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Paula Deen

I'm Just Like That Gay Black Football Player

2/27/2014 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has an odd way of proving she's not a racist -- she just dropped a metaphor ... comparing her n-word scandal to "that black football player who recently came out" ... aka NFL prospect Michael Sam.

Deen says she and Sam are in a similar struggle for acceptance ... because she feels like "embattled" or "disgraced" will always follow her name. 

She told People magazine ... Sam wants to be known as a football player, not a gay football player -- and to drive home her point, she added, "I know exactly what he's saying."

Okay ... the obvious issues: What does Sam's race have to do with anything? And does she really want to compare her use of a racial slur to someone being gay?

Critics have been ripping Paula with comments like, "Maybe Michael Sam could compare himself to "that white, fat, redneck TV chef who used the n-word."

So we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar

Unbroken Chain    

She will never learn to shut her stupid redneck mouth

217 days ago

Truth is    

Something about her irks the daylights out of me.

217 days ago

Big Momma    

This woman is such a mess, disgusting. The I'm Back video of her riding some other chef ( who was proven to lie about his background) in Miami just should how this woman has no filter, NO class and has no remorse for anything she does. Go back and continue your tranny makeup sessions, get one of your overblown wigs on and stuff a pound of butter in your face. Gross.

217 days ago


I don't think she is a mean lady. I think she is truly a dumb azz. Somebody just flushed 75 million down the toilet y'all.

217 days ago

bring back recent posts    

What happened in the lynching of this woman was wrong and not fair, but, at this point she needs too just STOP talking about it, she keeps putting her foot in her mouth, move on and go about your biz , cause you won't get a third chance at a comeback on any level.

217 days ago


TMZ is here once again to stir the race pot and get everybody hating her. Yeah, she should just keep quiet, but what she said was a discription of the man. Had someone else said that it wouldn't be as big a deal. But Paula Dean is target number one when it comes to TMZ.

217 days ago


I have not liked Paula since I saw her push a pregnant Giada down onto a couch on a show. And she gave that laugh of hers after it, like it was really funny. Giada's face told a different story.

217 days ago


What an odd comparison. She needs to go back into hiding or wherever she was.

217 days ago


Oh FFS, just shut up.

217 days ago


Until when people are going to keep putting labels to other people ! He is just a player end of the history !

217 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Whoa, whoa, WHOA: For YEARS, many Homosexuals
have absurdly attempted to equate Race, with their
NOW, it's suddenly "different" because a black, Homosexual foot-ball player decides to exploit
his personal sexual-choice?

The Earth, The Seas, and The Skies, all -UNDENIABLY-
testify: The 2014 Victory for The Kingdom of God/The House of David, is HERE;
The Declaration of 2008
The Final Declaration
His Royal Highness Prince Michael of
The House of David

217 days ago


Trashy lady.At the food festival, she straddled another food host and rode him across stage.Nice. Now this co.in Arizona wants to pay her big bucks.Jeeeeez, such class.

217 days ago


... SMDH. She just doesn't get it.

217 days ago


Man, she really needs a new PR machine. I almost feel bad for her.

217 days ago


Paula Deen has done ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong. She is caught up in this oversensitive society who hang on every word to find something to fault her with. Michael Sam is black. To call him a black football player is not wrong. She said a bad word in her past. Name one person who hasn't said something bad before. They are not called a racist or a criminal. They are called human beings. I never imagined I would live in a country that touts freedom of speech but then walks around saying things like "the N word" or the "the B word" are we adults or preschoolers? Enough already. I refuse to abbreviate my speech when our military men fought so hard over the years to protect my American rights. Right on Paula, speak your mind. Do the same Michael Sam. Speak out.

217 days ago
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