

236 days ago


it's normal walk. he wasnt even drunk he had 0.04 not 0.14. and seriously tmz stop writing about him,nobody even cares what is he doing. he has his own life and he can do whatever he wants if you dont like it who the hell cares go watch your own business.if you care what is he doing you dont have life. If you think he is bad influence please look at your kids and what are they doing. They are not innocent too.

236 days ago


I would rather deal with a THOUSAND Justins ( and I am not a fan) then even one dirty cop. This entire thing stinks of dirty cops who want to make a name for themselves and 'teach that kid a lesson'. All I can smell is the filthy Miami cops...

236 days ago

S D M F    

Just like all the celebrity children before him, nothing will happen. Charges dropped or weak prosecution, Justine will walk and the end result will be once again a mockery of the judicial system!!!

236 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Its not that bad? Even a little is Bad..hes a MINOR!

236 days ago

The other guy    

TMZ works so hard to clear all celebrities names every time they do anything wrong

you did it with kanye
now bieber

236 days ago


Sheesh - the people in the video look as bored as felt watching this non event. Sure he mis-steps a couple of times, but who wouldn't in those clown shoes?
much ado about nothing.

236 days ago


What a little bitch !!!

236 days ago
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