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Pernell Whitaker's Mom

I Can't Believe He EVICTED Me!

'This Didn't Have to Happen'

2/27/2014 3:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227_pernell_whitaker_getty-2The mother of ex-boxing champ Pernell Whitaker tells TMZ Sports ... she was "shocked" her son EVICTED her from her home Wednesday -- but says she refuses to beg him to stay in the house.

We spoke to Novella Whitaker -- who had been living in a Virginia home Pernell said he bought for her more than 30 years ago ... until Pernell went to court and had her legally evicted so he could sell the place to pay bills.

73-year-old Novella tells us, "I was shocked when I heard what Pernell was doing.  I wish I had been smart and had the house put in my name.  Then he couldn't have done this."

Novella says she refuses to beg Pernell to let her stay in the house -- explaining, "I'm not asking him for anything.  I'm gonna be okay." 

"My daughter Zelda is taking me in," Novella says ... "She has enough room.  I feel comfortable over there.  I'm fine now, but I thought it was such a mean and sad thing for my son to do to me."

As for Pernell, he bought the place for his mom back in 1984 at the height of his career when he was rollin' in dough. Now, he's desperate for cash ... and after a judge signed off on the eviction, he called the court victory a "beautiful moment."

When asked if Novella had a message for her son, she told us ... "Pernell, things could've been better if you communicated with us.  This didn't have to happen."

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Is there more to this story? Seems heartless but did they not get along?

240 days ago


What a jerk....

240 days ago


That's what happens when you live off of your children other races tend to get their shyt together before having children blacks tend to have children in poverty raise them crappy abuse them and then expect them to provide them with things they never provided their children with if she got her trap together and owned her owned house you think he could have evicted her? Look at all those white celebs whose parents still live in their childhood homes now look at black celebs who have family members that place their financial burden on them leech off of them drag them back to poverty and then disappear and won't help them get a dime back (I guess some people can't stand the truth so they flag comments down) also I don't want to see nobody saying what he did was wrong because its his mother and nobody is suppose to do that to their mother because not all mothers are great and if it was father he did this to you'd have no problem with it and basically you're saying fathers have no value (I'm not saying all fathers are great either) fathers are not more valuable than mothers and mothers are not more valuable than fathers

240 days ago


You have issues, I hope you make peace with yourself before you die.

240 days ago


This always happens when you mix friends/family and the Almighty DOLLA BILL. You know that "there's gonna be Trouble trouble TROUBLLLLLLLE" RIP Berney Mac

240 days ago


If you give someone something, and especially if they had it for so long, it's not right to take it away just because you're now broke. That's a type of karma I wouldn't want.

240 days ago


This is awful...his mom is 73 years old to give her an eviction is so cruel. Now he's having money problems he just takes his mom's home sells it and doesn't give a damn. He's probably still trying to live beyond his means and now making her pay for his crap...you brought her the house and shouldn't take it so sad...HE'LL REAP WHAT HE HAS SOWN TRUST KARMA!!!

240 days ago

Roberik 22    

He's a terrible son to do that to his mom. It's gonna come back on him. Karma!

240 days ago


Who b Dat?

240 days ago

Thizz √$    

Your mom bro ! Really ! That's low real low ... not cool .

240 days ago


met pernell back in the late 90's at a club in san antone real cool cat. its his own personal business and there's always two sides to a story.

239 days ago

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