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Kim Kardashian

Vienna Ball

Insulted Me With Kanye 'Black Face'

2/27/2014 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
stormed out of the hoity-toity Vienna Ball after some white dude working the event came up to her in black face, pretending to be Kanye West!

Kim was paid $500K to be the guest of Richard Lugner, an Austrian businessman who has a long history of paying starlets half-a-mil to be his arm candy at the Vienna Annual Opera Ball.

Lugner just did an interview trashing Kim for not sticking to the program, saying, "Kim is annoying me."

But we're told she was taking pics with Lugner when a guy who was working the ball came up to her ... IN BLACK FACE acting like he was Kanye.  She walked away from the guy, but had to stay another hour and a half.

The final straw.  A short time later a guy came up to Kim and asked her to dance.  She said she wasn't a good dancer, and then the guy responded, he would dance with her if the orchestra played "N****rs in Vienna." 

Kim is saying there were other problems.  She told her people Lugner was aggressive, at times grabbing her and imploring her to lose her security.  She said Lugner was trying to be alone with her.

And, we're told a lot of this was caught on tape because Kim was shooting for her reality show.


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She get s no sympathy from me. Im suprised everyone doesn't treat her like this more tbh.

213 days ago


When a woman accepts 1/2 million to spend an evening with a man then complains he wanted to be alone with her - she must be pretty dumb about what he expected -

211 days ago


yall dont got **** else to do but write long ass paragraphs about wtf she doing . but she getting PAID for doing what she doing while half you hoes out here doing it for FREE . who wouldn't wanna get paid $500K just to go out on a date . . i know i would . and i wish yall would stfu talking about she not a good mother because she's living her life . who said mf can't have a life outside of being a mom ?

211 days ago


After reading many of your comments I am just disgusted with the horrible words you people are using. It's you people that are just making her more rich so keep it up folks.

209 days ago


Kim demonstrated that the money does not give the class, not coming glamour in the event, it filled it with vulgarity, her outfit apropied for her, but not for an event as this, accustomed to reflectors and being the center of attention in his country, her one saw totally out of place, She one adapted to dressing adequately, She is a show woman, but not sociality woman. demonstrated his origin in his lacking total attitude of class and of education. Already let's not say refinement

205 days ago


I mean, not gonna lie, if I were paid to go to one of the biggest traditions in Vienna, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

203 days ago

William Smith    

Who cares? She and West are a couple of continually glaring pains. I know why they are on every page of a magazine, being continually bad get's them press. Just like Miley to bonehead.

203 days ago


Boo hoo I'm sure every hooker gets a bad John now and again. They don't complain and work a hell of a lot harder for a lot less!

191 days ago


Man.the ignorance that I'm reading.y'all are talking like y'all have know idea.What she and other black people are going through.Its not about how Kim became famous. Are you not reading the rascal remarks that were being made.Some guy who was there was dressed up as blackface. But y'all are talking about her porn video.and she was already a celebrity before that because of her dad and what Kim did.She bought close and made her own company. Like y'all need to get some knowledge. Its a shame nobody is talking about rascist remarks are being thrown at her because she's married to a black guy and at that her baby girl is mixed.More important things to talk about than hookers and what not

99 days ago


Everybody can hop off her suck. Shesnot the only one That's done this. Y'all would do the same thing for 500k , Oh thATS right. Nobody would pay 20$ for y'all ugly asses.

98 days ago


Kim experience not surprising to expat who spent five years in Europe. Vienna pretends to be separated from the German mentality but in fact they follow the same inbred education of Hitler's dream of white supremacy and their superiority to all things American. It's the unfortunate truth about many regions of European culture. The reality of excepting a very are sum $$$$$$ makes this story a bit creepy.

94 days ago


Celebs make public appearances all the time for profit...nothing new here,and I don't see the need for the 'rude ' labels and name calling. Watching the video made me feel very uncomfortable. Could only imagine how she felt.

93 days ago


While I completely agree that the racial issues were disgusting, it is just as disgusting that any woman would allow herself to be the paid date of a creepy man. Where is her husband on this one? Yuck all around.

93 days ago
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